It's Beautiful Over There

Lyla-mae is just coming into the London music scene after becoming best friends with Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, but will a boyband superstar ruin her hopes of a drama-free career?


3. Chapter 3.

Lyla’s p.o.v
I finished my interview with Nick, he seemed like a really nice guy and we started to get along really well
“So Lyla, do you have plans for tonight? Do you fancy coming out for a few drinks?” his voice was hopeful
“hmm, I’ve got a little set in a bar in soho, but you’re welcome to come along with friends and I’ll stop with you guys after?” I scribbled down the address and my number and handed it to him, he promised to attend and I ensured Cara and Rita would be there as well.
“Right, I’ll see you later then, my lifts outside” he called back whilst walking down the corridor to the doors, I waved and followed him, walking to my Audi R8 and driving home.
I was all set for my performance, I scanned myself in the mirror and nodded in approval ( and I walked into the bar, I was just about to step on stage when my phone vibrated

Hey girl! When are you coming on, everyone’s getting impatient!-Nick x
I smiled and tapped in my reply
Right now! Ly x
I stepped onto the small stage and the audience roared, the lights blinded me so I couldn’t see who was watching me
“Hi, I’m Lyla-mae, hope you’re having a great night!” another applause from the crowd and I began my small array of songs
My set soon finished and I was welcomed with an applause, I stepped off the stage and headed straight for the bar, a double vodka and lemonade was needed badly, I just ordered when two hands smacked my bum simultaneously, I rolled my eyes knowing immediately who they were
“Hi girls!” I turned and Cara and Rita Smiled and hugged me
“You did so well!” they both shouted over the music, I spaced out of their conversation as I spotted Nick across the room
“Sorry, can you excuse me a minute” they were already drunk so they just carried on dancing around like hooligans, Nick had his back to me so I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned and a smile grew on his face
“Lyla!” he slurred and pulled me into a hug, I looked over his shoulder to see Harry styles staring awkwardly at the floor, I released from Nick to introduce myself
“Hi! I’m Lyla!” his eyes rose to meet mine

Harry’s p.o.v

“Hi Harry! Right, did you listen to my show?” I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by Nicks rambling excitement “What a question, of course you did! Did you hear what Lyla-mae said about you!? Oh you’re going to love me for this, she’s invited me, I mean us, to her set tonight!” He wiggled in his seat and I shook my head laughing at him, trying to contain my excitement, tonight can’t come quick enough.
Lyla’s set was exquisite, the way she got lost in the music enchanted me, she was in her own world, I just kept sipping my Jack Daniel’s and coke to conceal the smile that kept plastering itself all over my face, every now and then Nick would nudge me and wink sarcastically, he was drunk so I just shrugged him off, as he swayed, intoxicated by his Malibu and pineapple.

I lost sight of Lyla after her set, and I lost my hope of talking to her,
“So yeah Nick, I might Have to leave-“ Nicks eyes widened and he turned
“Lyla!” My lips parted and I sighed, looking down in order to calm myself

“Hi! I’m Lyla!” I looked up into her big blue eyes, her hair fell perfectly over her shoulders and down her back, her smile was wide and sparkling, it felt like forever but I hoped it was just a few seconds
“Hi, I’m Harry” I smiled and held out my hand.

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