Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


31. One month

Bella's P.O.V :

It's been a month, and to say that it was hard would be an understatement. 
I haven't seen Zayn since that day, and I miss him terribly. Everyday I feel like I'm gonna go running traight back to him, but stop when I remind myself that it won't work out when his mind is all messed up.

Do you know what it feels like? to see someone everyday and hold them close, to be with them whenever you had the chance. The feeling he gave you whenever he looked at your eyes? 
Do you know what it feels like to see and touch that gorgeous face, to stare at those Hazel eyes, stroking his perfect cheekbones? To feel the warmth of his hug?
 Then, you have to adjust to the idea that you'll no longer see him when you want to, that you won't hear that husky morning voice everyday. That his warmth isn't an option you can have, I miss him, and it's becoming harder to handle every passing minute. 
He didn't call or try any contact with me, I wonder what he's doing now. 

Everything feels wrong, and I can't spend any time alone without thinking about him, then end up crying myself to sleep - So I've been spending my time at work with Jake, who finally introduced me to his girl, Anna, and I found them adorable together! Or with Mia and Darcy alongside Shaden and Ashalee. 

Those two, on the other hand extended their vacation to stay with me, they seem to be having a great time,  and we're making up for all the time we lost. Although I'm not that fun to be around now. 

They know about what happened with Zayn, the full story, so they don't remind me of it and stay with me, trying to make me laugh all the time, which I have to say doesn't really work, I just don't feel right. 

My parents call every couple of days, and each day my relationship with them is weaker. Zayn used to be with me when that happens, he would assure me that everything will be okay, but clearly, not anymore. 
It seems that everywhere I go has a memory involving Him, which makes things harder. Way harder. 

Last week when Liam texted me, we ended up talking on the phone for a couple of hours. I told him everything, and I mean everything. I don't know why, but I trusted him, and poured my heart out, tears streaming down my face. And the thing is, He listened. To every single word, he spoke with a tone that showed he cared, and that made me feel better, knowing he understands.

It's just .. I feel like a part of me is not here, my life isn't complete, even with my friends by my side. He had that effect on me, the one that makes all your worries go away, with just a glance at his hypnotizing hazel eyes, everything felt right. 
I miss him, his touch, his kiss, his hug, just being with him.

I realize that I'm the one who ended things, and I know I'm hurting both of us, but I'm still convinced it's for the best. 

In addition to all that, Nightmares of Stan are back. Only this time, Zayn isn't here to hold me, he isn't here to tell me that everything is going to be alright, to make me feel warm, to make the nightmares go away. There's only me. I don't wake Darcy up, she'll only be more worried, so I let my tears fall silently, until I'm fast asleep again. 

Liam had been checking up on me, pretty much everyday. He comes with the guys to Darcy's,  not with Zayn obviously. But I became really good friends with them, they've been supportive through all this.  

I introduced Niall,Louis and Harry to Shaden and Ashalee, and since then, everytime Liam comes they tag along. 
Mia and Harry get to spend time together, while Shaden, Ashalee and Darcy hang out with Niall and Louis.  And speaking of, something is definitely going on there. 
Shaden and Louis are getting pretty close, while Ashalee is enjoying her time with Niall, and Niall, I gotta say, he seems to be having a good time too . 
And let me tell you, their faces are red all the time, blushing every second. So, I sense something's gonna happen there. Fingers crossed. 

Whenever I just want to talk, they sit in the living room, while Liam and I sit alone, and pretty much talk about everything. But everytime, Zayn ends up being the subject. I feel selfish, I do, but Liam keeps saying it's fine, and makes me feel better, gives me advice, which makes my day easier. Everytime I end up crying, he holds me in his arms, calms me down, and that helps. But he isn't Zayn. 
And to be honest, I didn't ask about him, how he's doing, maybe I'm afraid I'll give up when I know, that I'll go running back to him, while clearly that's not good for us. 

The girls haven't left my side, unless I was with Jake or one of the guys. When Liam couldn't come, Niall,Harry or Louis stay by my side. 
Right now, all four girls are keeping me company until the guys get here. It makes me feel puthetic, but they won't leave me alone. 

