The Diary of Jenny Walker

Jenny is not your normal teenage girl. She suffers from a life full of abuse, blood and bullying. But, she doesn't give a damn about what people say about her, she doesn't care to tell the truth about what really happens in high school through her sarcastic voice and sadistic personality. This is her Diary.


11. January 7

How come this always happens to me? I get close to someone and what do they do, they turn on me. This is what I get for questioning where Tait was on Friday.....He...he hit me. But I fully deserved it! I was questioning his faith to our relationship and he just got so mad and.... I'm such an idiot.

My arms look like someone has taken a cheese grater to them. I black out. My skins raw and bloody. I feel faint....I feel lost....I feel nothing at all. How come this always happens to me? I'm like a fucking broken toy! I cant be fixed! I cant be helped! I'm nothing!

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