Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


34. Niall's plan


Hello beautiful people, I know most of u want to kill me, this past week has been quiet busy, I had graduation and projects to do, I didn't have mich time to write a decent chapter.  Anyway, here's another chapter! Hope u like it, I know I did.

The next chapter will be more tense. So be ready! 

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Three days later, It's safe to say that Bella was having fun with her friends, despite the fact that Zayn was there. She tried to ignore his gaze, and look away when she was tempted to take a glance at him. Her heart beats faster whenever he was around. 
Christine would join them everyday, god knows why. They would all get together at Niall house, maybe watch a movie and hang out. Although, nobody really wanted her there. 

The guys would joke around and tease each other. Every once in a while Zayn and Bella would laugh with each other unconsciously. Those three days were awkward. Bella tried to avoid any communication with Zayn, knowing it'll make things harder, while he was tempted every minute to be by her side. 

Their friends enjoyed the scene Of them in the same room, much to their dismay, not in the way they wanted. Everyone could see how Zayn and Bella missed each other, except for them.

The thing was, watching Christine all over Zayn, all day, for four days straight was too much for Bella to handle. She couldn't figure out if he was annoyed, she kinda felt he was,  but he seemed to enjoy it anyway. 

Shaden and Ashalee couldn't stand Christine. If looks could kill, she'd be long gone by now. She irritated them by her lack of respect for all of them, she was practically undressing Zayn with her eyes, not caring that they were right there. 

"Your turn Niall." Louis said with a grin. They were playing truth or dare for a while now, typical Louis, Bella thought.  A few rounds later it had landed on Louis and Zayn. 

Bella wasn't paying attention, after Christine had dared Zayn to kiss her, hug her, or flirt with her, she decided just to occupy herself with something else. Anything. 

The image of Zayn responding to the kiss was printed in her mind. But she thought about it, and as much as it bothers her, she's the one that cut things off with him. He is entitled to do whatever, whenever. Yet again, it still hurt. She didn't understand why this affected her that much. She still sees it for the best, but she didn't know why she was so jealous. 

"Truth or dare bad boy?" Louis said with an evil smirk. That was never good, Zayn figured.

" Dare, mate" Zayn said with a weak smile. Having to sit here with Christine when he's with friends, especially when Bella was here, was irritating. The girl showed no attention towards the people in front of them, shamelessly flirting with Zayn. He didn't know she'd be so clingy. He was sick of it. He looked over at Bella who seemed rather lost in her thoughts, looking at nothing in particular. How could he get her to.. His thoughts were interrupted by Louis's voice, which also brought Bella back to reality. 

" I dare you to mak.." He couldn't complete his sentence before Niall jumped in. 
Louis frowned and hit him on the shoulder. 

" Zayn, Bella I need to talk to both of you. " He knew what Louis had in mind, and let's say Zayn and Bella won't be too happy, well maybe they would, but they won't admit it. Not to each other anyway. 

Bella looked uncertain at the girls who nodded for her to go, then looked at Niall, as if trying to read his mind. 

" Sure" Zayn said with a weak smile again, wondering what his friend is up to. He mentally kissed him for taking him away from Christine. 

Niall motioned for them to follow him. He walked towards the guest room and stood there waiting for them. Zayn let Bella walk in front of him as he followed. 

Shaden immediately got up, after checking they were gone. 
"You". She pointed at Christine, who looked at her like she was inferior to her. "Out, right now!" She said out loud, ready to kill. 
Christine chuckled and looked at her up and down, "who do you think you are? I'm with Zayn, and I'm not leaving without him."

"Oh please" Ashalee said as she stood up next to Shaden. "He was clearly bothered by your constant flirting, so do yourself and us a favor, and go home" Ashalee was irritated at the girl's nerves to argue. She knew Shaden wouldn't spare the girl if she continued what she doing, as she was obviously making Bella and Zayn uncomfortable. 

Christine looked uncertain at the door, the got up and pushed her hair backwards in an attempt to show she wasn't moved by them. 

"For god's sake" Ashalee muttered under her breath, and held Shaden by the arms when she saw Christine trying to get under her skin.  

As Christine was about to walk away, she stood in front of Louis, giving him a clear view of her shirt. 
"Tell Zayn we'll re-schedule" she said and winked at him. Louis raised one eyebrow and chuckled, while Shaden got up, "That's it!" She yelled as she made a move to hit Christine.

"Wow wow" Louis said putting his arms around Shaden's waist. 
"Let go, she needs to learn a lesson." She said struggling to release herself and looking at the girl, who quickly made her way out the door. 

" Ashalee, come here a sec" Niall's voice called from a distance.

Ashalee made her way out of the awkward situation in front of her, chuckling to herself. 

