Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


35. The way it is

"You did not! You're so gonna get it. " Mia said as she, Darcy, and Harry were laughing after learning what their friends did. 

"And all of you, you aren't exactly doing anything to free them mate."  Niall said and smirked at his friend. 

"Well, I'll risk it. They're being ridiculous for god's sake. It's obvious to us they miss each other, yet they are so oblivious to each other's feelings." Ashalee said annoyed, rolling her eyes.

Everyone nodded in agreement, "wait, I thought Christine was here", Darcy said brushing her hair off her shoulder, immitating her. 

"Omg, you missed out on that one" Ashalee said as she nudged Shaden by the elbow. 

"Puuftt, you should have seen her, the look she gave me when we told her to leave was priceless." Shaden said as she grinned at her friends. Mia and Darcy chuckled at her. " That would have been a scene to watch" Harry said with a smirk. 

"I doubt it, that if I didn't pull Shaden away, a cat fight wouldn't have taken place. Too bad I stopped her." Louis said smirking. 

"Too bad you have morals mate" Niall said as he chuckled, earning a smack from Ashalee on the back of his head. 

"Haha." Shaden said smacking Louis on the back of his head, just like her friend did. "Well, I couldn't help it, she's been a freaking pain in the ass for the last few days. No one said anything, so I took matters to my own hands" Shaden added with an evil grin. 

"I liked it" Louis said eyeing her movements. She felt herself redden like a tomato, and gave him a smile, messing his hair with her hands. 

"You did good girlfriends. I mean seriously, I couldn't stand her. But she was with Zayn, so I didn't say anything." Darcy said with an encouraging smile, and a thumbs up to Shaden and Ashalee. 

"Nah, I felt he didn't want her to be here. Plus, he was looking at Bells the whole time, so he won't say anything against it." Louis said positive of what he said. 

"Speaking of.." Mia said looking at each one of them. 

"You know they're gonna kill you two right?" Harry completed his girlfriend's unasked question,  raising an eyebrow at both Niall and Ashalee. 

Ashalee shook her head, "I think Niall's plan would work" she said with an innocent smile. Niall couldn't help but admire her beautiful features. He felt himself smile at her sight, and started to get lost in her eyes, if only something didn't overtake everyone's attention, just as Ashalee finished her sentence. 

"Niall James Horan, come open the freaking door this god damn instant!" Bella shouted all the way from the bedroom, knocking agressively on the door. 

"Opps" Niall said with a weak smile showing his white teeth. 

"Um, I think that didn't go so well" Harry muttered looking towards the bedroom direction. 


Looking down at her beautiful flawless face, those ocean blue eyes staring right back at him, made his breathing pace increase. He felt like he was gonna give up right here and now. Fighting the urge to hug her, kiss her, hold her tight, was killing him. 

She stared down at her hands again, trying to avoid his gaze at all costs. 

"So, how've you been?" Zayn asked her trying to make the situation less awkward before talking about 'them'. 

"Good, good" she lied through her teeth. I missed you too, she thought. "And you?" 

"Great" he went along. No, you're not. You need her. A voice in his mind argued. 

Minutes later, he let out a sigh, running his hands down his face.
"Can u at least look at me?" He asked her in a tone that told her he wasn't gonna let it go. 

She went to put her hand on the matress, but instead it landed on Zayn's. She shivered at his touch and quickly got up walking further away from him. He, on the other hand wanted to grab her hand and pull her close. Her touch only added to his pain. 

She looked at him hesitantly, "what?" She spat frustrated. 

"About what hap.."

"Can we not do this?" She asked looking out the window, suddenly finding Niall's back yard so interesting. 

"Bella, I want us to talk. "

"Zayn, please. I can't argue anymore." She said staring emotionlessly at him. Although her feelings were messing up her mind  at the moment. 

He frowned at her look, "Can't or won't?" 

"Both." She spat irritated. 

"We can't just keep avoiding each other." He said getting up, waiting for her reply. 

"If that's what we're doing, we suck at it." She said before she processed the sentence. Immediately, she felt her cheeks burn from embarrassement, and turned her face away from him. 

However, he didn't comment on that. "Bella, I-I miss you" he said in a weak, husky voice. She gasped, as she felt his breath hit her neck, his mouth said those words dangerously close to her ear. She couldn't turn her face, afraid she'll be closer to him than she is now. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Her heart won't slow down, and her breathing got heavier by the second. 

You know when you don't want to get hurt, you put this wall around your heart, gather a strength that'll help you get through everything. You spend a lot of time building that, and it took Bella a month. Just when she thought the foundations were strong, they collapsed down on her. With him being so close, whispering in her ear, telling her he misses her, that broke the wall down. Her strength was shattered to pieces of thin air. 

Calm down, breath Bella. She told herself. 

Zayn was still in the same position, his eyes were closed as he inhaled her scent. It drove him crazy. 

Please say something, please, he thought. 

He slowly moved his hand down her right arm,making his heart race, his body tense, and soul hurt.

Bella on the other hand tried to stay calm, but being so close to him wasn't helping. As his hand went down her arm, she felt her heart melt, his touch made her feelings go wild. She had to stop this, right now! 
"Z-Zayn, I can't." She lied, shaking her head and pushing her hands against his chest. Feeling his muscular chest for a second before dropping her hands, and looking away again, realizing he won't budge. His toned chest felt really good against her fingers. She would..
God, what are you thinking Bella!, she thought slapping herself mentally. 

