It's Beautiful Over There

Lyla-mae is just coming into the London music scene after becoming best friends with Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, but will a boyband superstar ruin her hopes of a drama-free career?


4. Chapter 4.

Lyla’s p.o.v.
We had left the original pub about an hour ago and the vodka and lemonade mixed with the crisp September air was making my mind fuzzy
“Hey Ly, do you think I could get your number? I know it sounds so cringey but we could go for coffee or something?” Harry was looking down at his fight as my taxi pulled up, I tapped my pockets looking for a pen but failed, I settled on my red lipstick and grabbed for his arm, his eyes snapped up to mine and gave me a confused expression as I pulled up his blazer sleeve and scribbled my number across his muscular forearm,
“Get it saved quick before it allllll goes awaaaaay!” Nick staggered across our conversation waving his arms around like a drunken hooligan.
“Bye Nick” I kissed him on the cheek and turned to Harry, I wrapped my arms around his neck for a hug and his hands found there way around my waist, I could smell his cologne mixed with alcohol, the electricity between us made me flinch
“I feel it to babe” he whispered in my ear, his slightly slurred words sending shivers down my spine. I Pulled away smiling, waving goodbye and jumping into my taxi. I gave the driver my address and he sped through south London to my flat.

We pulled up outside my building and I paid the driver, leaving the warm car to my flat. I swayed into my bedroom and removed my make-up, throwing my hair into a messy bun and changing into my pyjamas.
I took my medication and checked my phone for the last time before bed, having a text from an unknown number

Hey Ly! Just checking whether you’re still up for tomorrow? –Harry x
I smiled and replied
Yeah sure! Text me in the morning about it x
I felt bad putting kisses, I have a boyfriend, if that’s what you call it.
I was rudely awoken by a slamming of my door, I sighed and rubbed my forehead, finally sobering up
“LYLA! Where are you little slut!?” I heard the drunken slur of Riley, I could already feel fear pooling in my stomach and I tried to stay quiet. “LYLA, don’t ignore me!” I could hear his footsteps come closer, stopping outside the door, a drunken laugh boomed through the door, followed by it swinging open. His eyes were dark and an evil smirk was playing on his lips, he came closer and grabbed onto my ankles, dragging my down the bed closer to his body, standing up, I could smell strong spirits in his breath “Hey baby” he slurred, rubbing his hand up my thigh
“Riley no” I tried to push it away, but his fingers pressed into my skin harder, I could feel bruises formed under his touch as I whimpered
“Oh baby don’t cry, I’ll make it better” his hand began to travel up my body until he got to my face, his thumb rubbed along my cheek and I flinched, a look of rage hit his eyes and he drew back his hand, slapping me hard and sending me to the ground, his large hand grabbed my wrist and stopped my fall, lifting my up so I was standing in front of his again, he punched me in the stomach and I moaned in pain, he snickered and again his fist boomed into my abdomen.
“I’ll make it allllllllll better” his voice was hoarse from the spirit as he pushed my down onto the bed, he hovered over me peeling off my clothes, I writhed in shame underneath him but his body trapped me in place, he began to remove his clothing, still pinning me to the mattress, I felt physically sick as he was kissing my neck and jawline, I screamed so loud my throat began to hurt he just laughed at my calls for help, ensuring me nobody was listening. He finally shifted and I could feel him at my entrance
“You ready?” he cocked an eyebrow at me, I lay there, lifeless.
A single tear rolled down my cheek.

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