The Diary of Jenny Walker

Jenny is not your normal teenage girl. She suffers from a life full of abuse, blood and bullying. But, she doesn't give a damn about what people say about her, she doesn't care to tell the truth about what really happens in high school through her sarcastic voice and sadistic personality. This is her Diary.


3. september 10

Life is hell, high school is ten times worse, the only good thing that come out of high school is the fact you can get your hands on anything. Drugs, cheats...condoms. You truly can get your hands on anything.

Virgin? No. What do you expect, guys only want one thing in high school and like I said before, you can get your hands on anything.

The first time it happened, it didn't hurt that much. I mean, my boyfriend, Tait, had stretched me out enough before we even did it. I don't get what that big deal is, its just sex and I've been dating Tait for over two years now. Plus, I know Tait loves me, and I love him but, I knew that if we didn't get a bit more sexual, he would leave me. Hey, he's still a teenage boy who has needs and I'm not afraid to satisfy him.

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