The Diary of Jenny Walker

Jenny is not your normal teenage girl. She suffers from a life full of abuse, blood and bullying. But, she doesn't give a damn about what people say about her, she doesn't care to tell the truth about what really happens in high school through her sarcastic voice and sadistic personality. This is her Diary.


4. septembe 15

Ya know that girl you just hate cause they seem so perfect, everyone loves them, that is everyone except you. My "perfect" girls name is Bethany Edwards. I swear, there isn't one damn thing wrong with her. But, then again, there's always something wrong, no matter who the person is. Which just pisses me off even more, how can one person just put on a damn mask and act like there life is so god damn perfect. I bet she doesn't even know what pain is, she probably has never felt disappointment in her life.

Like I said, everyone has that perfect girl. She's skinnier then you, smarter then you and prettier then you. And even after knowing all those things and practically hating her, you still wish you could be her for one day.

For one day, you want to be an amazing and gorgeous person cause you doubt yourself so much, Heck, I know if I could Id be her for a day, anyone would.

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