15 minutes later, the guys were here, which made the girls give me some space. 
I gave each one of them a hug, last one being Liam. 
" I'm glad you're here " I smiled weakly, weird enough, that's the only smile that comes up, weak and fake. 

" I'm glad to be here " he whispered and smiled widely at me, which made me feel better instantly. 

We sat down in the living room and chatted for a bit, all of us. I noticed we didn't give them anything to eat or drink. 
" I'll get us something to drink " I faked a smile and stood up walking towards the kitchen. 

As soon as I was alone my thoughts were directed back to Zayn. I sighed, Frustrated, put popcorn in the microwave and grabbed the lemonade from the fridge. I went to the cupboard which was too high for me to reach and tried standing on my tiptoes until I felt a hand hold my waist and someone pull me close. Surprised, I was about to turn around when someone whispered, " it's just me", which made me relax, hearing Liam's voice. I watched as his hand easily reached the cupboard taking out a few glass cups, other hand still on my waist. I held the last glass cup he had in my hand, while he kept a hold of it then smiled when his eyes met mine. I noticed for the first time how beautiful his eyes were, and a smile made it's way to my lips, a genuine, honest smile. 

I stood there facing him,  his brown eyes had a bit of Hazel in them, they seemed to contain a warmth of some kind looking at mine . I took the glass cup putting it with the rest and moved a bit. 

" Liam I want to ask you something." I hesitantly spoke, avoiding his gaze. 

" Yeah, sure", he gave me one of his ridiculously attractive smiles, waiting for me to talk . 
" I wanted to know.." I was cut off by steps coming closer. 
Liam looked at me then at Niall, who entered the kitchen, looking at both of us with an apologetic look, although I was glad he came in. I didn't know if I would like what his answer would have been. 

"What's up mate? " Liam asked Niall once I went to check on the popcorn. 
"Sorry guys, you were taking too long and I thought I'd grab a snack" he said with a weak smile.
" It's okay don't be silly, the popcorn is already done I'll be there in a minute." I said and smiled at Niall.

He grinned at the fact the popcorn was done and gave me a thumbs up, heading back to the living room. 
"Maybe later?" Liam whispered to me, I nodded, then put the popcorn in a bowl and Liam followed me to the living room with the drinks. 

" Here you go blondie, all done" I smiled at Niall and gave him the popcorn. 
" Thanks Bells" He smiled and winked at me then returned his focus on Ashalee and now, the popcorn too. 

Seconds later Liam came to the living room and started talking to Darcy. I sat between Harry and Niall on the sofa, pulling my legs up to my chest and holding them tight, I looked at Liam
only to find him already looking back at me. He sent me a weak smile which I appreciated, and I gave him one in return. I couldn't help but think of Zayn. What has he done to me. 


By the end of the day, Liam was sitting next to me, his arm around my shoulder. We were sitting in a circle, telling stories. And oh boy, some stories they told me. 

An hour later the guys were going home, Liam gave me a hug and was out the door. After I said goodbye to all of them, Harry was last. He kissed Mia and walked towards the door.

" Harry" I called after him before he reached the car.

" Yeah bella " he smiled at me, dimples showing. 

I signaled for him that I wanted to talk in private, and in a couple of seconds he was right in front of me. 

" I wanted to ask you something." 

" Sure, ask away" He smiled at me, putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans. 

" Um, You know that I haven't seen..Zayn in a month " I paused looking my feet, he nodded at me to continue.

" I wanted to know how he's been " I said and flashed him a weak smile, I could tell he felt the pain in my voice, hell, I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself. 

Harry looked at me for a second, and hesitated to answer, " I can't say he's doing good Bella, because he's not." 

I nodded and bit my lip, holding back my tears. 

" You know he loves you" Harry said stroking my cheek. I shook my head, " he does, if you saw the change he went through when he met you, like we did, you'd say the same." 

"Thanks anyway Harry" I smiled at him and gave him a hug. 

"Don't give up on him Bells" he whispered in my ear, flashed me a dimpled smile and went to his car. 




A/N : Heyy guys! I'm sorry for taking too much time, I had tests and stuff,hope u liked the chapter, Zayn wasn't active in it but believe me, the next one is gonna be interesting! Comment what you thought about it, favorite and like! 

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