Lacey Evans is a 19 year old girl, she lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is beautiful, sweet and has a great personality. She lives with her boyfriend, Brad. Shes had enough of his abuse, name calling and treating her like a slave. Find out what happens when she meets Niall, and her boyfriend still chasing after her. (NOT FAMOUS)


3. Chapter 3

*Lacey's POV*

        The next day the doctor told me i have a slight concussion and that my nose was broken. I was happy he told me that it was no serious damage. The swelling in my face had gone down a little. It hurt so bad. Niall walked in the room and smiled at me.  I smiled back at him looking at his blue eyes. They were so cute.  I looked away and my eyes were drawn to the window, i saw brad. 
         "AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Niall h..he is there!!!!!!" I screamed and the tears started to pour out of my eyes. 
          Niall's head turned towards the window and his face grew dark. He walked over to the window and looked out. 
*Nialls POV*
          I looked out the window and there was no one there.  I looked over at lacey and she was shaking with tears streaming down her face. I felt bad, she must be having hallucinations. I walk over to her and take her hand. 
            "Lacey, there was no one there. Im sorry love."  She just looks at me with tears in her eyes.
          "Niall, I swear i saw him." She breathed in heavily and looked at the ground. 
          I really hope she didnt see him. I dont want him to hurt her, or something bad happen to her. I want her to be safe. I wiped the tears off her cheek and sat in the chair next to her. I still had her hand in mine. I looked at her, she was so beautiful. I wanted to kiss her, but i felt it would be wrong, since i just met her. So i asked her, "What do you do, as a job?"

            "Well im into photography, so i work at one of those places where u tske pictures of kids and families. What do you do Niall?"

          "Oh... Well i dont have a job, but...

           "But what?"
          "I like to sing." I said putting my head down.
          "Oh my gosh! Are you serious, that is so hot!" She said blushin

          I smiled and thought that i am going to stay with her for a long time.


A/N Sorry i havent posted in a while i have been really busy with school, studying. I promise I will start to update sooner. Bye lovelies

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