Saved by Louis Tomlinson [completed]

Alex had everything, she was popular, was the star quarterback's girlfriend, and had amazing parents even though they were divorced. But everything can change when you walk into the wrong place at the wrong time.
All she needs is someone to save her, but what will happen when that person is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction?

***My first completed movella*** And the sequel is up, called 'Remembering Her******


1. When it all goes wrong

Alex's POV"What is going on in here?!" I demanded as I walked inside. I hate yelling at my mom, but when you walk in on her in nothing but a towel with a stranger I mean, who wouldnt! Its not like I havent already had the WORST day ever

~~earlier that morning~~

I started off monday just like I would anyday. I just got back from a trip with my mom, and I was looking forward to seeing sam. I missed him so much, hes the best boyfriend ever.I left the house satisfyed with how I looked. I was wearing a little yellow strapless dress with flipflops. My hair was straightened and I had a minimal amout of makeup on. I got to school and realized I barely made it. I ran to homeroom not even talking to mikayla my best friend. I sat there in homeroom bored but whatever. When the bell rang I gotnup and ran tocthe door to be met by sam. "We need to talk," was the first thing he said. Crap. That was never good."So I think we should see other people..." his voice trailed off as if he was scared to finish. But that's bullshit for as long as ive known sam he isnt scared of anything. "Um ok thats fine I guess" thats all I could manage to say, I mean I thought i loved him and he loved me and now he's dumping me? I have no idea why.I walked away towards the bathroom grabbing mikayla on the way. I dragged her into the bathroom and just began to cry. "Whats wrong alex?" She asked me  " he broke up with me , its over" I sobbed."Oh yeah, about that..." she sounded nercous for some reason. 'What?" " well um, while you were on that trip, everone went to this party, and well sam and  I we kind of, er uh kissed.." "SO MY FREAKING BOYFRIEND CHEATED ON ME WITH MY BEST FRIEND! jesus..." thats it, i officially had no friends, i was popular but only because of sam, and well thats gone now too. I walked out, i loved her but what she did was wrong. I just couldn't take anymore, i was the girl who never cried, who had nerves of steel. I just walked home not caring about the rest of my classes. When i got home i knocked on the door, no answer. The door was unlocked so i just walked in. My jaw dropped at what i walked in on......

A/N so this is chapter one feedback? if its no good im not gonna continue so let me kno


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