The Diary of Jenny Walker

Jenny is not your normal teenage girl. She suffers from a life full of abuse, blood and bullying. But, she doesn't give a damn about what people say about her, she doesn't care to tell the truth about what really happens in high school through her sarcastic voice and sadistic personality. This is her Diary.


7. september 28

What a joke. I cant believe I could bring myself so low. I never wanted to be like one of those typical "emo" kids. I did it, I crashed last night in my bathroom. I...I actually cut myself. I thought I was better then that sorta thing.

The reason I did it, was because I saw my boyfriend, MY TWO FUCKING YEAR BOYFRIEND, shoving his tongue down some bitches throat. I...I just walked away. I don't know if I can bring it up to him... I love him...

What the hells wrong with me!?!? I thought I was doing everything right. I deserve this. Every drop of damn blood, I fucking deserve this.

I did it on my hips with one of my razor blades, it gave me some feeling of relief, like this weight was just taken off of me. It bleed so much but, I deserve this....every last drop...

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