Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


20. Morning

Bella woke up from a comfortable sleep, rubbing her closed eyed. Upon opening them, she looked at the figure holding her tight like he has many times before, but she couldn't help feeling this time it was different.

She stretched her arm to take her phone without waking him up, and saw it was already 07:00. Shit, she had school today. 

Zayn had his arms wrapped around her protectively, resting his head on top of hers. She smiled and kissed his cheek, the tried getting up. 

Of course, she failed due to him pulling her even closer and tightening his grip around her, as if he's afraid to let her go. 

She looked at him expecting to find him awake, teasing her. But he was still fast asleep. His quiff messy like it always is in the morning, and he still hasn't shaved - which gave him the uncontrolably attractive look. 

Minutes later, she lifted her head from his chest and decided to wake him up or she was gonna be late.

" Morning," she whispered, stroking his cheek. 

She found it annoying, not being able to wake him up without looking at his gorgeous face, and admire him. 

" Zayn," she called tapping his shoulder, but got no response what so ever. 
She tried to get up again, but it was no use.

 God, was he a heavy sleeper or what!  

 She tried shaking him, moving him, she even tried to drag him out of the bed! Nothing. 

She sighed and gave up, resting her head back on his muscular chest. 

She could hear his steady heartbeat clearly. He was calm, carefree, at peace.

Then she started thinking randomely.

Mia, Darcy, and Jake don't really know about the fact that Bella and Zayn are a couple now. 
They know that they became really good friends, and they got along with him pretty well, especially Jake. But this last month they were preparing for their final exams and had separate classes, so she decided that today was the day she'd tell them. And boy, was she nervous!

Going to school was a must today.

After a bit of a struggle, she moved herself up a bit so her face was in front of his. She smiled again unconciously, and stroked his cheek. 

" Zayn, baby we gotta get up." She said, whispering in his ear. He mumbled something she didn't get and moved her closer to him.

 She rolled her eyes at him, then tried again. No use.  Nothing. 

Seeing she had no choice but wait for him to get up, she admired his face features and her eyes went to his lips. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes, shaking her head. 

Then, she thought she'd try something. What could possibly happen? He won't wake up, she already tried waking him up, and failed miserably.

She couldn't help it. She leaned in closer to his face, inhaling his scent that sent shivers through her body. Moving closer and closer, she pecked his lips gently, closing her eyes. When she was about to pull away, she felt him respond and deepen the kiss, then pull her closer. 

" Good morning to you, too." He whispered in his husky, attractive morning voice, with a grin on his face. 

Her eyes bulged out if their sockets in shock. 

"Seriously? " she asked, giving him a death glare. 

"What? " he asked, pecking her cheek.

 She hit his chest in annoyance.
 "I've been trying to wake you up for thirty minutes, and a kiss is all it took?" She was glaring at his hazel eyes, slowly getting lost in them. 


"You are really telling me you weren't aware of someone trying to wake you up?" 

He simply shook his head. 

She sighed, "I literally tried everything. Moved you around, shaking you, called out your name, and even pecked your cheek, and tried dragging you out of bed!" she exclaimed, trying to hide the blush that rose to her cheeks. 

"You wouldn't budge or even let me get up!" she said giving him an annoyed look.

"Well, I can see you didn't try the kiss till now," he said, smirking at her now. 

She tried to fight her smile but failed, due to his cuteness, and rolled her eyes. 

She grabbed his arm from around her and sat up, attempting to get ready. Before she could get up, hr grabbed her wrists, pulling her back to his chest. 

"What are you doing up so early anyway?" he asked her, still rubbing his eyes. 

"I have school today" she frowned. 

" You don't have to go" he smirked and sat up to face her. Looking in her blue eyes, he quickly went for a kiss. 

 "Hey, don't distract me. I gotta go" she whispered smiling, kissed his cheek then got up. 

He faked a sad face, giving her his puppy eyes. 
 "Why do you have to go?" he asked her with a frown. 

" I have finals this month, and..I'm gonna tell the girls and Jake about, today." She bit her lip, hoping she wasn't red as a tomato. 

He smiled at her and laid down again, " what do you think they'll say?" 

"Not sure, I think they'll be happy for us. 

" Well, I'm not exactly on the girls' sweet side " he chuckled.

" Nah, they like you now. It was because of what people said about you. But.." she said walking towards him, sitting on his lap. 

" What?" he asked with his adorable smile, wrapping his arms around her waist. 

Wrapping her hands around his neck, "I got to see the other side of you," she whispered, kissing his cheek afterwards.

