Lacey Evans is a 19 year old girl, she lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is beautiful, sweet and has a great personality. She lives with her boyfriend, Brad. Shes had enough of his abuse, name calling and treating her like a slave. Find out what happens when she meets Niall, and her boyfriend still chasing after her. (NOT FAMOUS)


4. Chapter 4

*Lacey POV*

           I woke up and the doctor was there. I was a little taken back because the doctor was just standing there, staring at me.
          "Hi Lacey!! Guess what, you can leave today! You are fine and very healthy." The doctor said, but i wasn't listening. All I was thinking about was Niall. He hasn't came to the hospital for the past couple of days. Has he forgotten about me already. I know I'm not tha-
          "Mrs. Evans?! Are you listening?!" 
           "Oh yeah sorry. I was listening... Sorry." I said lying.
           The doctor continued his babble, and then i heard a knock on the door. "CAN WE COME IN?! WE WANNA SEE OUR DAUGHTER!!!"
          Oh no, oh no, please not my parents.

*Niall POV*
     I slammed the cup on the table. "One more John!" I yelled at the bar tender.
     "Are you sure Niall you have came here every night for the past couple of days?" 
     "I said one more!!!" And with that the conversation was over. Im here because of Lacey. I know i cant take care of her, I'm just a bony tiny boy. So I'm drinking to forget, but i cant seem to forget her.
       "Aye! Niall mate!!! How have yah been? We haven't seen yah around lately."  I turned around to see my friend Harry. 
       "Well I've been.... busy." I said trying not to bring up Lacey.
       "Whats with the long pause mate? And i have seen you like this before, what are you trying to forget Niall?" With that i explained EVERYTHING to him. How me and Lacey met, what happened to her, and how i cant take care of her.
        "Oh Niall, why don't you believe in yourself. You could beat down any guy in a minute! Plus this Lacey girl probably thinks that you don't want to see her anymore. Niall buddy, you need to show her that you do." 
       "You always have the best advice Harry, I'm going to go visit her right now," i got up and headed for the the door but then turned around and said "Thanks Harry!"

*At the hospital*
      I ran into the hospital and all i could think about was Lacey. I checked in at the desk and then headed to Lacey's room. Im coming Lacey, don't you worry.
       I got to her room and opened the door. I saw two people yelling at Lacey which I think were her mom and dad.
       Her mom turned towards me and said "So Lacey, who is this, found some one new already?"


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