Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


29. Once more

Bella's P.O.V : 

" Zayn ?" I asked through the phone  , he wasn't there anymore , I sighed as I went inside  again to get my purse , as I was about to exit the door , his eyes got locked with mine . 

" I need to talk to you " his voice was low , clearly he didn't want to make it worse . I looked at the same Black Range Rover that I saw minutes before , the door was open and the car was still running . 
I walked outside away from all the people . I looked at his face , to me he was perfect as ever which put me at a loss of words , his hair was messed up and dry by now , but as always it suited him well , he never failed to look his best , even when he didn't try.  The blonde edge of his not styled quiff fell on his forehead , giving him the irresistible look , which didn't quite help at the moment. 

I cleared my throat before I spoke , " We said we would try to take some space " I tried to reason with him , avoiding his gaze . 

" No , you did . Not me , you didn't give me a chance to speak" he spat angerily all of a sudden . 

"Zayn I .." 
What was I supposed to do ? when I wanted nothing more than being with him . I didn't know what to say . 

" I don't wanna be without you Isabel " , as soon as those words left his mouth , I felt like my heart fell to the ground waiting for me to pick it up. " I can't be without you " My knees went weak , I can't resist when he says stuff like that , and I can't look him in the eyes just now . I can't . 

" Don't make it harder Zayn " 
I held back my tears , hardly succeeding , trying to look as If it was a completely normal thing to me . 

" It's because I told you I loved you ?" he asked me with a voice full of pain and agony , to say that I felt the same was an understatement . " Because I didn't change my mind " 

It was the opposite actually . I would have been thrilled to hear that If I believed he felt that , especially since I think I felt like that towards hi.. wait , What ? I didn't mean for that to..I didn't think I actually got to that level yet , so coming to this conclusion is just gonna make things worse for me . I would have  probably been better if I didn't acknowledge that . 

The reason I didn't believe he felt that was because he still had her on his mind .

I wanted to make things clear , maybe try to make it work ,  but then comes the Taylor thing . And I wasn't gonna let it slide . So this sentence was probably the most painful one I've ever said , considering it's something I didn't want to say , to HIM , ever . 

" you can't get Taylor out of your head , and I get it , I do , but I just can't stay like this , not anymore . " 

" Don't do this again , You're my...." he started saying , but I cut him off " I'm sorry , but I don't think I c-can be with you anymore " , saying that literally broke my heart , if not his also , I said it looking directly in his eyes , the fact that I didn't lose it , is a mystery to me . 

I was afraid I'd break down crying right here and now , I pushed my emotions aside , trying to contain my tears.  

He looked back at me , his eyes were blank ,full of shock , his mouth slightly open , it took everything in me not to hold him tight , his look at that exact moment tore me apart . I felt my eyes burning from his gaze , my tounge got tied ad I felt like I had no breath at all . 

You can't imagine how much I wanted to hug him , kiss him , stay with him . 

" Wow , th-that changes things , a lot " he said and nodded ,before I knew it , he slowly walked closer to me , increasing my breathing to a dangerous level ,  " Can I have just one more kiss ?" he whispered then looked in my eyes , his eyes watery , full of defeat , sparkling , he looked at me in a way I'll never forget , he looked innocent ,almost begging, except he didn't have to , I wanted to feel his touch one more time . 

I nodded hesitantly , as he put his arms around me , gently pulling my body closer to his ,Shivers ran through my body ,  I felt him shaking ,  he lifted my chin up , looked at my eyes for a few seconds before I saw him close his eyes and lean in , I stayed there , frozen , not sure what to do . 

His lips barely touched mine and stayed like that for a while , he breathed in deeply then kissed me slowly ,I felt myself kiss back as he deepened the kiss ,  it was loving , passionate , and desperate , yet gentle .  My eyes closed as my hand brushed his hair , and the other settled on the back of his neck , he tightened his grip around me , making me pull him closer as a reaction , if that was even possible .

My heart was racing like crazy , my heartbeat was fast , my whole body started to shiver at his touch . 

I swear I wanted to stay like this , in his arms ,and I was about to give in , until I remembered why I wanted some space in the first place , he has feelings for me , but still thinks about Taylor . And that won't be fair , for neither of us . And what he said to me this morning was just in attempt to make me stay , he didn't mean it. 

He ran his hands up and down my back, I slowly broke the kiss and pulled away to look at him , he looked at me disappointed and hurt , his eyes were green now ,adding to his already irresistible charm .
 I brought my hand to his face , stroking his cheek , My eyes scanned his face once more , admiring his perfect features , he clenched his jaw , closing his eyes for a few seconds .

I didn't realize a tear fell down my cheeks until he wiped it away , pulling me in for one more hug , I rested my head against his chest , his heart was beating fast , This is one of the many things I'm gonna miss , I inhaled his scent one last time before I pulled away .

I gave him a weak smile and kissed his cheek , I felt him tense at my touch , " Thank you " I whispered to him then started to walk away , before he grabbed my wrist and pulled me backwards closer to him , my back facing him , I felt his breath against my neck , " I love you " he whispered and let go of my hand , I walked knowing he was still looking , I fought the urge to look back at him, heading towards the bus station. 

I had to thank him . There was no way denying that , he made me forget Stan , my cheating ex , he was with me when my parents let me down , he's always been there for me , I'm gonna miss him , and these feelings aren't gonna fade over night . 


