All Around Me (Larry Stylinson Divergent AU)

Larry Stylinson version of the book (and soon to be movie) Divergent by Veronica Roth.
The five factions are totally separated and have absolutely no contact with each other unless necessary, no exceptions. Abnegation are selfless. They believe that you should strive to put others' needs before your own. Amity are the peaceful. They believe that you must maintain peace. The Erudite are intelligent. They believe in order to keep society, you must be well-educated. The Candor are very honest and believe that honesty is essential. Dauntless are brave and believe that you must not let fear hold you back.
Harry is a Abnegation 16-year-old boy. He longs to be somewhere where he can be free; He longs to be one of the Dauntless. Will he follow his dream or stay with his family? What happens when he meets a edgy boy named Louis? All goes well, but then Harry discover something about Louis that he never suspected, and other things go haywire. Will he be able to fix Louis?


3. Trains and Misunderstood Louis

I know my story probably hasn't gotten very many reads, but I just love making chapters! Good news, Louis is going to make an appearance in this chapter :D I'm happy that I get to finally put Louis in my story! 

Brace yourself, this is going to be a very long chapter, but it will cover a lot like the Choosing Ceremony, Harry's decision, and Louis's appearance. This one's for you guys!


I wake to my alarm clock buzzing. I must've slept all night, Gemma and my parents probably let me sleep considering the special occasion of today. Today is the Choosing Ceremony. I slowly sit up, turn my alarm clock off, and walk over to my dresser. I pull out an exact copy of the grey outfit I was wearing yesterday. That is all we get to wear is the same grey outfit for everyday of the rest of our lives. Pretty much everything in Abnegation is ritualistic. 

I slip off my pajamas and replace them with the outfit. Turning the knob slowly, I walk outside my bedroom and shut the door behind me. I come tumbling down the stairs and pick my toast up off the plate. As I begin eating, I notice everyone is the room is staring at me, but I'm not allowed to speak unless spoken to, so I keep my mouth shut. 

Dad goes back to reading his newspaper, Mum goes back to fixing him his toast, and Gemma sits with her nose buried in a book. 

We finish our breakfast and head out onto the porch to wait for the bus. Again, we get there just in time. 


When we arrive on the bus at our school, the whole place is buzzing about with nervous students; the atmosphere screams of fear and anxiety. We walk into the room that the ceremony will be held in.

Although not everyone in the city comes to the ceremony, a great enough portion come to make the crowd look massive. 

Before our parents sit down, they hugs both me and Gemma. When my mom hugs me she whispers "I love you, Harry. Remember that". With just a few words my heart shatters into a million tiny unrepairable pieces. 

The Abnegation announcer will call our names in reverse alphabetical order, so Gemma will choose her faction before me. 

As we inch closer and closer to our choice with every passing second, Gemma takes my wrist and squeezes it. We haven't held hands in a long time, so I take hers and do the same. We need each other's strength and support right now. 

"Gemma Styles", the announcer calls. Gemma looks at me, her green eyes full of worry. I shoot her a reassuring look, and she turns to walk onstage. 

I watch as the official hands her the knife. She places the sharp edge to her palm and approaches the inner circle with the large metal bowls that are big enough for someone my size to fit in if he curled up. 

Each bowl has a different item in it that symbolizes each faction. Grey ashes for Abnegation, coals for Dauntless, dirt for Amity, water for Erudite, and clear oil for Candor. 

Gemma drags the knife and throws her hand out in front of her. Her blood spills into the water and it mixes like honey and syrup. She is ushered into her the Erudite section of the room.

She chose Erudite? Well, I didn't see that coming. 

I look over at my parents. Mum has a knowing look on her face, and dad forces a smile but I can tell he's slightly disappointed. 

"Harry Styles". My heart skips a beat, and I walk onstage with my legs feeling like jelly. I am handed the knife. I walk over to the bowls and take a moment to ponder my decision. Abnegation or Dauntless. Selflessness or bravery. Expected or unexpected. Reality or dream.

I drag the knife across my palm and thrust my hand forward. The next thing I hear is silence and my warm, dark red blood sizzling on the coals as it flows from my hand. 

I am escorted over to the Dauntless portion of the room. Thank god my parents and most of the Abnegation can't see me. Not many people choose to leave Abnegation. When someone does leave, we remember it. About 3 years ago, my nieghbor's son, Louis left Abnegation for the Dauntless. His father was both shocked and devastated. 

I try not to imagine my parents mourning over both of their children leaving them at once. It's too painful of a picture to bear. 


 The last boy makes his decision to transfer, Dauntless, and it is time for everybody to leave. The Dauntless leave first. We take the stairs, but not out of selflessness, we take them out of wildness. 