"The one nobody knows about" she said and kissed his other cheek, "the one I completely adore" she added, kissing him softly. 

She felt him smile as he kissed her back . 

"You're something else, doll." He chuckled, resting his forehead against hers. 

She pulled away, looking up at him. "Is that a good thing? Or a bad thing?" She titled her head to the side, waiting for his answer. 

He grinned, "definitely a good thing," before kissing her again, this time with everything he had in him. 

" Come on, I'll drive you." he offered after she was already dressed. 
He walked her to the car and opened the passenger's door for her, letting her in. 

Seating himself in the driver's seat, he smiled at her and started the ignition, heading to her school. 

They talked a bit during the ride, and as she thought of last night she remembered what he told her. 

She felt uneasy again, and shook her head to get rid of the bad thoughts. 

" You know, we were supposed to go out with Jake, he was gonna bring some girl with him." She told him, looking out the window at the colorful houses located next to each other. 
Each one had a front porch and a green bright garden. The trees swayed along with the wind, as it blew in the other direction that leads back to her house. 

" You didn't tell me, doll"

" Um, I kind of didn't have the chance since..." she said and trailed off.  He knew what she was talking about. Those stressful couple of days in which the both of them weren't exactly in the right conditions with each other. 
Silence filled the car, as the cool breeze played with her long straight hair. He glanced at her, and a smile made it's way to his lips. He realized she looked absolutely stunning whatever she did. He thought of how lucky he was. She really changed him, for the better. 

He let out a chuckle and turned his gaze back to the road. 

"What's so funny?" Bella asks with an ninnocent smile.

" Nothing, doll." He replies, shaking his head and trying to act serious. 

"Zayn!" She pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. 

"What? you're just too damn cute!" 

Bella smiled and rolled her eyes at him, hitting his shoulder playfully. 


The rest of the ride was quite comfortable, they seemed to forget about the awkwardness that was between them yesterday and moments ago.

As he pulls up in front of the car, she hugs him tight and gives him a light peck on the cheek, before going inside the school's building. Just as she was about to enter class she recieves a text from a random number. 

" Hey Bella, feeling better? - Liam" 

She smiled and added him to her contacts list. 

To Liam<3 : 
" Hey to you too, yeah much better. Thank you Liii! how r u doing? "

She presses send and enters the classroom. She still had five minutes left, and none of her friends were in class yet, so she took a seat and texted Liam for a while. 

"Hey, Isabel."

She looks up to see Mark, the guy who joined her school a while back. The one that reminded her of Stan so much. 

She faked a smile, she figured it wasn't his fault that he reminded her of her violent ex. 

"Hey" she said in a weak voice. 

He took a seat next to her, making himself comfortable. "We started off on the wrong foot, don't you think?" 

She disn't say anything, just sent him another smile and looked away. He would talk to her when the teacher wasn't paying attention, and she felt his gaze burn her side the whole time.

She still wasn't comfortable with him yet. Something about him doesn't feel right.

As the bell rang, she quickly got off her seat to her next class, avoiding Mark's gaze. At the door she finds Mia and Darcy looking tired as ever.

" What's with you two? you weren't in first period." she said giving them a hug. 

"The car broke down halfway whenI picked her up, we had to run the rest of the way here." Darcy said, obviously frustrated. 

Bella chuckled as she entered the class, followed by the two girls. 

Second and third period ended rather quickly, and soon enough they were heading to the cafeteria.
After they sat down on a table,  Bella tensed up a bit. 

" Um girls, I gotta tell you something."  

"Go ahead " Darcy said, and Mia nodded. Curiosity was written all over their face as they noticed her strange behavior.

She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again, smirking. 

"Nah, I'm gonna wait till Jake gets here first." She teased them.

" Bella! Don't be mean, c'mon! " Mia pouted.

Just then, Jake came from behind Bella and wrapped his arms around her. 

"What's up Bells! I've missed ya" he kissed her cheek and sat down next to her. 

" Missed you, too." she said with a sad face, " I'm sorry we didn't make it this weekend." 

" It's alright, maybe next weekend will work." He suggested with a wink. 

What did he mean by that? He looked at her and chuckled to himself, shaking his head. 
Maybe Zayn told him. She thought about it, the two of them became good friends and hung out sometimes. It's not a far possibility that Zayn might have told him. 

But he would have told her right?

"Anyway," she said, looking suspeciously at Jake," I need to tell you guys something .." 


Hey guys, sorry for not updating sooner! I was supposed to upload a chapter last night but something came up. Aanyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! comment and favourite, you won't regret it!

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