Saved by Louis Tomlinson [completed]

Alex had everything, she was popular, was the star quarterback's girlfriend, and had amazing parents even though they were divorced. But everything can change when you walk into the wrong place at the wrong time.
All she needs is someone to save her, but what will happen when that person is THE Louis Tomlinson of One Direction?

***My first completed movella*** And the sequel is up, called 'Remembering Her******


20. hey, it's me again

So I was wondering if you guys could do me a favor

could you guys please try and read the following

With love Comes Payne by 1D_FINATIC

A promise by me

Together forever mabey by tomosprincess

and My best friends brother by me

the last one is a sequel to this story, so you'd probably like it. if you don't read them you INSANE because these books are AMAZAYN PHENOMINIALL FABULOUIS EXTRORDIHARRY AND BRILLIAM



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