All Around Me (Larry Stylinson Divergent AU)

Larry Stylinson version of the book (and soon to be movie) Divergent by Veronica Roth.
The five factions are totally separated and have absolutely no contact with each other unless necessary, no exceptions. Abnegation are selfless. They believe that you should strive to put others' needs before your own. Amity are the peaceful. They believe that you must maintain peace. The Erudite are intelligent. They believe in order to keep society, you must be well-educated. The Candor are very honest and believe that honesty is essential. Dauntless are brave and believe that you must not let fear hold you back.
Harry is a Abnegation 16-year-old boy. He longs to be somewhere where he can be free; He longs to be one of the Dauntless. Will he follow his dream or stay with his family? What happens when he meets a edgy boy named Louis? All goes well, but then Harry discover something about Louis that he never suspected, and other things go haywire. Will he be able to fix Louis?


2. Left With A Difficult Question

YAY!!! I'm back for another chappie! I'm rather peppy today, so, yea. In other news, I got sharpie-maker happy and drew tattoos all over my right arm and hand :D 

So what do you guys think about the story so far? And I'm quite good at plot twists, I must warn you ;) Not all of the stuff I put in here will be from Divergent, so there will be plenty of room for plot twists (hehehe!) 

Oh, by the way, just so you know, the is Aptitude test is nothing like the one in Divergent. I saw those as a way to enter more of my own creativity into the story.

Godetevi questo capitolo, i miei gattini! (That's in Italian. Look it up on Google translate if you have no idea what I just said ;D)

WARNING: Violence, mild language, mention of blood, self harm and suicide (not Harry's).


I open my eyes, feeling like only a few seconds have gone by, but I'm in an entirely new place. The walls are coated in red, and there is a podium in the middle. On the podium sits a nicely woven black basket with cupcakes placed neatly inside. "Take one", I hear a voice say from behind me. I turn around to look where the voice came from, but there is no one there.

I hesitantly walk over to the basket of small cakes and take one in my hand, observing the blue frosting. "Take a bite", the voice says again. I decide to take my time with getting it into my mouth. 

Just as I'm about to take a bite, I notice a small little girl standing in front of me in place of the podium, and I notice my blue-frosted desert has disappeared from my hand. I quickly pull my hand down to my side. 

"Where-", I begin, but then she sinks to her knees and disintegrates into a pile of ash on the floor. I lean down and scrape some of the ash onto my index finger. Only then do I realise that the walls are melting into lava. 

I speed-walk to the only structure besides the floor that is holding it's shape: the door. I turn the handle and step into the living room of an Abnegation house. It's hard to tell who's house though, since the only thing we are allowed to keep is photos, and there are none in the room.

In a tight corner of the room stands a table with a blue book and a black knife sitting neatly on it's surface. "Choose", I hear the voice say.

I walk over to the items and think for a moment. 'What am I going to use these for? Well, judging by how this test has been going so far, I might as well choose the knife", I think. I slowly bend down and scoop up the knife in my palm. The book disappears.

"Is that a knife?", I hear a male voice from beside me say. I look over and see a middle aged man standing next to me. "Is it?".

"Yes...", I say hesitantly. That was sort of an obvious question. 

"Can I borrow it?", he asks.

"What for?"

He looks at me with an expression that could burn holes in your soul. 'If looks could kill", I think to myself. 

"Just give it to me", he snaps.

"No", I say, tugging it in the opposite direction of the one he's standing in. 

And with that he grabs the knife out of my hand, rolls up his sleeve and slits his wrist, deep. I watch in horror as the blood trickles from his wrist and onto his black leather shoes. He briefly smiles at me before collapsing onto the grey carpet. 

Another door appears on the opposite side of the room. I walk over to it and push it open with force. I shove my way through, and I am now placed on a giant stage in front of an enormous crowd. Someone from the side starts playing guitar and the drums soon follow into rhythm. A microphone comes flying from my left, and I grab it at the last second. 

I then realise that they expect me to sing for the crowd. It's a good thing I know the words to the song they are playing. 

