Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


26. Three little words

Bella's P.O.V : 
I groaned as the alarm clock went off filling the room the annoying sound, indicating it was already nine o'clock.

I gathered strength as I got up against my will and dragged my lazy body to the bathroom. I was undressed in a matter of seconds and under the cool water I turned on to wake me up properly. 

As I finished my shower, I walked out of the bathroom and placed the towel around my body, walking towards the sink. I brushed my teeth then walked towards the closet. Looking up at the messy piles of clothes in my closet, which I was too lazy to fold and tidy in a while, I picked a plain black t-shirt with black skinny jeans and my white canvas. 

I was fine until I remembered what happened yesterday. Yeah, my day is already ruined, but I'm not gonna cry. 


I picked an apple on my way out and took cellphone along with my purse before I left the house.

I decided to leave my hair to dry into it's natural curls as I didn't wanna make Shaden and Ashalee wait. I couldn't wait to see them.

I sent Shaden a text asking where we'd meet, and as I suspected, Starbucks. It was thirty minutes away from my house, what's wrong with an early walk? 

As I began to walk, I heard a car pull over. I hesitantly turned around to see a familiar black Range Rover with a familiar figure behind the wheel. It reminded me of the time he picked me up from school, I smiled a bit but shook it off before he noticed. 

He leaned over to the window next to the passenger's seat to look at me directly in the eyes. 

"Good Morning " he said with a weak smile. His voice was husky and deep, like every morning. It made me melt, and I hated it. 

"Morning," I said and faked a smile. 

"Need a ride?" he asked me with hopeful eyes, the same eyes that hypnotize me everytime they look into mine. 

"Um, I don't think.." I started before he cut me off. 

"Please doll " his voice sounded desperate, almost in agony. 

"Sure, thanks." I said hesitantly before he opened the door from the inside for me and held it open.

I got in and put on the seatbelt, then closed the door behind me.
I looked at him as my eyes met his, for a moment we were leaning in, until I snapped out of it and pulled away. Force of habbit I guess? 

"Um, I'm meeting my friends at Starbucks." I said so he'd know where to take me.

Okay, that's a lie. I talked so we wouldn't do what we were about to do.

He looked disappointed as he nodded slowly and started the ignition. I looked at him, admiring his every feature, big mistake. I wanted to hug him tightly, more than ever.

He concentrated on the road as he had one hand on the wheel and ran the other through his hair.

"Zayn," I said nervously.

"Yeah?" he looked at me for a second, his eyes meeting mine before they turned to focus on the road again. 

"Why were you near my house ?" I asked him as I concentrated on his face, then looked at his clothes, the same ones from yesterday. 

" I.." he started saying before he was cut off by my Iphone ringing. He smiled weakly at me and nodded for me to answer. 

"I'm sorry, just a sec " I said and answered the call. It was Shaden, she told me they were gonna be an hour late. 

"Great! " I said in frustration. "I'm already on my way Shaden, where are you anyway?" 

" Yeah It's fine, I'll figure something out. Bye sweety." I sighed as I ended the call. There was almost another hour and a half left before they would be there. It was already 09:45. 

" Is something wrong ? " Zayn asked but still had his eyes focused on the road. He was always careful like this, he fears for the safety of the people in the car with him, he once told me.

"Um, the girls are gonna be an hour late " I said as I looked out the window. 

"Oh alright, would you mind if I drove to my house to take a quick shower? it's just around the block " he asked me with a smile.

"Um, yeah sure " I said with a weak smile. I didn't want to be around him too much right now, it feels weird. But he's doing me a favor so what the heck.

One minute later we were in front of the familiar white house, the one I liked so much.

In a matter of seconds, Zayn was already out of the car and by my side opening the car door for me. I smiled at him as I got out of the car, and tried to keep distance between us.

He unlocked the door and gestured for me to go inside, and I did, followed by him. He placed the car keys and his Iphone on the living room table as he took off his leather jacket.

"Make yourself at home, doll " he told me smiling and walking towards me. "I'll be real quick, I promise." he said and kissed my cheek. My face turned red instantly, as I wasn't expecting that, considering the awkward situation between is. I think he processed what he did as he smiled weakly and walked straight to his room. 


I sat there in the living room doing nothing as I waited for Zayn to finish his shower. 
Minutes later, he asked me to check if his shirt was on the sofa.. I found it and held it close, breathing in his scent.

I sighed and shook my head to get back to reality. As I was about to give him the shirt, I saw him putting on his boots. The door was partly open, I was in trance at his sight. And just then, he opened the door facing me to reveal his bare muscular chest. I couldn't help but look at his wet tattoos, and the way his wet hair fell over his forehead with it's blond edge, leaving me in awe at the beautiful view in front of me.

His eyes pierced into mine as I snapped out of it, " h-here you go " I stuttered and handed him the t-shirt. He was still looking at me and as I turned around to walk away, his rough large hand found my wrist and grabbed it tightly as he turned me around with one single movement.

Now his face was inches away grom mine, our noses almost touching as my breathing got heavy. I felt myself having a difficulty to breath. He had his hands around my waist, his eyes still locked at me as his breathing also got heavier. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against mine, his wet hair brushing against my forehead, as I felt him move my body closer to his. 

He tightened his grip around me, and unknowingly, I felt my hands touching his muscular chest shaking my fingers ran across his tattoos, my eyes following. He held my face between his hands as my hands rested on his toned chest.

"You didn't tell me why you were there " I told him, my voice was weak as I looked up at his eyes, which were so close to mine now.

" I, I couldn't leave after I saw you like that. You were crying, and I couldn't." He hook his head.

I was still looking at him, eyes locked together.I was about to talk when he brought my face closer to his and crashed his lips against mine. His kisses were soft, caring but also madly passionate. I gave in, not being able to resist him. My knees went weak as I returned his kiss with every emotion I had, my hands ran across his chest then stomach until they settled on his shoulders. I felt like my world was complete, that I was where I belonged.

A few minutes later, we pulled apart, in need of air. I looked up at his muscular chest as I caught my breath, then Iooked up at his eyes which were now bright green.

He looked into mine, as he stroked my cheek with his thumb.

Seconds later he breathed, "I love you Bella." 

I gasped as my eyes grew wider. Tell me I heard wrong.

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