The Outsider

Grace is a girl who nobody gets. She is weird,lets just put it like that She has one true friend. her life is shit, but will that chage when she moves to a new town? read to find out.


2. Life sucks

Grace's point of view

DREW PUT THE KNIFE DOWN. Drew i will call the Police  uless you put it down. ......I think i should go back a bit. I was just 10 years old when all this started, when my parents deicided to ruin my life, we were living in Cobourg at the time. My parents deiced to get a devorice. i took it well....well other then the eating. Drew on the other hand did not he started being rude and hurting me and mom he was back talking and never did that. my mom finally told us that we were moving to Lindsay.. thats when most of the Shit goes down.



-Sorry guys for the short chapter but My laptop is gonna die

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