Lacey Evans is a 19 year old girl, she lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is beautiful, sweet and has a great personality. She lives with her boyfriend, Brad. Shes had enough of his abuse, name calling and treating her like a slave. Find out what happens when she meets Niall, and her boyfriend still chasing after her. (NOT FAMOUS)


1. Chapter 1


          Run, all i could think was run. I ran as fast as i could, looking back only once. My breathing was heavy, i wanted to go back in time and change what happened. 

*30 minutes earlier*

          I had just come home from work, my boyfriend, Brad,on the couch.

         "Lacey go get me some coke, NOW!!!" He yelled. 

        I was to scared of what he would do if i refused, so i did. I handed the coke to him, he jerked it from my hand making me stumble. I backed away, scared.

        "Hey brad can we talk?" I asked him.

       "Not now cant you see im busy!!!" He screamed.

       "You know what Brad! Its over, i hate how you treat me! Im not a punching bag!" I cant believe I just did that, Im going to literally die today.

         Before i could dodge the punch, he whacked me right in the face, i backed off immediately. My nose started to bleed right away, my hand flew to my face, trying to stop the blood. He pushed me and i fell to the ground my head hitting the ground hard. I felt dizzy, but I jumped up off the ground. I ran to my room and locked the door, grabbing my already packed bags. I tried to hold all my bags, but with my nose still bleeding and my head pounding, i had a hard time carrying  two bags and my purse and two other bags full of jewelry. I unlocked the door and found Brad walking up the stairs, he smirked at me and ran at me. When he came close i smacked him in the head with my purse, he stumble backwards, and i ran downstairs. I headed for the door, then i heard him running down the stairs. I froze thinking, what am i doing, then he smacked my cheek as hard as he could. I started to run, tears were falling down my cheeks. I was halfway out the door when he yelled "Your mine, and this is not over."

My breath got caught in my throat, and i ran out the door, running faster and faster.


It was getting really dark and i was getting really tired. I wasn't  thinking straight so i walked into a house with no lights on, and surprisingly the door was unlocked. I didn't care what people thought, i was so scared, and my head was killing me. I went into a bathroom and found that my cheek was swollen and purple, blood was all over my face. Just then i heard the front door open, i didn't run to hide i just sat on the toilet, and started to cry. My head felt like it was about to explode, and just then the door opened. The last thing i saw before blacking out was a blonde haired boy with beautiful blue eyes.

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