Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


38. Make things right


Drinking the whole glass at once, Zayn looked at the bartender, a friend of his, who was watching him worriedly. 
"Another one" he said, pushing the empty glass to the side, along side the few other empty glasses he already drank. 

"You've had enough Zayn. What's wrong man?" the blonde bartender asks him curiously. 

"Drake, give me another one." Zayn replies in a stern voice, narrowing his eyes.  

Drink after drink after drink. 
That's all he's been doing since leaving Niall's. 

"I haven't seen you like this since.." Drake trailed off, remembering he just brought up a sensitive topic. 

Zayn's eyes darkened, yet he stayed motionless. 
"Bad day, I guess" he replied with a shrug. 

Drake looked at Zayn carefully. He noticed that his friend didn't get all worked up over that girl, which was quite odd. 

Zayn didn't bother himself to care, and pushed Taylor out of his mind, only to find himself thinking of Bella. 
She really messed him up, he thought. He wouldn't care, if it was another girl.
Before he met her, he was known as the town's 'bad boy'. He used to sleep around a lot, take random girls home, only for them to be gone the next morning. He was disgusted of himself, yet, kept doing it to distract himself. 

At that time, Taylor occupied his every thought. Now? It seemed to be Bellas's position. 
Because of her, he was able to get over the girl whome he spent three years thinking of, even though he knew she'll never come back. 
She saved him, in a way. He was so hung up over Taylor, that his life seemed to pass by just like that. 

No matter how much his friends begged him to move on, he never found it in him to get over her. 
Bella's the one who made him realize, he just didn't want to betray Taylor's memory, and he wouldn't be doing it if he moved on with his life.  What he felt was not love, maybe attachment, affection, but not love. 

At the thought of love, he remembered what he heard only a couple of hours ago. 
The image of Niall and Bella kissing crossed his mind, making him shut his eyes, shaking it away. 

God, he could remember perfectly the feeling of her soft lips against his, kissing him with everything she had. He craved her touch, to be with her again. 
He remembers her soft brown hair, tangled in his fingers. Her blue eyes, piercing into his whenever she looked at him with so much affection. 

But, once again, he thought of Niall. Would he do that to him?

"Dude, earth to Zayn!" Drake's voice broke his chain of thoughts, bringing him back to reality. 

"What?" He asked carelessly, looking at Drake's worried eyes. 

"That's it. I'm gonna call you a cab." 
He said picking up the phone.

Shaking his head, feeling a bit tipsy, he spoke weakly. 
"Don't, in a bit. I promise." 

"Okay, no more drinks though" Drake told him seriously, giving him a glass of water. 

Zayn nodded, picking up the glass of water, before drinking it all. The cool liquid calmed his throat that was burning from all the alcohol. 

Zayn got up, looking around him at the crowd of people, dancing and grinding against each other. His gaze looked around the club untill it landed on a pair of familiar mesmerizing blue eyes- Bella's. 
 His eyes locked with hers, his heartbeat picked up fast, racing. He started moving towards her, watching a wide grin appear on her face. 

He stood a couple of inches away from her, still looking at her eyes. 
She slowly moved forward, placing her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her, making him give her a genuine smile. 

He placed his arms around her waist, pressing her body to his. 
Moving his head towards hers, he rested his chin on her shoulder, closing his eyes. 

"I miss you" he whispered in her ear, trying to control his emotions. 

"Whatever you say, handsome." she muttered. But he was too focused on having her between his arms that he didn't hear a word she said. 
He breathed in her scent, placing a short kiss on her cheek, moving towards her jaw. He looked up into her eyes, feeling as though he had the world in his own hands. 

However, that nearly lasted mere seconds until someone tapped his shoulder. Zayn let go of her, only to turn his head around and have a guy's fist connect with his jaw.

Stumbling backwards in pain, he lifted his hand to his jaw, inspecting the effects of the blow. 

Everything was a blur to him. Looking in front of him, he saw a guy who looked like he's been working out since he was a minute old, two guys beside him, and a girl with long brown hair and green eyes standing behind the buff guy. 

"What was that about, man?" Zayn asked, his voice cracking from all the drinks he had. 

Before he knew it, he was brought outside by the other two guys, each one holding one of his arms to the side, with the third one standing in front of him. Bold, brown eyes, clenched fists aiming towards him. 

"Let me teach you a little something about messing with other guys' girls, ha pretty boy?" The guy said furious. 

With one swift movement, Zayn was punched in the guts twice in a row, before recieving a few punches to the face, not given a chance to defend himself. 

Held up by the two guys, Zayn closed his eyes, bending a little, trying to ease the pain away. 

"Adam, that's enough! He clearly thought I was someone else!" The brown- haired girl stated. 

Great, he imagined her here, again. That was the fifth time tonight, and it wasn't exactly pretty. 

