All Around Me (Larry Stylinson Divergent AU)

Larry Stylinson version of the book (and soon to be movie) Divergent by Veronica Roth.
The five factions are totally separated and have absolutely no contact with each other unless necessary, no exceptions. Abnegation are selfless. They believe that you should strive to put others' needs before your own. Amity are the peaceful. They believe that you must maintain peace. The Erudite are intelligent. They believe in order to keep society, you must be well-educated. The Candor are very honest and believe that honesty is essential. Dauntless are brave and believe that you must not let fear hold you back.
Harry is a Abnegation 16-year-old boy. He longs to be somewhere where he can be free; He longs to be one of the Dauntless. Will he follow his dream or stay with his family? What happens when he meets a edgy boy named Louis? All goes well, but then Harry discover something about Louis that he never suspected, and other things go haywire. Will he be able to fix Louis?


1. Tests and Vials of Liquid

Hey guys!!! So I think this is my first Larry AU, so if is totally awful, please don't send any hate. This is a Larry Stylinson AU version of Veronica Roth's 'Divergent'. If you haven't read the original Divergent but are interested in reading it, I hope you like spoilers because this might give a few spoilers :) 

So basically this will be Harry's point of view unless I say otherwise (which probably won't be that often). 

I give partial credit to Veronica Roth, the author of the original Divergent. She came up with the original plot and characters, of which I will be basing mine off of. I am just simply here to modify the storyline to meet Larry shipper's demands ;) 

This is a Larry Stylinson boyxboy fanfic, so if you don't like that kind of thing I wouldn't suggest reading any further. It is not recommended that you read any further if you are homophobic. 


 I walked down the grey hallway to meet my family in the kitchen for breakfast. Today is the day of the Aptitude Test, which means tomorrow is the day of the Choosing Ceremony; the day in which I will be forced to choose if I want to live out my dream or stay with my family. 

The Aptitude Test tell us which of the five factions we would be suitable for. I am in Abnegation, the selfless, and being selfless isn't exactly one of my talents. I have always dreamed of living a life of freedom with the Dauntless. I admire their fearlessness and bravery. They get to do, say, and be whoever they want. I, since I'm in Abnegation, must live up to a certain set of standards that include how we must act, dress, express ourselves, and even do small things like the food we eat. I have some issues with the standards they have set for us. They restrict me from being who I really am. 

I sit at  the table and start quietly munching on my toast. My older sister Gemma walks in the room and does the same. If I can even call her older. She is the same age and grade at school as me, but she is older by about 10 months.

We sit and eat quietly until she breaks the silence. "Are you nervous, Harry?", she asks. She begins to give me a look like I'm stupid that I don't know what she's talking about, but I know what she means. 

"Not really. I figure whatever the results are will probably come out the way I think they will". She smiles and nods in response. "What about you? Are you nervous?", I ask in return. 

"Nervous as hell", she responds and I half-laugh-half-choke-on-my-toast. Abnegation are not allowed to curse. It is considered self-indulgent, and we are not allowed to indulge. She just laughs along at my response. I glare at her and she ignores my go-to-hell look. 

Mum walks in the room and hands us each out schoolbags. "The bus will be here in a few minutes. Time to head outside." 

We accept our bags and walk out onto the porch. Just as we step outside, the bus pulls up in front of the house.


We arrive at our school building and head into the stairwell. We are not allowed to take the elevators, so we always take the stairs. 

We reach our floor, and Gemma turns to me before opening the door. She puts a hand on my shoulder, and her eyes look as if she had just seen somebody get killed. "Don't be nervous, Gemma. Everything will be alright." She turns and looks at the door for a second before opening it. We walk down the hallway, and I sense that probably every 16-year-old here cannot get enough of this last day that they will probably ever walk these halls again. That is, unless they become on of the Erudite, the intelligent, and become a teacher sometime in the next few years. I part ways with Gemma  and head off to my locker. 

I open my locker and begin to grab my books. I wonder if I will ever see any of these people ever again. I close my locker door and head off to the maths room.