"I.." He started talking, before he shook his head and took a few steps back. He knew she doesn't wanna hear that. 

"Can you at least tell me..why we're like this now? Why'd you end things?" 

"Zayn, do.." She started saying after taking a deep breath, but he cut her off. 

"Just tell me!" He said a bit louder, desperate and irritated. 

"You already know why." She spat irritated too by now. He know why, he bloody hell knows. 

"No, I don.."

"For god's sake! You DO know! You told me you loved me, but you can't love someone while thinking of someone else. That's why! I'm not gonna be with you wondering if your feelings are real. Even if I have feelings for you!  Why do you have to make it any harder?" She poured her heart out, tired of holding everything in. Tears starting to stream down her face, this was harder that she thought it would be. 

His eyes were wide as he stared at hers, processing what she said just now.

"You're seriously gonna stick to that story?" He asked looking her in the eyes. His look cold and dark. 

"It's a fact, and I'm fine with it. As long as you don't come near me." She said, her voice low this time. 

Zayn sighed, and pushed her against the wall beside the door, making her squirm in pain and gasp surprised. "How's this for being near you" he asked, his hands on both sides of her head. Her breath quickened once more as she thought her heart was gonna bounce out of her chest for his proximity.  

When she didn't say anything, he continued. "What do you feel now?" He whispered in his ear, his body against hers creating a lump in her throat. The sparks she felt were so overwhelming, she needed him, but she didn't say anything. 
"Tell me you feel nothing, and I'll leave you alone." He said in a low voice again, his lips brushed near her ear traveling to her cheek. 
His husky voice made shivers control every vein in her body. God help me. She said mentally. 

"Let me go, Zayn." She said not looking at his eyes, while his were in need of her sight, her beautiful face, as the sun shined through hitting it, making it the most beautiful scene he had ever laid eyes on. 

His lips burned her skin, although it nearly touched it. His effect on her was outstanding, even to her. 

He grabbed her face by both his hands, by now tears were already rolling down her cheeks. 
"First tell me you feel nothing. That my touch doesn't affect you" he said looking in her blue watery eyes, that managed to take his breath away almost immediately. His heart was in need of her love, the way they were a month ago. 

His look hypnotized her, as much as she's hate to admit it. She felt paralyzed, and her knees were about yo fail her just like they do everytime he's near. 

I hate you Niall, you ruined everything. That was one of the things she thought about. Everything else had to do with him. Zayn. 

"God damn it,Bella." He said frustrated, wiping her tears and pressing his lips against hers ever so gently yet passionately. She stood still shocked for a brief moment until she couldn't take it any longer. She sneaked her arms around his neck, then one hand went to his hair, while kissing him back, tears still streaming down her face. He broke the last straw, and she gave in. 
Their lips moved in sync, this couldn't have felt more right for both of them. They gave it everything they had, all their emotions were on display, clear to both of them. But, just then an image of him kissing Christine, and then an image of Taylor came into her mind. 

Immediately, she opened ber eyes wide-open and pushed him away with all her force. Although that was pretty hard to do with his muscular figure, but she managed to do it. 

"This isn't right." She lied shaking her head. 

Zayn frowned, confusion taking over his expressions. 

"What?" He asked hurt. Again, her words managed to ruin it. 

"You're with Christine, and then there's Taylor." She said looking at the ground. 

"For god's sake. The hell I'm with Christine. I couldn't get rid of her. I want you!" He yelled now, pissed at how things were going. 

"What about Taylor?" She asked, moving her eyes up to meet his. 

"What about her?" He asked confused. 

"You still think about her." She said matter-of factly. 

"Bella, can't you just stop being so freaking stubborn already!" He shouted again, ran a hand through his hair, "You're the one I need" he added desperately. 

She nodded as if it was just something he said, she didn't believe it. 

"So, you don't think of her?" She asked, searching his eyes hoping to get the answer she wanted. 

He didn't, just every now and then. It was Bella who occupied his thoughts all day, and night. But he can't lie either, he did think about Taylor, just not like he used to. She was just a beautiful memory, he loved her, maybe it wasn't even love, but his feelings for Bella was stronger. And he knew that. 

"That's what I thought. It's just the way it is." She said as she saw the answer evident in his eyes. And that literally broke her heart, because right now, she realized how strong her feelings for him were. Realization hit her, she LOVED  him. She needed him. But, that's not easy. 

"Thanks for proving me right Zayn. You broke my walls down, then crushed me, again." She said in a low voice, her look piercing his eyes, tears escaping her beautiful eyes. 

"Let me talk, will you!" He raised his voice. "That's not true!" He raised his hand to wipe her tears, but she pushed him away angrily. 

"Yeah, right." She muttered, walking towards the door, with him following.

"Stop it, hear me out!" 

"Niall James Horan, come open the freaking door this god damn instant!" She shouted knocking at the door. 

"The hell he will!" Zayn yelled pulling her by the arm, again pushing her body against his. 
"You're gonna hear me out, wether you want to, or not" he said looking in her eyes, as if daring her to walk away. 




Oopps! Heyya lovely people. I'm sorry you had to wait so much, I had a writer's block. You know when you have the idea all ready but you don't know how to write it in words? Yeah, it sucks. So!! Hope you liked it, don't let me down and comment, like and favorite!!

also, checkout my other movella 'Unexpected Love Story', I think you'll like it. 

I'll try to update sooner, wouldn't want to let you down, love u guys! 

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