The boy who... Sits behind the counter

Can I get a cupcake, cupcake ;)


7. Work -_-

 Next week


sierras pov

i got a new job at the coffee shop across the road from the bakery harry used to work at, I can't help but get lost in memory's when I look at it. But I have really long shifts and I stay there for 5 hours a day there, well at least it's something to do. But my shifts are retarded and I have to miss bootcamp! Christa is supposed to call me in a few minutes, uhh it's so nerve racking. "Verrrrr verrrrr" my phones so loud when it vibrates, "hello" "x factors on!!"  I could hear the tv in the back ground , after a hour I knew bootcamp was over, "will the boys category take the stage... Boys to come up liam payne, zayn malik, niall horan, louis tomlinson, harry styles...." I zone out, please go through please go through. "It's bad news" my eyes widen again tears threaten to cascade down my face. I hold my breath an start to sob, I shut my phone and sit behind the counter rocking and trying to comfort myself, I hear the bell on the top of the door ring as someone comes in. I stand my legs weak from crying I sniffle and try to pull it together, "welcome. What would you li- christa?"  "Hi" she says with a smile, how could she smile at a time like this. "Do you need something?" I say my mood getting the better of me and my eyes red and puffy "he-he got through" "wha-" I say confused "yeah he got put in the groups category with four other boys... There all pretty cute!" "YAY" I say and I scream and jump and dance and then tackle christa and hug her "IM SO HAPPY!!" 


Harrys pov

I didn't make it, she's gonna be so disappointed, a tear falls from my eye and I wipe it away. "Harry styles, could you come back on to the stage?" "Um yeah" I say weakly. I run out and there's five other lads they look about the same age as me, ones blond and the others are brunettes, hmm "you guy have been added to the groups category!" "YESSSSSS" I made it I celebrate with my new bandmates I soon learned there names the were called liam the one with the bushy eyebrows, louis the one in suspenders and stripes, niall the one who is irish and blond, and zayn with the dark brown quiff! Me and louis got on really well! Me and the boys were gonna start to make video diarys soon

~sierras pov~

the boys that harry got put together are just like him! I keep updated and watch there video diarys every week! Louis is charmer it looks like they get on pretty well together

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