Don't Ever Let Go(Niall Horan LoveStory)

Anne is just taking her usual walk to the coffee shop when she trips and lands on Niall Horan. Will this work out you will have to see:)

Guys pleaz comment no hate wax hate the hating:)


1. Saying hello

Chapter 1:Anne's  POV


The autumn morning was fresh and crisp. Just like it usually was. I had just awoken from a slumber that was long, and unusual for me. I was walking to Emma's Coffee and Doughnut shop that was just a few blocks from where I lived. I walked in and heard the usual Ding! That was from the little bell connected to the door. The wernt busy so I hopped in the short line. After I got my coffee I turned around and tripped and faceplanted to the ground. But the ground was not hard. That's when it hit me. I fell on someone. I sat up to find a boy around nineteen blind hair that kind of spiked and when up at the front. But the thing that left me breathless was his eyes. He had the eyes of a freaking angel. A charging electric blue that could send you flying over the antlantic ocean. When I came back to reality I was aploigizing over and over again for the coffee stain I sent going all over his grey sweater. When he looked me in the eyes, I realized he looked insanely familiar. He told me in a Irish accent "Stop apologizing Love!" "No harm done." False I was sitting there like a idiot, just staring at him. He probably thought I was insane. I came back to life (again) he stood up offering his hand as he did. I accepted his offer and  he went to the back of the room where the bathroom was. He came back with a white t-shirt on and a smile. He asked if he could but me another coffee but I didn't accept it. He sudden took a interest in me and asked my name. "Anne" I said a little hazzy. I asked him his name and he told me to sit down with him. I did. He said his name was Niall.Niall. Why did that sound so familiar? We did a little small talk and he said he had to leave. I guess people in New York are to busy these days.  As I was walking home (since it was a Friday I got work of on these days) I passed the magazine shop around the corner from the coffee shop when I saw a familiar blueness. I took a magazine of the rack and nearly fell. The cover was One Direction. Harry,Louis,Zayn,Liam and ..... Niall. That's where I recognized him. I couldn't believe it. I unlocked my door and my papillon Callie was excilerated to see me. She came over and jumped on me and knocked me down. (Even tho she's little) so I was on the ground for the 2nd time today. She scratched me when she jumped on me. It was deep so I got in my car Nd drive to the hospital.

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