This Life I Live (1D FAN FIC)

Shanice is studying abroad in England where she is staying with the Malik family. Will she fall for her dreamy host brother Zayn? Or will the awkwardness of being host brother and sister force Shanice to choose one of Zayn's four best friends: Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry?


5. The Zayn Issue

Chapter 5 - The Zayn Issue

*Shanice's POV*

The past few days had been a blur. Evie was still my only friend at school, and I had been beyond lonely without all the boys around to amuse me. Especially Niall.

Evie was actually getting on my nerves, since she had been texting Zayn nonstop ever since he and the others left, and telling me everything they were saying to one another.

I know it shouldn't have bothered me: I had been texting Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam just as much. But still. It was Zayn. I couldn't not care, even if it made me feel stupid.

At least the boys would all be back in a few minutes. Evie and I were in the living room watching Jersey Shore with Doniya, Safaa and Waliyha.

Suddenly my phone lit up, and I stared down it in anticipation.

"1 New Message from Niall Horan" :

We're here FINALLY. Where's my hug, babe? Xx

I jumped up instantly, flung the door open, and ran along the driveway and into Niall's waiting arms. I tried to ignore the temptation of search for Zayn's face.

Instead, I pulled Niall closer, so that our noses were touching and our lips were only a few centimeters away.

"I missed you so much," Niall murmured, before leaning in and kissing me, right on the lips.

"Oh guys, get a room!" Louis yelled, rolling his eyes as we pulled apart. He was the only one smiling and laughing at the situation. Liam, Harry, and Zayn had all crossed their arms and were scowling. Did they have some kind of argument? I wondered.

"Zayn, there you are, baby!" Evie called, shoving her feet into her Uggs and running up to him. She flung her arms around his.

"Oh, um, hi Evie," Zayn said, looking at me quickly, before returning her hug. He took one more look at Niall and I.

"My god, you look even hotter than last time," he exclaimed, grinning down at her. I felt myself going weak with anger and jealousy.

"Niall, um, there's something I have to do inside…" I choked out.

Thankfully, Niall seemed to be completely oblivious to my discomfort, and he followed me inside the house without a word.

We went up to my room, and lay down and talked and slowly the world slipped back into focus.

"How was the trip?" I asked.

Niall just shook his head. Very slowly, he started kissing me, and by the time there was a knock on the door, I had forgotten all about Zayn Malik.

"Shanice, Niall, hurry up, Zayn says its time to go, or else we'll miss the previews!" Evie called. I sighed but pulled myself into a sitting position.

Niall wrapped his arm around me, sensing my hesitation.

"Look, we don't have to go with them if you don't want to. If something's bothering you, we can just stay here…"

It was a tempting offer, but I couldn't just pretend that Zayn didn't have feelings for Evie. Better to just face the fact and get it over with.

"No, it will be fun!" I said, forcing a smile on my face and taking Niall's hand.

We went downstairs, outside, and then got into Zayn's car. He was playing a Coldplay album in his stereo, one of my favorites of all time. I wanted to say something about how much I liked it, but before I could Evie got in the car and slammed the door loudly.

The entire drive, Evie was leaning over to fiddle with Zayn's hair or touch his arms and hands.

I just held Niall's hand like a life raft, praying that I could make it through this date in one piece, without breaking down out of sheer frustration.

Finally, we arrived at the movie theater. Niall found us four seats together and we settled down to watch the movie. It was a scary movie, so I held on to Niall during all the freaky parts. There was something magical about sitting with him, his eyes lighting up in the dark.

When Niall left halfway through to use the bathroom, or loo as my host family would have said, I couldn't stop myself from looking over at Evie and Zayn, though.

Evie was kissing Zayn's neck, with her hand on his leg, and Zayn was staring straight ahead with a strange look on his face. I wanted to die.

After the movie was done, Niall went to go get the car, and Evie went to call her parents and tell them we were heading home.

I found a bench in the lobby and sat down. A few seconds later, Zayn took a seat beside me.

"What did you think of the movie?" he asked playing with his hands. I stared at his wrist absentmindedly, trying to come up with an appropriate answer. Wow, he had a Rolex watch.

"Oh it was fine," I said, still focused on his watch. How much cash did this boy have?

"Just fine?" Zayn said, catching my eye.

"Yeah it could have been better…" I murmured.

"Better how?" Zayn asked, staring at me intensely.

Better if Evie hadn't been all over you! Better if you and me had been together! I shouted in my head. But for some reason I couldn't say the words.

"Just better…" I whispered weakly, trying to hold back tears.

