The boy who... Sits behind the counter

Can I get a cupcake, cupcake ;)


1. Hey cupcake

        Hey all that bothers to read this. This is my first movella so no hate please or hate if u want.... I really actually don't care so I hope you love it <3,

                              Michaley XX


         I walk into the bakery around the corner, and see a cutie behind the counter, he smiles at me with his deep dimples and his green eyes "what can I get you" and he winks at me, "can I get a cupcake, cupcake?" I wink back. "Sure love," he picks up a pink sprinkled cupcake, "thanks" I grin and he blushes his eyes twinkle and I walk out... It was a good first meeting, he was cute wonder what his name was? NOT FINISHED

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