The buff guy, who appeared to be Adam, moved her aside frustrated before he approached Zayn again. 

"One more cheesy move, pretty boy, and you're done." He patted Zayn's cheek a couple of times before taking the girl by the waist and going back inside, followed by his two friends. 

Pushing himself up, feeling severe pain, Zayn walked back inside the club, heading to the bar. 

He could've defended himself, if he wasn't drunk out of his mind. His body was weak, having little strength to carry himself. 

Drake spotted him right away, and went to help him sit down. 
"Damn it, Zayn. What'd you do this time?" He asks concerned. 

"Just a misunderstanding" Zayn waved him off. 

Drake shook his head at his bruised friend, and headed towards the phone without saying another word. Five minutes later, Niall entered the bar looking upset. He walked towards the bar to find Zayn about to pass out. 


Bella paced Niall's living room back and forth. She's been waiting  with Niall for Zayn to come back for three hours, until someone called Niall. 
She was gonna tell him. She was gonna make it right. 
She went to Niall's bedroom to lay down, trying to think this thing over one more time.

* Flashback *

Hesitantly, the words slowly came out of her mouth.  

"I love him, Niall". 

It felt good to let it out to someone, although the bigger weight is still on her shoulders. 

The look she had on her face was a sad, uneasy one. Because of the situation between her and Zayn, that wasn't something that she was happy to realize. Tears filled her eyes, but she won't let them fall. 

Niall almost immediately smiled widely at her hesitation to tell him, he could tell she was embarrassed. But, the fact that she found him trustworthy enough to tell him, was overwhelming.

He chuckled slightly before ingulfing her in a bone crushing hug. 

"Finally, I was getting impatient!" 
He said with a grin. 

Her cheeks reddened fast enough, and a small smile made it's way to her lips. 

"Bells, I know your reasons for ending your relationship, and, I'm sorry but I think you're wrong, big time." He said sending her a weak smile, seriousness in his voice. 

She sighed, closing her eyes. "Niall," 

"No. You're gonna listen to me this time." He said, determined.

"Last time, you said I lied to you." He continued. 

"Except, I didn't." 

"What're you.."

"When I told you he was a mess, I meant it. Going out with a different chick every night isn't him Bella. He was like that before you, after what happened to Taylor. But, you.." He flashed her a smile. "You brought the old him back. You fixed him." 

Bella listened carefully, taking in every word.

"Ever since he met you, he's like, Bella this and Bella that. He smiled all the time, a genuine smile, which was rare of him."

She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He took this as an opportunity to comtinue.

"The day you broke up with him, he came to me before he went to your house. He talked about Taylor, Bella. He talked about her without a single tear falling, for the first time. He was positive he was over her now, thanks to you." 

Tears formed in her eyes again as she thought about the look on Zayn's face when she cut things off. But, her thoughts were cut off by Niall's voice. 

"He told me that he realized something. That he didn't LOVE Taylor. He cared about her, yes. But he said that he was so hung up over the idea of her, that he thought it was love. But it wasn't." 

Niall sighed, seeming to think hard. "He told me this, and I quote: 'she's all I want, Niall. If I have her, I don't need anything else. She's perfect, in every way possible. I love her, man. I do.' , then he gave me a foolish smile while he zoned out, that was creepy Bells." Niall chuckled at the end. " but he DOES love you Bella. Don't let what you two have slip away, you're too stubborn" he said with a frown and messed her hair. 

She didn't mind about that, though. She stood there, completely speechless. 

"That was such a cheesy scene! I probably look like a softie." Niall joked, trying to get her to say something. 

She smiled at him, seeming to think things through. 

"Thank you, Niall." She said giving him a hug. "I really messed things up, ha?" 

Niall chuckled, "Nah, he'll take you back within the blink of an eye." He said patting her back.

"Damn, what'd I eat today? That was even cheesier." 

She pulled back and laughed at him, bumping his shoulder. 

"Thank you, really" she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

"Don't thank me, Bells. Go get him." He said smiling.

She nodded and headed towards the door, but before she exited the room, she turned around and looked at him.
"Btw, you're the cutest softie ever." She said with a wink.

"Hey!!" She heard him protest once she left the room, but she kept going, on her way to find HIM. 

* End Of Flashback *

That's how she got here, after not finding him and looking everywhere. 
Minutes later, she heard the door beside Niall's room slammed shut loudly. That's the room Zayn's staying at.

She got up, taking a deep breath before exiting the room, and going to the room next door, about to make things right. 





I'm so sorry guys! This chapter was a bit late because the writer's block affected me badly. Anyway, I hope you like it, I wrote it the best I can, I wouldn't give you anything less! 


So, looks like she's about to face him. What do u think will happen? Share your thoughts lovely readers! Don't forget to comment, like and favorite! I love you guys! 

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