"You and Evie seemed to have fun," I remarked, trying to regain control over my voice.

"She's a nice girl…" Zayn said.

"Yeah you're really cute together," I said, giving him a friendly punch in the shoulder.

*Zayn's POV*

Shanice thought Evie and I were cute? Clearly, my plan had failed in every possible way: Shanice wasn't jealous at all.

"There you guys are!" Evie cried in excitement, before pulling me to my feet.

She led me back to the car and proceeded to get into the front and then move my arm so it was draped around hers.

Stop, I really can't stand you, I have no feelings for you whatseoever, I'm only using you to make Shanice jealous, I wanted to scream at her.

As soon as we dropped her off at her house I relaxed though. I dropped Niall off next, and watched in horror as Shanice leaned in to kiss him.

"I'll call you soon," I heard Niall whisper to her before he waved and headed back inside.

Neither of us said anything in the car ride back, and as soon as I stopped the car, Shanice got out and ran up to her room.

I went into my room and put on my favorite Coldplay album. Perfect for heartbreak.

*Shanice's POV*

Shanice just ask him, I commanded myself. I had been pacing around my room for the last half hour, listening to another one of Zayn's Coldplay album filtering through the walls, trying to get up the courage to do what I was about to do.

After waiting a few more painful seconds, I pulled myself together, opened my door, walked to Zayn's room, and knocked on his door.

He didn't respond so I knocked louder.

"Zayn?" I called through the door.

"Oh hold on!" Zayn called back. The music shut off and Zayn opened the door.


"Hi," Zayn replied, giving me a tired look. Was it just me, or did his eyes look a little red? Had he been crying?

"Look, I know I said the movie could have been better…."

"Yeah?" Zayn asked softly, looking at me hopefully, his eyes burning.

"Well I have a better movie to watch. If you want to watch it with me, that is," I said, looking away and feeling stupid.

"I'd love to," Zayn said simply. "Here," I said, handing him the DVD (of one of my favorite movies of all time, Slumdog Millionaire).

"Slumdog Millionaire?" he asked, giving me a weird look.

"Yeah, it's my favorite movie," I said, moving to sit on his bed.

"Mine too…" Zayn said , smiling, before putting the DVD in. We sat in silence all through the movie. The entire time, I felt this electric current running between us in the dark. When we got to the reunion between Jamal and Latika, Zayn paused the movie and looked over at me.

"Shanice, I need to tell you something."

"No, Zayn I need to tell you something first," I said, struggling to find the words. "I know Evie is a great person. I know she is really nice and way more attractive than I will ever be. But I think you're amazing. I just had to say that," I said, looking away. My face was burning, and breathing had become very difficult.

*Zayn's POV*

Shanice thought I was amazing? I hadn't even let myself hope that she would like me back. I was speechless.

*Shanice's POV*

"Zayn say something back!" I pleaded. I had always assumed he didn't like me that way, but now I was sure. As tears streamed from my eyes, I ran from Zayn's room and into mine. I collapsed onto my bed and began to cry in earnest.

Then a pair of strong, toned arms wrapped themselves around me. I jerked my head up to see Zayn's eyes a few inches from mine.

"Shanice… you…I can't even believe I didn't tell you this earlier. I was only using Evie to make you jealous, because she has been stalking me forever and I knew she would say yes if I asked her on a date. But I don't want to be with her, Shanice, because I think you're amazing, too. I've thought that since I met you, and I can't believe I wasted so much time. You're beautiful Shanice, and I need to have you."

I wanted to cry, but tears of happiness.

"Zayn I'm so sorry everything got so complicated," I mumbled, stroking his arm.

"No it was my fault, all mine. Please just let me have a chance?"

I didn't know what to say.

"But Zayn what about Niall?" For the first time, Zayn faltered.

"You're best mates. You're in a band together…." I added guiltily.

"For one moment Shanice, I want you to not think about Niall, not think about anything," Zayn said, his brown eyes smoldering.

Then, very gently, he kissed my hand, my bare arm, my shoulder, my neck, my cheek, and finally my lips.

I felt something welling up in me, something that made me dizzy and excited. Before I could deepen the kiss a loud beeping interrupted us. I glanced over at my phone:

"Incoming Call From Niall Horan".



Hi guys, sorry this chapter is pretty short! I have a ton more longer chapters written I promise, I just have to edit them and upload them, which is hard since I'm in China.

Also, thank you to anyone who has reviewed the story! I appreciate every single review :) Please keep reviewing honestly it is the only thing that motivates me to keep writing and editing because I have a ton of ideas! And please pass this story along to other people! Thank you :)

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