This Life I Live (1D FAN FIC)

Shanice is studying abroad in England where she is staying with the Malik family. Will she fall for her dreamy host brother Zayn? Or will the awkwardness of being host brother and sister force Shanice to choose one of Zayn's four best friends: Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry?


2. First Day With the Boys

Chapter 2 - First Day With The Boys

*Shanice's POV*

I woke to the sound of my alarm clock and hopped out of bed. I made my way to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I changed into a simple outfit: black leather leggings, white Nike high tops, and a simple grey V-neck.

I brushed my hair and applied minimal makeup: powder and mascara. I'm not really one of those girly-girl types.

I grabbed my backpack, navy Juicy track jacket, and my phone (not that any of my friends would be awake to text me) and headed down stairs.

In the kitchen Tricia was making breakfast, and everyone else was sitting down at the table.

I sat in the only empty space.

"How did you sleep?" Tricia asked me, rubbing my shoulders soothingly.

"Great," I said, smiling up at her appreciatively. She handed me a plate of eggs with spinach. "Your program called ahead to warn us that you're a vegetarian, so I made sure not to cook you any bacon!"

I thanked her quickly. Tricia seemed to think of everything!

"Oh and you'll probably want salt. Zayn, pass Shanice the salt!" Tricia commanded. My heart fluttered in my chest as soon as I heard his name. Until now, I had avoided looking at Zayn, because I didn't want to blush and give myself away.

Zayn finally looked up from his food and started choking and coughing. His reaction felt like a slap in the face.

Oh god, I don't look that bad, do I? I thought.

Waliyha slapped him on the back a few times.

"No need to die over there, Zayn, we all know she's fit," Doniya muttered into her cereal.

Fit? I wasn't fit… I only played soccer…

Zayn shot Doniya a look and passed me the salt wordlessly.

After everyone was done eating, Tricia told Zayn to take us to school.

"And watch out for Shanice, its her first day, so introduce her to your mates, and help her with her schedule. She's your sister, now, Zayn," Tricia said to him sternly as we piled into Zayn's car.

Somehow I ended up in the passenger seat, despite my protests. But Doniya had insisted with a knowing smile.

Zayn had made it obvious that he wasn't interested in me, as his sister, or as anything more. He hadn't said a word to me this morning and ended up gagging the second we made eye contact. Yes, Mr. Zayn had made it pretty damn clear he wanted nothing to do with me. The best thing to do was to just ignore him entirely at school: it was obvious that was what he wanted me.

We dropped Safaa and Waliyha off first, and then Doniya.

As Doniya was getting out of the car she pinched Zayn's cheek. "Watch out for Shanice, will you? You two cuties have fun!" She sing-songed, waving at me.

I turned a horrible shade of pink and pretended that I found the passenger side window design especially interesting. I didn't want to be reminded of the fact that the most attractive boy on the planet didn't like my company. Zayn continued his hostility by ignoring me further. He turned up the radio and found a station playing John Mayer, my favorite singer. This was going to be a long drive….

That was when I noticed how nice Zayn's car was. It was a sleek, black BMW, obviously only a few months old. I wondered how an eighteen year old boy from Bradford could afford such a nice car…

We pulled into the parking lot at school and before I could unfasten my seat belt all the way, Zayn was opening my door for me.

Where did that come from? I thought.

"Thanks," I muttered, trying not to make eye contact with this boy who found my presence repulsive and gag-worthy.

"Do you want me to show you to the administrator's office? She'll have your schedule," Zayn said softly, touching my shoulder.

His fingers brushing my jacket felt like an electric shock. I tried to brush the feeling away and remember his choking at my appearance in the kitchen this morning.

I jerked my shoulder away.

"No thank you. You've already been plenty of help," I said, trying to control the anger in my tone.

With that, I turned on my heel and walked up the stairs into the school. I made my way down a few hallways but by the time I realized I didn't have any clue where I was going I was hopelessly lost.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder and spun around.

"Lost?" an adorable blond haired boy asked.

"Yeah, its my first day, I'm looking for the administrator's office…"

"Oh! You must be Shanice, the exchange student from the US! I'm Niall Horan by the way," the boy said, breaking into the world's cutest smile. Niall Horan… for some reason that name sounded really familiar to me.

"How do you know who I am?" I asked. And why do you have an Irish accent? I wondered.

"Everyone was waiting for you to arrive," he said, smiling at me again. I felt my knees go a little weak.

"Oh and the administrator's office is this way," he said, taking my hand. Take that Zayn, clearly not all boys think I'm ugly.

We started walking amid the crowded hallway. There was lots of noise, but I still managed to hear him mutter under his breath "Louis is getting ten quid…"

"We have Music together," Niall said enthusiastically, holding my new schedule. Just as he said that the bell rang, and all the students started rushing past us.

"Do you know where Biology is? That's what I have first," I said, pointing to my schedule.

"Of course. I wouldn't be Niall Horan if I didn't know everything," he said, smirking at me.

"Well I wouldn't be Shanice Johnson if I wasn't directionally challenged," I joked. He laughed.

"Let me walk you there?" he asked. I nodded quickly. I wasn't in the habit of denying hot boys the pleasure of my company. Except Zayn that was. I wondered what he would say if he saw Niall and I together. Scratch that, he wouldn't say anything, because he wouldn't care, Shanice!

Niall took my hand again and lead me down the hall. A minute later, we arrived at the classroom.

"Well here we are," he said, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. I felt shivers slide down my back.

"Thanks for all the help. If it wasn't for you, I would still be lost!"

"Listen, do you have plans for lunch?"

"Niall, this is my first day, who would I possibly have plans with?" I asked, laughing.

"Zayn?" he asked, worry evident on his face as he extricated his fingers and tucked them in his pockets. It was cheesy to say, but I missed the comforting sensation of his hand in mine already.

