The boy who... Sits behind the counter

Can I get a cupcake, cupcake ;)


5. Off

Me and harry have been together ever sence. 


Harrys pov

i love Sierra she's great but I'm auditioning for the xfactor and don't know how to tell her "hey babe" I hear he say through the phone. "Hey love um... I was wondering do u wanna come over and have a flick night?" "Sure" she replied. I hear her knock and sweep my curls back and opened it "hey cupcake" "hey" I replied. I put in a movie and got some popcorn ready, "hey babe.." "Yeah" she sounds worried, my heart races "um I'm gonna be auditioning for the xfactor and will be gone for a while" I rushed, she looked at me with wide eyes, "OMG FOR REAL" she stops "IM SO PEROUD BABE!!" She screams "that's not how I thought this would go?!" I say surprised "well you will be back right, so why worry, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON TVVVV" and she pecks my cheek. I look into her eyes and smile and she smiles back, next thing I know we're kissing and it was a really great date we were all alone, no distractions, only thing I can focus on is us not the movie just. Us. and we fall asleep together on the couch me in my boxers her in her saggy tee shirt. 

~~~~~~next day~~~~~

sierras pov


it was really saucy yesterday at me and Harry's date with all the kissing and what not. I still can't believe he's gonna be gone soon, maybe on tour.... But I will see him again. I will just keep saying that I will see him again, I see him walk down the hall strolling with his suitcase and signature beanie in his hand. I wanna kiss him so bad, I miss the feel of his lips on mine... And his body tight to mine... I'm gonna miss... Him. I walk up to him and "accidentally" fall and fall into his arms and our lips just touch as I fall. Warm ness rushes through my vains.  

Harrys pov

i know she did that on purpose... So I smile and pick her up. She looks me in the eyes and I can see that she wants to cry and scream. She knows that I'm not gonna have alot of time with her, she gets me. "Ok babe I love you and will miss you" she says as I walk away, I look back and smile when she says I love you, because I love her to. "I love you to very very much and I will miss you, I can't wait to see you again" then I drive to London and sign in.

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