Saved by Louis Tomlinson [completed]

Alex had everything, she was popular, was the star quarterback's girlfriend, and had amazing parents even though they were divorced. But everything can change when you walk into the wrong place at the wrong time.
All she needs is someone to save her, but what will happen when that person is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction?

***My first completed movella*** And the sequel is up, called 'Remembering Her******


12. Movie N!ght

Harry's POV

Everyone woke around noon, I guess everyone was feeling lazy. Everyone else was in the living room, I was making breakfast. As I brought the food out, I was tackled by Niall, he is such a fat ass. I dropped the food, but thankfully it was caught by Liam, who passed it to Louis. Alex burst out laughing, "You guys are such klutz'" We were all laughing by now "But you still love us!" Me and Louis shouted at the same time tackling her in a hug. "Yeah sure, whatever" she said sarcastically. I faked a hurt look. "GIRRL, Oh no you didn't" Louis said in his sassiest tone. "Oh yeah I did" Then he sat on her. After 20 minutes of arguing, Alex won, and Louis got up. Then we all ate our breakfasts. "So, watcha guys wanna do today?" Liam asked. "MOVIE NIGHT" Louis and Alex screamed   "Kay, well if we're going to do that, can I invite my friend Savannah?" "Yeah sure mate, you can invite your friend" Zayn said putting air quotes around the word friend. I rolled my eyes and went to grab my phone to call Savannah.

Zayn's POV
WE were having a movie night tonight, they were always fun in our house. Harry was bringing his "friend" tonight, and Liam was bringing Danielle. " So you what move do ya wanna watch?" "TOY STORY" Liam and Alex screamed. We all gave Alex a confused look, we expected this from Liam, not her. "It's kinda her favorite movie, she's a bit obsessed with it" Louis answered what we all were thinking. "Woohoo! I got a movie buddy!" Liam exclaimed, while tackling her in a hug. God she looked adorable, even when being jumped on. Wait, what am I saying? I can't have feelings for her, I don't. Maybe I do. But it doesn't matter, she loves Louis. Who knows maybe they won't work out. We heard a knock on the door, and both Harry and Liam jumping up to answer it. Harry came walking back with a girl, I think her name was Savannah, and Liam came back with Danielle. "Hey guys I'm Savannah, and no need to introduce yourself I already know who you are" We all laughed at this. "well we're watching toy story you wanna join us? Oh yeah, and I'm Alex" Alex asked them. They both nodded and sat down. Everyone was cuddling with their girlfriends, and me and Niall were just kind of sitting awkwardly in the middle. Oh how I hate being single. I kept sneaking glances at Alex, I didn't want to stare, but I couldn't help it.  I just hoped she wouldn't notice.

Alex's POV
Yahoo! We were watching toy story, my most favorite movie ever. I normally wouldn't even blinking when this was on, but I was just really tired for some reason. Zayn kept staring at me, but I tried to ignore it. I drifted off three quarters through the movie, my mind wandering to if Zayn liked me or not. I hope he didn't


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