An Erudite boy in a blue jumper rams into my side with his shoulder. I, being the clumsy boy I am, lose my balance and topple to the ground and accidentally shove a Amity girl in a red to the ground with me. "Get out of the way, Stiff! You are only causing problems", he snaps, motioning to the girl I forced to tumble onto the floor with me. Good thing she is from the peaceful faction. If she wasn't she probably would've slapped me about now, but she is still laying on the floor. The Erudite boy then continues walking casually down the hallway like nothing happened. 

Some of the Erudite have been treating us Abnegation poorly lately. The officials in their faction have been saying bad and untrue things about us and telling them to their kids that are in school. This, of course, leads to a very cruel treatment of us. This has been happening to lots of other kids in my faction. Our minimalistic colour scheme for everything, our plain hairstyle, and our simple lifestyle is  supposed to make it easier to forget myself and worry about others more, and make it easier for others to forget me too. But instead of forgetting about me, they have chosen to make me the centre of attention and a target. 

I continue walking and stop to watch the Dauntless prove their bravery by jumping off of a moving train and onto nothing but the cold hard ground. It seems utterly terrifying to most, but for me it just sounds like fun. My dad isn't exactly fond of the Dauntless. He even calls them 'hellions'. He calls them this because they wear black clothing, have piercings and tattoos, and well, the jump off of moving trains. Most of the Dauntless guard the gate to the outside world. Guarding us from what, it seems is the question that the Dauntless aren't even entirely sure of the answer to. 

I reach the maths room, step in the classroom, and find my seat. After maths we go to lunch, then we take the Aptitude Tests and go home. With it being a special day like today, our grade gets a half-day as their last day of school ever.


I sit in the lunchroom, eating my sandwich at the Abnegation table in silence. We are not allowed to speak at mealtimes unless spoken to. 

I finish my food and wait in silence for my  turn to take the test arises. The teachers call us back a about 10 names at a time to take them. They seem to be calling us in reverse-alphabetical order. My turn is approaching fast. They just called the rest of the 'st's back about 15 minutes ago, and I have a feeling 'Styles' will be called back soon. 

The official comes back into the room, grabs the intercom microphone, and begins to speak. She calls off a few names. "Harry Styles". My heart skips a beat, and I rise to follow her and the rest of the students called back. We pass the group that had previously gone back, and most of them looked pretty shaken. What if this is painful? Oh, god I hope it isn't painful. I hate pain. 'Keep it together, Harry. Just like you told Gemma, everything is going to be okay', I mentally reassured myself. 

We got to the back of the hallway and I am handed a slip of paper with the number '17' on it written in black. I am told to go find the room with a black door and has the number 17 on it. 

I wonder down the hallway in search of room 17 with the black door. I pass17 blue and 17 red. I must be getting close. I find the 17 with the black door. On it in silver lettering it's labeled '17BLACK'. 

I step inside, and just like the door, it is mostly black. There is a woman wearing black clothing sitting in front of a desk with her arms placed neatly on her lap. She must be Dauntless, they wear all black. All students aren't allowed to be assessed by a member of our own faction. For what reason, I have no idea.

"You must be Harry", she says smiling. I nod. "Are you nervous, Harry?", she asks. I don't say anything. "I'll take that as a yes. Have a seat Harry", she says, motioning to a chair that resembles that of a dentists. I take a seat on the edge. She goes and closes the door, and I notice a small black tattoo on the back of her neck of  a wolf. She turns and walks over to me and sits in the desk chair next to mine. 

"Does that tattoo mean anything?", I ask. She looks at me like I had just swallowed a rock. "I thought the Abnegation weren't supposed to be curious", she says. 

"We aren't, but between you and me, I'm not exactly good at being Abnegation". She smiles. 

"My name is Perrie Edwards. Wolves are brave, so I figured that if I had a wolf with me at all times, I wouldn't ever be scared". She replies. "Recline the chair back, and you'll start the test". 

I did as she said and reclined the chair back. She begins placing an electrode to my forehead. "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt", she reassures. She attaches the wire connected to the electrode to a machine. The machine appears to have some sort of computer monitor built into it. 

She picks up a vial of clear liquid. "Drink this", she commands. 

"What is it do?"

"I can't tell you that. Just trust me and drink it". 

I drink the content of the vial and hand her the vial. A few seconds later, I feel my eyes close. 


Ooh! Cliffhanger!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!! No Louis in the story just yet, but he'll make an appearance soon! Love you guys!!! xx :)

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