Saved by Louis Tomlinson [completed]

Alex had everything, she was popular, was the star quarterback's girlfriend, and had amazing parents even though they were divorced. But everything can change when you walk into the wrong place at the wrong time.
All she needs is someone to save her, but what will happen when that person is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction?

***My first completed movella*** And the sequel is up, called 'Remembering Her******


14. Official

Alex's POV


"You know what?" I asked Louis as we were laying in bed. "What?" "We never mad It official" "Make what official?" "Us" "Oh you know what, let's take care of that right now? He grabbed his laptop off the night stand, and tweeted 'I'll be doing a twitcam with a special guest in a few' I smiled. He looked at them for approval. I nodded my head and he started the twitcam. "Hello one directioner" "HI" we both yelled. I looked at the comments, it was all stuff like who's that? Or, who be da chick? they sounded so funny, I started giggling. "To answer your guys questions, this is Alex, my um," He looked down."I'm his girlfriend" I finished for him, I laughed as he looked down blushing. "Well that's really all we had to say, so I guess we will talk to you guys later. We finished the twitcam and got dressed. As we walked out of our room hand in hand, we were attacked by harry and Niall. "OMG you guys made it OFFICIAL!" They screamed, imitating the ways their fans acted about them. We both laughed and pushed through them, I was hungry, and if I didn't get food soon I would be a total ass for the whole day. I heard someone knocking on the door. I went to answer it, and as I did a girl was standing there with a shocked expression on her face. "I- I'm here for Niall" She stuttered. "Oh, come in and don't worry he's not cheating. I'm Louis' girlfriend, Alex. All of the boys live here, and I live with them."  A look of relief washed over her face. I stuck out my hand for her to shake. We shook hands and I stepped aside, and she walked him. She took in the interior of the room, shocked at how big it was, just like I was when I first came here. "KALEIGH!" Niall screamed, embracing her in a hug "Niall, you never told me you had a girlfriend" "Oh, we're not d-" Kaleigh began to say but was cut off by Niall getting on one knee. " Kaleigh, will you do the honors of being my girlfriend?" "Yes" He got up, and hugged her. "AWWWWW" I shouted. They looked at me annoyed, and I smiled. They went upstairs to Niall's room, hand in hand. "Now we gotta find Zaynie a girlfriend" "Yea your right"



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