As I sat there in the bus I kept thinking about everything that happened . Tears streaming down my face without my content , avoiding people's looks . 

-- Flashback --  
I walked downstairs leaving Zayn in my room , I told him to leave before I was back , that thing that just happened really hurt me ,  and I can't even stop thinking about him . 
I saw my dad sitting down next to my mom , both chatting quietly . 

I faked a smile and waked towards my dad " Hey dad , you wanted to talk?" I said giving him a kiss . 

" Yeah sweety , sit down " he said looking at my mother , I sat down , playing with my hands as I waited for them to talk . 

" Bells , you know how we are serious in our work , and the company decided to promote us to their Los angeles section , our salary will be bigger , we'll but a new house , new furniture and.." 

" Wait a minute " I said running my hands down my face . 

" You want to move again ?" I yelled frustrated . 

" It's better for us , for u " 

" No ! it's better for You ! I can't buy friends dad , I can't buy memories , and every single time I move on you do this to me , I can't go ! My friends are here and graduation is in two months , I can't just leave " I yelled at the top of my lungs , every freaking time . I can't stay away from Zayn either , but I wasn't about to tell them that . 

" You can start the year all over in L.A " he said as if it was nothing big . 

" You can't be serious" I said shaking my head .

" Our descision is final Isabel , now go and pack your bags , we leave in two days " my mom said coldly .

" I'm not going anywhere , I'm gonna stay here " I said and stood up walking upstairs . 

" Isabel ! come back here right now " my dad yelled .

I stopped walking and turned to face them .
" what " 

" You're coming with us " my mom said . 

"I'm not " I said shaking my head , tears started streaming down my face . 

" Our house is going on sale in teo days , you have nowhere to go " my dad glared at me . 

My mouth opened in shock , " I don't care , I'm already 18 and I have a job , I can rent an apartment for all I care " I said staring at both of them , I was sure disappointment was evedent . 

" You will come with us, u can't stay by yourself . " My dad said .

Oh please kill me now . 
"Are u kidding me ? when are  u even here ? I practically live on my own , so don't start caring now! " I spat angerily .

" Don't disrespect us young lady " My dad yelled at me , I looked over to my mom , tears were falling down her face as she shook her head . 

" I'm not going this time !" I said one last time once I was in front of my room , tears wouldn't stop , I opened the door and walked in ,shutting the door behind me , seconds later I broke down crying until I was on the floor ,  I felt a hand stroke my cheek .
I looked up to see Zayn with a weak smile on his face looking at me .

-- End of Flashback -- 

See what I mean ? he was with me through everything . Even when literally kicked him out telling him to leave . 

By the time I got home everything was packed in the living room ,  I walked to my room and found my mom packing everything , even my stuff . 

" I'm not going " I hissed at her . It was clear that I had been crying , but she didn't ask . Cool mom . I wasn't gonna tell her , but a 'what's wrong 'would have been fine . 

She looked at me disappointed , " Fine , but you need to empty the house , where are u staying ? " 

" At Darcy's " I replied coldly . 

I waited till my parents finished packing , they had a flight to catch , we walked outside and locked the house , I hugged and kissed them goodbye , they got a taxi and said they'd check up on me every couple of days , they said they're gonna talk to Darcy's parents to be more certain . Fine . Whatever . 

Yeah ,my goodbye to my parents was cold . But can you blame me , if so , don't . No one knows this feeling until he's been through it . 

I picked up my stuff and called a cab , I called Darcy and asked her if I could stay , thrilled would be an understatement , she was more than happy to have me , and maybe I can introduce her and Mia to the girls , we planned a girls' night, they'll get along pretty well . 


Needless to say , by midnight all us five girls were in our pyjamas in Darcy's room , the girls became friends quickly , and were comfortable around each other , laughing and making jokes. I missed those girls so much , and I haven't been with Mia and Darcy on a proper hang out since forever , and it made my mood a bit better , I think . 

I texted Jake a little to distract myself further , I reminded him that he still didn't tell me about the girl he mentioned the other day , he laughed saying everything has it's time  . Well, that won't do , he was begging for a slap apparently . I took a couple of days off work , and I finished lessons at school , I was just waiting for graduation .  I had a shift with Jake in a few days , he would get that slap then . 

Distraction was working , until .. Mia talked about her relationship with Harry , I haven't got an update in a long time , As she was talking about how he treats her , she showed Ashalee and Shaden a picture of the curly haired boyfriend  , I smiled at her excitement while talking about him and looked over at Shaden, her eyes were glowing , she was listening carefully , she always loved romantic stories . 

I couldn't help but think of Zayn whenever Harry was mentioned , him being one of his bestfriends .

I remembered the kiss today , the memories we have , I just wish I could go back in time . 

Darcy's words interrupted my thoughts . " Hey Bells , did you talk to any of the guys ? Liam asked about you the other day , apparently you were too consumed in Zayn that you forgot everyone else " she said with a smirk on her face , " wow ! , anything we need to know ?"  Ashalee asked me , a huge grin appeared on her face , My face fell as I thought about Zayn , what a way to get distracted . 
They obviously didn't know about what happened ,  I prepared myself for what I was about to say , but just then , a sound coming from my phone saved my ass . 

From Liam : 
Hey Bella , How've you been ? Xx. 

Well, just on cue ? 






I hope this chapter didn't disappoint you , plenty more to come !!! tell me what you think , your opinions are always welcome ! this chapter wa a bit longer , although I like it ! 

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