"You know Zayn?" I asked. All of a sudden my breathing was becoming a little jagged. I supposed it was completely likely, there was only about a hundred kids in my form, according to the lady in the administration office.

"Of course I know Zayn! I don't just know everything, I know everyone, too!" I smiled, glad he was back to his normal flirty self.

"Well just to be clear. There's only one person I have lunch plans for, and it's not Zayn," I said.

'You better be talking about me," Niall said, touching my arm.

"Well no shit, Sherlock," I said, which made him laugh.

"See you at lunch then, Miss USA," he said, giving me a final smile.

"Back atcha, Irish Boy," I called down the hall after him. His laughter was still echoing in my mind as I ducked into the Biology classroom.

By the time I arrived, there was only one empty seat in the second to last row, next to a curly-haired boy wearing a grey sweater with a picture of a cat on it. That's cute, I thought, and I wasn't being sarcastic. I love cats!

The teacher started her lesson, and I took out a notebook and tried to pay attention.

As soon as the teacher turned around, the curly haired boy slipped me a note.

So you're Shanice, eh?

It was weird that everyone seemed to know who I was… I wasn't even remotely well known at my old school. I mean, I wasn't antisocial, but I had my group of friends and that was it. He seemed friendly, and after I did a covert check-out from the corner of my eye, I realized he wasn't half bad looking. Naturally, I had to reply.

Yeah… and you are?

I passed the note back and returned to copying down what the teacher had written on the board. The next note fell on my desk a second later.

The name's Styles. Harry Styles ;)

For some reason, the name sounded oddly familiar, just like Niall's name earlier, as if I had heard it on TV or something. Before I could place it though, the teacher was instructing us to pick a lab partner and Harry was kneeling by my desk.

"Hi Shanice," he said, touching my hand lightly. Now that he was kneeling by my desk I could finally get a good look at him. Oh god, he was beautiful. He had thick, unruly, chocolate brown curls, the cutest dimples, and the most amazing eyes. I got the impression that he could have asked me to murder puppies, and I would have gone along just because of those eyes. Ok, maybe not quite, but you get the idea. He was quite attractive. And he smelled like Hugo Boss. Score. Part of me wondered why all British boys were so good looking… it just didn't seem fair!

"Hi Harry," I said weakly.

"I take it you got my note," he smirked, picking up my pencil and playing with it.

"After I spent half an hour decoding your handwriting?" I teased. He laughed, and I couldn't help but notice how much I liked the sound of his laughter.

"Hey, my writings not that bad… I'm actually pretty good with my hands, if you want to know the truth," Harry said, looking up at me under his very long lashes.

I burst out laughing at his "sexy face".

"Well I'd have to get to know you first to know if that was true," I pointed out.

"We could get to know each other over lunch…"

"I'd like to, but I already said I was going with someone else," I hedged. Harry clutched his heart in mock shock.

"Zayn asked you first, huh?" he said, not meeting my eyes.

I laughed. "To be honest, I don't think Zayn likes me very much," I muttered. Luckily, the bell ringing drowned out my words.

"Speaking of lunch, that's the bell. If I can't take you out, at least let me introduce you to some people," Harry offered warmly, leading me out of the classroom.

We headed into a small outdoor courtyard, with clusters of picnic tables and a large stone fountain in the center. Other students were already sitting or talking in clumps.

"Louis, Liam, over here!" Harry yelled, signaling to two other boys. When they turned around I sighed in frustration. Oh god, why is the entire British male population so damn attractive? And with my teenage hormones? This was not good.

Both boys approaching us had brown hair. One was wearing stripes, chinos, and Toms, and he shook my hand graciously.

"I'm Louis, or Lou-Bear as the others call me," he said, wiggling his eyebrows at me. I couldn't help but like him instantly.

"And this is Liam," Harry said, slapping the other boy on the shoulder. As soon as I looked up at him I wanted to scream in frustration. He looked like he had taken a page out of Zayn's sex-god handbook, I'll leave it at that.

*Liam's POV*:

Well Niall is winning ten quid, that's for sure. Shanice was beautiful in every way I could think of. And the way she bit her lip as she smiled at me uncertainly….

*Shanice's POV*

"Niall, over here!" Louis called, waving the blonde over. I felt my heart beat a tiny bit faster in my chest at his approach.

"Hi Niall," I said, trying to normalize my voice.

"Hey babe," he said, smiling at me casually.

"Zayn, come join us mate!" Liam yelled. Oh god, not him, I thought before I could stop myself. The last thing I wanted to see was his agonizing perfection. I mean, I already had to live with the damn boy, wasn't that torture enough?

I tried to ignore Zayn as he walked over, deciding to complement Niall on his Supras instead.

When Zayn joined our tight little group, the boys immediately started making plans for lunch.

"What do you want to eat, Shanice?" Louis asked kindly.

"Sorry mate, Shanice is coming with me," Niall butted in, slinging his arm around me. The familiar butterflies rose in my chest as Zayn looked away in disgust.

*Zayn's POV *

I FUCKING KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Why does Niall think he can just…. Just….. just put his fucking arm around my exchange student? I could barely stomach the sight of he and Shanice together, so I looked away as quickly as possible. I know it doesn't make sense to feel so strongly about a person after only knowing them for such a short period of time - especially after she blew up at me this morning. But whether she hates me or not, the idea of she and anyone else is just so wrong. I tried my best to ignore the way Niall, Harry, and even Liam, were looking at her. This was going to make our band practices horrible, I reflected, in a brief moment of clarity before I remembered that my band mates were ogling Shanice.

It was clear as she and Niall walked hand in hand out of the courtyard that my host sister wanted to stay as far away from me as possible.

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