Lacey Evans is a 19 year old girl, she lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is beautiful, sweet and has a great personality. She lives with her boyfriend, Brad. Shes had enough of his abuse, name calling and treating her like a slave. Find out what happens when she meets Niall, and her boyfriend still chasing after her. (NOT FAMOUS)


2. Chapter 2

         I woke up in the hospital, and i saw the blue eyed boy next to me. His head was down, and when he heard me shuffle in the bed his head flew up.

         "Who are you?" He asked, his irish accent coming out.

          "Im Lacey Evans, and I'm really sorry about being in your house, i.. I was running and yeah. The tears ran down my face as i said that.

           " Don't worry I wont let him hurt, you again." He said. 

             I gasped, and said, " did you know?" I said sniffing.

           "I know, my cousin um that um happened to her, and i didn't know, she almost died." He said looking down. "Oh, i am sorry." He looked at me and smiled, " you know, i wasn't able to protect her, but you can stay with me and i will make sure he doesn't hurt you,"  I started to blush, my cheeks getting red. "And Oh, by the way i am Niall, Niall Horan." He said smiling showing his braces. He was so cute, his eyes were amazing, and i just wanted to run my hands through his hair.

               "Nice to meet you Niall."

                "You too Lacey" We were having a great time,  talking and making jokes, and then the doctor came in.

            "Oh, Well I'm glad you are awake, and I see you've  meet Niall and im Dr. Prescott."

            " Nice to meet you Dr. Prescott may i Ask how I got here?"

            "Oh yes,  Niall brought you here when he saw you in his bathroom, Can you tell us what happened?"

             I breathed in  heavily and started to speak, "well i asked my boyfriend if we could talk about are relationship, and he got mad. So i snapped and told him it was over. He got up and hit me in the nose, then pushed me," i shivered, "I went and got my stuff then he hit me in the cheek." My eyes started to water as i recalled the moment. 

*Niall's POV*

          I saw Lacey's eyes water and i knew she was hurt. I know i just met her, but i really wanted to protect her. The doctor and Lacey talked and i just looked at her. She was beautiful and i couldn't help but look at her. Her brown hair brought out her green eyes. I wanted her to be mine, but know that wasn't going to be happening soon. She was still scared, i didn't want her to be. She was flawless, i wanted her, even though i barely knew her. Thats gonna change soon.
*Lacey's POV* 
        Out of the corner of my i saw Niall staring at me. He was really cute, but i wasn't ready to go out with any one.  The doctor left and it was just me and Niall. He came closer to me and grabbed my hand. I didn't pull away, he made me feel safe. I liked him, maybe one day he would be my boyfriend, and i would feel happy again.

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