The Diary of Jenny Walker

Jenny is not your normal teenage girl. She suffers from a life full of abuse, blood and bullying. But, she doesn't give a damn about what people say about her, she doesn't care to tell the truth about what really happens in high school through her sarcastic voice and sadistic personality. This is her Diary.


2. september 7

The first day of school sucks, and that’s for everyone. First you have to deal with those girls who act like they haven’t seen each other for years and scream like complete idiots. Then, you have the freshman guys who can’t stop looking at every other girl’s chest and get a boner by just mentioning the word sex. Next, freshman girls. Ya know the ones who wear too much makeup and not enough clothing. Their still getting used to the fact they actually have a chest now and that they’ll never have the body they want. After that, you have the druggies who are too stoned to even talk to, the jocks that yell “bro” in the hallway as loud as they can, the juniors who are over stressed for the ACT and finally the seniors who stopped caring.

As for me, I’m a sophomore. I don’t care what I look like and I’m not really stressed over anything.

I don’t really make a social group; the only thing I remotely could fall under is social outcast. Meaning that most people either don’t notice me at all, or they notice every single damn flaw about me. Do I care? Not really. They can say all they want; it all goes to my wrists anyways.

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