This Life I Live (1D FAN FIC)

Shanice is studying abroad in England where she is staying with the Malik family. Will she fall for her dreamy host brother Zayn? Or will the awkwardness of being host brother and sister force Shanice to choose one of Zayn's four best friends: Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry?


3. A Date?

Chapter 3 - A Date? 

*Shanice's POV*

"This way," Niall said, leading me down a quiet side street. We were only a few minutes away from school, but without the other boys, I felt as if we were in another city.

We arrived at a small café, and Niall found us a table outside.

"Wait here, I'll get the food," he said.

I sat down at the table and thought back to the scene a few minutes earlier. I had tried my hardest to ignore Zayn but I still managed to catch his eye as we walked past. I still wasn't sure what I had seen on his face. Anger, for sure, (at me, no doubt) but perhaps before that… pain? I wasn't sure.

Niall returned with sandwiches, chips, and drinks and we spent the next hour talking and laughing and bonding over our mutual love of food. It was refreshing that he didn't think I was some kind of fat loser because of how much I loved food!

We also seemed to have a lot in common: we both had older brothers, we both were really dedicated to our families, we both loved music, especially Michael Buble, and we both loved candy and thought Justin Bieber was overrated.

Niall was so easy to talk to, and the way his eyes lit up when he looked at me made me want to melt. We were walking back to the school when Niall reached for my hand again.

"Can I ask you something, Shanice?"

"You just did," I said, punching him lightly in the shoulder with my free hand. He chuckled.

"Will you go out with me this Friday night? I know a great restaurant close by."

"I would love to, Niall!" and I really did want to. After Zayn's weird reaction today, I knew for sure that nothing would ever come to pass between us. Better to enjoy Niall's company, the boy who actually seemed to want me around.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday passed in a blur. The boys were busy with band practices, and I was busy trying to make new girl -  friends. Most girls in my class were nice, but I had only really clicked with Evie.

Evie was a chipper brunette I met in my French class, the one class I had with Zayn. Because of our last names, I ended up sitting next to Evie and after introducing herself the first thing she said was:

"Oh so you're that girl living with Zayn?" I nodded numbly, determined not to turn back and look at the sex go himself, who was seated a few rows behind us. Our teacher, the evil Madame Marshall, who has a penchant for weird pants and can't speak English to save the lives of nine dying chipmunks, glared at us for not speaking in French.

"Oh lordy, that is one attractive piece of man. I've had a crush on him since Year Five. Me and ninety percent of the girls at this school!" I wanted to laugh along with her but my heart sank. Even if Zayn somehow stopped hating me (which was unlikely given the awkward silences we endured every morning on the way to school), there was absolutely no way he would choose me over someone like Evie, who was bubbly and spirited and cute in that cheerleader-way. Nevertheless, I still felt like I should apologize to him about snapping at him in the parking lot.

"He looks like an Arabian Abercrombie model. Somehow it works…" Evie murmured, turning around and staring dreamily at Zayn. He was engrossed in reading a book, however, and didn't even glance her direction.

"Evie, stop staring please, it's a little creepy," I muttered through my teeth.

"Zat ees eet," Madame Marshall screamed in fury, slamming down her copy of Le Petit Prince on my table.

"I zink you 'ave been talking too much for one day. You can no longer zeet 'ere. You will now zeet… um…. Over zere!" she proclaimed, pointing a wrinkled finger towards the only open seat, the seat beside Zayn. I gulped. Not good.

"Hi," I mumbled as I sat down.

"Hi," Zayn murmured back.

Before I could apologize for snapping at him, Madame Marshall started spouting a weird mixture of French and English, and insisted we tell our partner about our plans for the weekend in French.

*Zayn's POV*

I wanted to die. This weekend, I had a bunch of One Direction stuff to do. I only had Saturday night off. Although I hadn't exactly mentioned to Shanice that I was in a famous boy-band, I had intentionally been avoiding doing so. Well, it was less intentional and more because she ignored me almost constantly. Even hearing her greet me as she sat down had been a surprise. Still had no idea why she hated me though…

To avoid talking about One Direction (and the only reason I was hesitant to tell her was because, as cheesy as it sounded, if anything happened between us, I would want to know it was because she liked me as a person, not me as a celebrity) I prompted her: "Ladies first."

"Zayn wait I have to say something first. Look, I'm really sorry about how I snapped at you that day in the parking lot."

"Shanice it's fi—

Before I could finish, Madame Marshall appeared and begin to yell: "Zees ees not le francais! Parlez! Maintenet!" before hurrying off to help that weird Evie girl who always stared at me with some of her conjugations.

"Your plans for the weekend?" I prompted gently. Maybe now I could finally redeem myself, and we could at least be friends. With the way every single guy in school, and especially three of my best mates were looking at Shanice.  I had no hopes of being anything else.

"Well um tonight Evie is coming over…"

I sighed. I had nothing against the girl personally, but after she transferred into every single one of my classes, and switched her locker so it was in the same hallway as mine, I'd done everything I could to avoid her. This was even before X Factor, and One D gained some real status. It was just weird!

"And she's going to help me get ready for my date with Niall…"

"Date?" I said hollowly. She nodded almost imperceptibly.

"He asked you on a date?" I asked again, shocked.

Shanice's POV:

Yes he asked me on a date, Zayn, after you hurt my feelings and pretended I didn't exist. Sorry I said yes to a sweet, charming, amazing boy, I thought.

"Yes," I said, turning away so I wouldn't have to look at Zayn. Neither of us said anything for a long moment and when I looked back I saw Zayn swallow and stare ahead.

"Good for you," he murmured hoarsely. See, Shanice, he doesn't even care that you're going on a date with Niall! I screamed at myself in my head. Besides, from what Evie says, he has girls throwing themselves at him left right and center, he doesn't need you!

Author's Note: YES I am sorry this chapter is very short and rather boring but don't worry things will be turning around for Zayn and Shanice pretty soon ;p Shirtless Malik next time, so keep reading! Also please review and private message me! And I really appreciate everyone who has read this far!

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