It's Beautiful Over There

Lyla-mae is just coming into the London music scene after becoming best friends with Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, but will a boyband superstar ruin her hopes of a drama-free career?


7. Chapter 7.

Me and Niall started dancing, being bumped around by other moving bodies. The alcohol was starting to take effect on me, my mind felt fuzzy and I closed my eyes, swaying to the music, Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, I could smell the alcohol in his breath, but I didn’t shiver at the smell, not like when Riley came near me, it was intoxicating.
“You know, Harry really doesn’t deserve you” Niall slurred
“Niall, I’m not Harry’s to deserve, we’ve been through-“ I waved my arm about as if searching for the word “this” my voice was higher in pitch and I giggled, giving Niall a peck on the cheek and moving back slightly, I closed my eyes and continued swaying. Niall dropped my hand and I felt two hands sit on my waist, I opened my eyes slowly to see Niall awkwardly looking at me
“Lyla, what are you doing with one of my best friends” I turned in Harrys arms, he was obviously drunk
“what does it look like?” I raised one eyebrow, looking over my shoulder to see no sight of the blonde Irish boy I was dancing with
“Well, to me it looks like your trying to make me jealous” he growled, his voice was low and raspy, tensed slightly and my breathing quickened, my hands were awkwardly placed on his solid biceps. “you know, I told them to back off of you” I closed my eyes and sighed
“I’m not your property you know mister” I was beginning to get frustrated, my lips sealing into a hard line
“yet” he winked at me and started swaying his hips to the music, I followed his movements.
“You know Styles, you can dance” I whispered in his ear, the goosebumps on his neck had risen to the surface as I spoke, I lifted my head to his eye level and laughed, his glance fell to my lips and I shifted uncomfortably, his head slowly lowered and his lips brushed against mine to ensure I wasn’t going to pull away, I had frozen solid, our nose brushed and he slowly brought our lips together, moving in sync with each other. His tongue slowly ran along my bottom lip asking for entrance, at first I denied, too lost in my own world, he tried again, I came to realisation as Harry squeezed my bum, I gasped and his tongue invaded my mouth, he began smiling against my mouth as our tongues fought slightly, butterflies were bursting through my stomach and we finally pulled away, both gasping for air, I laughed and wiped the lipstick from Harrys mouth, he smiled and his dimples showed. Fuck he was so hot. He grabbed my hand and turned on his heel, leading me through the crowd, I still bumped into a few people and I apologised quietly. We finally got to our table and we all got ready to leave. I lost track of Harry until I felt a hand lightly tap my behind, I spun and his green eyes burned into my blue orbs
“Your place or mine” he smirked
“what kind of girl do you think I am?” I gasped sarcastically, he shook his head and pushed my into the van I sat between Niall and Harry, this couldn’t be worse, both of their hands were upturned waiting for me, I placed my left hand in Harry’s and my right in Niall’s at first they both smiled at me until the looked over and realised what I had done, they both glared and each other and threw my hands on my lap, I giggled at myself and sighed loudly.

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