The boy who... Sits behind the counter

Can I get a cupcake, cupcake ;)


3. What

He's really cute he's got brown curls for hair beautiful green eyes and dimples! I wish I could have talk to him more...

*next day*

i go back around the corner and watch through the window the mysterious boy who has a wonderful smile, he looks up and I duck, but he caught me. He walks out of the bakery and holds his hand out to me as if I had just fallen on my face, "hi, my name is harry" he says with a toothy grin "I'm, uh Sierra" I say shyliy. "You have a beautiful name" he says in a husky voice, it's deep, I like deep. I follow him into the bakery and he strolls behind the counter, "can I get you anything?" He asks. I reply "can I have a cupcake?" He hands me a rainbow cupcake "I made it especially for you" he says his cheeks turning pink, "wow, thanks" I say surprised that he could actually like a girl like me one with blue eyes blond hair and super awkward.  "So" he says "would you like to catch a flick sometime?" He says embarrassed "sure" I reply with a wink and stroll out of the room. 

---------------------------at home-----------------------------------------------

i live in my flat with my best friend christa, I put the cupcake down and run towards her room, and scream "WHAT WHAT," she yells taking her earphones off, "this super cute guy asked me out from the bakery we have a date tommarrow!!" I clear up "FOR REAL, what's he look like?" She asks "he has beautiful face features, firm lips-" I start " very kissable" christa finishes. "Hey" I say and stomp "stop making fun of me" I say with a smile. "Fine, fine" she agrees "ok I'm going to bed big day tommarrow!!" I yell as I run down the hall to my room flop into my bed shut off the lights pull up the covers and sleep 


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