It's Beautiful Over There

Lyla-mae is just coming into the London music scene after becoming best friends with Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, but will a boyband superstar ruin her hopes of a drama-free career?


5. Chapter 5.

I awoke to my alarm blaring in my ear, my eyes struggled open, I had spent most of the night frozen solid with fear, just the thought of Riley’s hands all over me made me physically sick.
I rolled slowly, I didn’t want to be anywhere near that slime ball. Luckily, he had already staggered to a bar somewhere in London.
I checked my phone, I had a text from my stylist Lou Teasdale
Hey Sweetpea! You’ve got a busy day, I’ll be at yours for about 10 xxx
I checked the time, 9:45am. Shit.
Yeah that’s cool, let yourself in x
I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, my eyes were red and puffy from the constant sobbing, the hot water cascaded over my body and I thought about last night, no amount of washing could ever rid my body of the dirty feeling of his hands, his eyes, his body.
I got out the shower and wrapped my body with a fluffy towel, i heard Lou knocking about In the living room. I quickly threw on my pyjamas and walked into the living room, finding Lou laying out her make-up along the table
“There you are!” Lou said smiling, until her eyes met my face, her face dropped and she stormed up to me “Oh no he didn’t! not again Ly! That’s it, get your stuff and come to mine for a few days, you’ve got a busy schedule and he’s not making it any better” she held my at arms-length and inspected the purple bruise that laced across my right cheek, I felt the tears fill in my eyes and she pulled me into a hug, “come on, just for a few days” she looked at me wiping my tears, I nodded and stifled a giggle.
“Right, cover this up” I laughed, gesturing my whole body, she carefully lead me to the chair and began dabbing my face with different products, she worked miracles as she styles my hair and ran to my wardrobe carefully piecing together my outfit (
“Right, studio time yes?” I nodded at her and we headed to the car, her phone buzzed and her jaw dropped, she looked up to me smiling
“Right, you know you’re not my only major client, but you don’t know who they are, well… apparently you do” she winked at me, I stared at her blankly “One direction silly! Well, they record at the same studios and theyre there now” my stomach churned at the thought of seeing Harry again whilst I had a near black eye and swollen cheek.
We soon arrived at the studio and we ran out, ducking from the paparazzi, quickly pressing the button of the elevator, we dinged at floor 5 and Lou said her goodbyes
“I’ll come down in a bit, just need to get one song done then I’ll go get coffee and bring it up” she waved and the doors slid closed between us.

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