"Jealous much babe?" Louis whispered in Shaden's ear with a smirk on his face.

Suddenly, Shaden was very well aware of the hands on her waist, holding her tight. His breath hit her neck causing her breathing to become heavy. Goosebumps formed all over her skin at his touch,while she blushed uncontrollably. Louis chuckled lightly by her ear, his face near hers. 

"No, W-why would I-I be jealous?" She shuttered, now her voice was low, nearly a whisper, which made Louis grin even more. 

"You're not, ha?" Louis whispered. "N-no. She was bothering Bella and Zayn. If they weren't gonna say anything, I sure as hell will" she said, her voice came out shaky at first but then was louder. 

"Shaden" Louis said, closing his eyes. His hands still on her waist, while she had her on his. 


"I need to.."

"Hey guys" Niall said making them shift apart quickly, he walked down the stairs followed by Ashalee. A huge grin was on both their faces, causing the other two to become curious. 

Seconds later, the door opened revealing Harry, Mia and Darcy, who noticed things were fishy. 

They all looked at each other as Louis spoke. "Where are Zayn and Bella?" He said eyeing Niall's face expression. 

" Well, we sort of.." 

10 minutes earlier-

As soon as they were in the room, Niall cleared his throat. " Sit down" he said in a push tone. Zayn and Bella shared a curious look as they sat down. " Good. Now let's go straight to the point. You two are acting like kids, you haven't seen each other in a month. And since you have, you have been avoiding each other. We had to see this for four days, You'll clear things out, right now. " He said as he gave them a death glare then walked towards the door, pulling out a key from his pocket. 

" Niall, what are you doing?" Bella asked wide-eyed, ignoring how awkward the things he said was. 
She looked at Zayn who had a confused look on his face. 
Wait a sec. Why was Niall mad anyway? He's the one that lied to her about Zayn. And he was gonna get it, when Zayn wasn't around.  

"I'm gonna make things right" he said and winked at both of them. 

As he was about to go out the door, Zayn got up, and finally spoke. 

"And how exactly are you gonna do that?" He asked his blonde friend. 

"You'll see" Niall said and smiled. " Ashalee, cone here a sec", he called out, not paying attention to the glares he was getting from both Zayn and Bella. 

There was a knock at the door. "What's up Nialler?" Ashalee asked from the other side of the door. 
A second later, Niall opened the door with a smirk on his face, passing her the keys. Ashalee smiled and winked at him, giving Bella a thumbs up. 

" Ash, don't even think about it" Bella raised her voice as she began approaching the door.  
Zayn watched all this amused. 

Niall and Ashalee chuckled and quickly made their way out of the room, locking the door behind them. As soon as Bella reached the door, they were already trapped. 

"Sorry sweety, you two asked for it" Ashalee said from behind the door.  

"The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you'll be out"  Niall said laughing. 

"Guys, you can't be serious!"
She said knocking at the door. No response what so ever. 
Bella groaned as she rested her back against the door, exhaling once she closed her eyes. 

Realizing what just happened, she quickly opened her eyes, only to meet Zayn's.
He was leaning against the wall in front of her, watching carelessly, his hands in his pockets. 
Her eyes wandered to his black shirt that hugged his body, his leather jacket on the bed. 
His hair was quiffed, but the blonde tips of it weren't there anymore.
He smiled weakly at her, giving her a warm feeling. The one he always gave her when he was around her. She snapped out of it, "Aren't you gonna do something?" She asked looking at him. His hazel eyes were shining, almost green. 
"You obviously don't know Niall. He is committed to what he does as much as he is to food. Talking won't do us anything." He said smiling. She laughed at his statement, "yeah, I can see that". 

Zayn breathed heavily as he observed the girl in front of him. Her brown hair fell to her waist, no matter how casual her clothes were, she looked stunning. He watched the way her face lit up when she laughed. 
Seconds later, she walked towards the bed and sat down, fiddling with her fingers, face facing the ground. 

"We're just gonna stay like this?" 
He asked her, she noticed he was too close to her by now. 

"Well, you said yourself that Niall doesn't back dow.."

"That's not what I meant" he cut her off, his voice husky and desperate, making her body tense. 

Bella felt her heart beat faster, if that was even possible. She knew what he meant. And she wasn't gonna play stupid. She looked up to meet his eyes again, only now his face was inches away from hers. Her tounge got tied. Perfect, just perfect. 


Looking down at her beautiful flawless face, those ocean blue eyes staring right back at him, made his breathing pace increase. He felt like he was gonna give up right here and now. Fighting the urge to hug her, kiss her, hold her tight, was killing him. 
He had to have her again. It just wasn't worth it without her.  


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