It's Beautiful Over There

Lyla-mae is just coming into the London music scene after becoming best friends with Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, but will a boyband superstar ruin her hopes of a drama-free career?


10. Chapter 10.

Few days after the Harry incident, Lyla, Lou, Cara and Rita are having a girls night in
“girls I don’t know what to do!” I whined, taking a long sip of my wine and hugging my legs to my chest
“Well, I’ve been friends with Harry for a while now and-“ Rita began, being cut off by Lou
“Lyla, I spend a LOT of time with Harry, like nearly too much time with him. He never acts like this with girls, he gets too concerned what fans will think and after the ‘Haylor’ drama he just closed up, he never spoke to anyone about his feelings and shit like that, so I think he’s being genuine with all this shit. Believe me” she rested her hand on my knee and I smiled down at her
“So should I do anything about it? Like coffee or something?” I looked to each of my best friends helplessly, they all nodded and Lou took my phone, dialling Harry’s number and shoving the phone to my ear before I had chance to react
“Hello” his voice was raspy, I had not realised the time so he must have been asleep
“Hi, erm, sorry were you asleep?” the girls looked at eachother trying to contain their laughter
“maybe” he laughed a little and I heard a shuffling
“Sorry I shouldn’t have call-“
“Lyla it’s fine, did you need me?” he sounded a lot perkier now
“I was wondering whether you wanted to do something tomorrow? I have a radio thingy in the morning but afterwards or something?” Lou began smiling at me and I blushed
“Sounds good to me babe, lunch or something?” I smiled when he called me ‘babe’
“Yeah great, also, I’m having a party tomorrow night, ask the boys and their girlfriends along too”
“Yeah I’ll sort it, as much as I’d love to carry on this conversation, it’s four in the morning and I’m super tired” he yawned “Text me when you’re finished with the radio and I’ll come pick you up” we said our goodbyes and hung up
“Since when were we having a party tomorrow night!?” Rita screeched “Since right now BITCHES!” I squealed back and downed the rest of my wine. My alarm woke me way too early, my head was pounding, how much did I drink last night? I stumbled into the bathroom and switched on the shower, I got undressed and stepped in, letting the warm water cascade over my body. I shut the water off and wrapped the towel around myself. I changed into my underwear and walked into the kitchen, popping some toast in the toaster and strolled back to my room to get ready, I had just got dressed ( when I heard the toaster pop again, I quickly buttered it and wolfed it down, I ran back into the bedroom and finished getting ready.
I was out the house on time and my driver was already waiting for me
“Morning Lyla” he smiled and opened my door
“Good morning Rick” I climbed in and texted Harry
Hey, just on my way to the station now!
He replied within minutes
Good morning! Okay I look forward to seeing you later!
Before I knew it we were at Radio1 yet again and I ran to meet Nick
“Nicky!” I screamed and pulled him into a tight embrace
“I can’t breathe!” his voice was muffled but I let him go “Harry told me about later, he seems pretty excited to see you” he winked and nudged me, I covered my face and laughed
“don’t say this to me! I’ll fuck up later now!” I was quickly hushed and Nick introduced that we would be playing Call or Delete “Oh I love this game!” I whispered, causing him to laugh
“So now I ask you to scroll lyla, scroll like you’ve never scrolled before!” I began scrolling through my contacts “STOP” he yelled and I stopped
“It’s Jack Whitehall!” I smirked
“Tell him you don’t think he’s funny and his accents fake!” Nick rubbed his hands together, I burst out laughing trying to stop myself, I took a deep breath and hit the number
“Hey Lyla!”
“Erm, Jack. Hi” I put on my best worried tone
“Whats up?”
“I’ve been watching clips from fresh meat, and I just don’t think they’re funny babe” I sighed and Nick covered his mouth to contain his laughter
“what? Really? Oh. Sorry about that” his accent was pronounced and posh “also, is your accent fake? Saw another video and you’re accents different” he hung up I burst into fits of laughter and hid my face in my hands “brilliant, just lost a friend their grimmy thanks!”Just finishing up now
I texted harry as we were playing 2 more songs until I was allowed to leave
Be there in 5
I walked out with Grimmy to see Harry leaning against his car bonnet, he had a beanie and sunglasses on, with a white v-neck that showed off his swallow tattoos and black skinny jeans with his white converse, I smiled and said my goodbyes to Grimmy.
“Hiiii!” I chirped and pulled Harry in for a quick hug and peck on the cheek, he opened the door to his range rover and I climbed in.
“So where to?” he climbed in the driver’s seat and started the engine
“I need a starbucks badly” I smiled up at him through my lashes he nodded and begun driving to the nearest starbucks “I’ll go in, I’m not as famous as you so nobody knows me” I pulled my hat further onto my head and pulled my sunglasses out of my bag.

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