I open my mouth as the words' timing comes and I sing: 

Shake me down, not a lot of people left around
Who knows now, softly laying on the ground, ooh, ooh
Not a lot of people left around, ooh
In my life I've seen people walk into the sea
Just to find memories plagued by constant misery 
Their eyes cast down, eyes fixed upon the ground
Their eyes cast down
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

The words roll off my tongue like honey. Between the rough sound of the music and my rocky tone of voice, it sounds pretty good. I continue my song until the guitar stops playing. I walk backstage and into complete and utter darkness. 


I open my eyes with a jolt, springing upwards off of the recliner. Perrie looks at me in shock as I try to catch my breath. Panting, I start to say something to her. "What...the hell...was that?". 

Perrie laughs and slightly leans forward. "I thought Abnegation don't cuss", she says. 

"We don't", I say, giving her a cheeky smile. She laughs again and tries to catch her breath.

"I will be right back with your test results. Stay here", she says as she collects her notebook and walks out of the room, her heels making a clicking noise on the tile outside the door before she shuts the door behind her. 

I pull the electrode from my forehead and sit up so I'm sitting on the edge of the chair again. I notice how sweaty my palms are, and I wipe them on my grey coloured pants.

I scan the room and find a mirror. Abnegation aren't supposed to use mirrors, it's considered selfish, but there is nobody else in the room and being selfless isn't my best talent anyway. What I'm really good at is singing. Ever since I was little, I would be singing nursery rhymes or any other tune I could hear to myself. That's another thing we aren't allowed to do once we hit about 8, listen to music and sing, or really have anything to do with music, really. Abnegation lifestyle is so boring to me. I walk over to it and fix my curly brown hair. It normally shouldn't be this long for Abnegation; we are only allowed to have a few simple haircuts. It would be shorter if I wasn't supposed to have it cut this Friday. That's if I don't choose a different faction. 

 I slowly stroll back over to my seat and plop down. 

A few moments later, Perrie walks back in the room looking worried. She sits down in the chair next to me and fidgets nervously. She opens her mouth to say something, but takes a few seconds to do so, as if she's commentating how to say it. Finally, she speaks. "Harry, your results were quite... interesting", she says.

All I can think is, 'Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Please don't let me be factionless'. The factionless are a large group of individuals who are without a faction. Without a faction, you have no home, and no real social life. All they get are hand-me-down clothes from the different factions, and small portions of reject food from the factions. They don't live together, they sleep on benches, or in boxes, or under bridges, or pretty much anywhere that offers some form of shelter. They have no real life. 

 "Your results weren't normal... you are suitable for three factions, and most kids get one, possibly two options. You have the choice of Dauntless, Abnegation, or Amity", she continues. "People like you with this kind of results are very flexible to change and are called divergent", she whispers, as if there is someone else in the room. "Don't under any circumstances tell anyone these results", she says quietly.

"I know, we aren't supposed to discuss our results after the test". 

"No. I mean ever. Being divergent can be very dangerous", she says. Her face looks serious but I get the sense that she is worried. 

I nod. "You may go home now. I don't think waiting with the others will be very beneficial to you". 

"Can you tell my sister that?"

"I'll make sure she gets the message", Perrie says, still looking rather shaken. 


I walk into the thresh hold of my house and open the door. I go straight to my room and drop my bag in the desk chair. Flopping down my bed, I sigh. 

Three factions. Three. I have a very big decision to make. Well, Amity is out of the question, I get into arguments too easily, and the Amity don't believe in arguing. So that leaves me with the big decision. Dauntless or Abnegation, also known as stay with my family or live my dream. How can they expect a 16-year-old boy to make that kind of decision? 

If I stay in Abnegation, that would be a very selfless act. If I go to Dauntless, that would be an act of bravery. Maybe my decision would be enough proof that I belong wherever I'm headed. 

I roll over onto my side and curl up under the blankets into a ball. I'll sleep on it. 

____________________________________________________________________________________ Did you enjoy it? Let me know what you guys think. So what do you think Harry will choose? That's for me to know and you to find out :) xx

Louis will be in the next chapter, so keep a look out for Louis! :D 

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