Shouting starts and we all run down the stairs whooping and cheering. I join in. I could get used to this, I like it. I feel free. 



 Part 2: Louis POV    

I walk down the dimly lit hallway and though the corridor that leads to the cafeteria. I should be happy, but I'm far from it. Every year the Dauntless choose a new-ish member amongst themselves and they appoint him or her to help with the new initiates. Most people view it as an honor, but I see it as a burden. Almost everything is a burden thanks to how my life has been going so far, and I'm only 18. 

Back when I was in Abnegation, my father used to abuse me in numerous ways. It's not very common for things like this to happen, especially in Abnegation. I, being an only child, left my dad feeling betrayed and devastated. I chose Dauntless so I could be free with no restraints holding me back from doing what I want, and to get away from my brutal dad. I was never any good at being selfless anyway, everyone else seemed to be better at it, they strive for it and want to be selfless. I was the only Abnegation transfer that year. Not many kids who are born into Abnegation transfer anywhere out of it, and let's just say that I'm not fondly remembered of to them. 

I open the cafeteria doors and step in. It's late at night so there is no one down here anyway. I sit at a table and just think. I need to clear my head and think things over.My hand brushes the scars and fresh cuts in my left arm. Looking around just in case someone was around, I raised my black sleeve to look at them. After transferring to Dauntless, mostly everyone was nice to me. That was until I told them I was bi. Now only a few of them are still friends with me, but I guess I found out who my real friends are. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, three of them started tormenting me in a pack. Like wolves. Stupid homophobic bitchy-ass wolf pack. I got really depressed after that and I still am, it's just not as bad. But deep down, it still hurts. 

I hear footsteps approaching and roll my sleeve back down my arm. "What's up, gay boy?", a deep voice asked. 

"I'm not gay", 'I'm bi', I think to myself. 

"Close enough".

"Close enough for what?".

"This", a  few moments after he said it, a sharp pain shot through my stomach as my tormentors' fist slams into it. I wasn't expecting it; I crashed to the floor clutching the spot where the pain was still lingering. 

My unnamed harasser has run off and I am left, lying on the cafeteria floor by myself. I pick myself up off the ground, brush myself off and get back to my room. I  slip my shirt off and walk over to my nightstand. Fiddling with the controls, I play some music from my iPod.

I flop down on the bed and stare at the ceiling. A few minutes pass and the song ends and slips into a new tune. 

I hate my life. Part of the reason why I left Abnegation was to get away from my abusive father. I came to Dauntless, and the tormenting started again. Not that I would ever trade my life here for a life there. There is too many things that we can do here that we can't do there. The way that the Dauntless live life is better, but that's just my opinion. Most of what we couldn't do there that we can do here that affects me is let out my emotions, cuss, drink, party and be bisexual. The Abnegation aren't too fond on homosexuals or anyone who isn't straight. I'm more accepted here than I ever would've been there. They probably would've kicked me out of the faction and I would've been factionless. 

I get up off my bed and open the drawer in the dresser, picking up a razor blade. I run my fingers around the smooth surface as I walk to the bathroom. Walking inside, I shut the door behind me. I position the razor on my arm just over the spot where I made the last cuts. I drag the blade across my lower arm, avoiding my tattoos, and a rush of pain surges through my arm. Most people hate pain, but it keeps me from expressing my hurt in public, and I enjoy it. It is one of the only things keeping me sane besides my few friends.

Blotting the blood away from my arm with a tissue, I walk over to the sink and run my arm under the faucet. It stings, but I enjoy the pain. The bleeding stops and I look into the mirror. Although what I find in the mirror to be unsatisfactory, has made a number of Dauntless girls swoon. They just like how I look though, they have no idea what my personality looks like, and they have no intentions to know about it either.

After turning off the light, I flop down on the bed and pull the blanket up to my shoulders. The new initiates are coming in tomorrow. This better be as fun as other people say it is.


I'm done with 3!!! So, despite Four (Tobias) being my (and many others) favourite character in the original series of Divergent, I wanted to make Louis character in place of Four in my fic... I don't know how to explain it other than I had this nagging urge to make him different from Four in Divergent. He will still have some of Four's personality, just as Harry has some of Tris's, but I wanted his to have a slightly different story about his 2 years at Dauntless. That's all that really changed. He will still have the same Abnegation backstory as four, and some of Four's unique charm  and personality combined with Louis' own charm and personality. I think that's the hardest part, combining their personalities. Louis and Four are two very different people, as where Harry and Tris have a lot of similarities,  I think. It makes it more difficult to combine both the positive and the negative aspects of their personalities, but somehow, I find the challenge of it more fun than an easy one. That's probably because I love to write, though. 

Anyway, chapter 4 will be up soon :) 

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