The boy who... Sits behind the counter

Can I get a cupcake, cupcake ;)


4. Date night

My eyes flutter open, the light shines throughout my room and floods from the window. My eyes widen, and I roll out of bed. "TODAY'S THE DAY!!!" I yell at the top I my lungs and I hear a shatter I'm pretty sure christa just fell out of her bed, I run out and yelling down the hall "GOTTA GET READY GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA!" "What Are you doing?" "I have to get ready for my date, DUHH SILLY!" "Don't you have to eat breakfast?" I rush to the fridge "BRRREEEAAKKKFFAASSTTTT!!" I pour milk into a bowl and shove fruit loops down my thorough. "DONE" I woke up really late so it's about noon and my dates in about, four hours but i like to be prepared. "Help me get organized!!" I say to christa. "Ok ok" she gets out of bed with hair in knots and pjs, "ok I think you should go causal" she goes my wardrobe and pulls out my pink shirt with a cat on it and my ripped white jeans, I always follow her fashion advice so I put it on and start doing my hair. It's already pretty wavy so I straighten it and pin my bangs back it's already been two hours I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and spray my hair with detangler and then sit on the couch and watch some tv. There's a knock on the door and I go to open it, there stands a green eyed, dimpled cutie, with a green beanie on his curls. "Hi how are you" he asks me "great, now that your here!" I blush.  He says to close my eyes and walk out with him, so I do.



"Open" he says quietly into my ear, "wow" I say in amazement before me is a table set up with a red table cloth and rose pedals around the ground in which looks like the top of a building with a garden. We sit down and he opens a little silver fancy thing and there's a cupcake for each of us, I blush and smile. "Hehe" I say nervously, "so how are you now" "awesome" I say still amazed. We get on pretty well and talk for a long while, then all the sudden a pigeon comes down and swoops my cupcake up and another poops on my shoulder, I sit there shocked and embarrassed. I tear up and run down the stairs to embarrassed to laugh about it, I really like him. I hear footsteps behind me and feel a hand on my shoulder and turns me around, "it's fine," he says calmly and kisses my head I look up to him and smile tears still in my eyes and snuggle into his chest. He takes me home and walks me up to my flat and kisses me good night.

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