Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


39. Love confession


Zayn entered the room, drunk, and struggling to control his balance. 
He cursed under his breath for letting himself go that far. His face was bruised, and his ribs were killing him of severe pain. 

 He thanked god that his mate, Niall, didn't keep going about how he's been messing up everything. The blonde friend let him be, understanding his situation. 

Slowly walking towards the bathroom, he took his shirt off, his breath reeking of alcohol. He stood in front of the sink, looking at his reflection. 
He was repulsed, seeing his face messed up. It was clear to the eye how drunk he was. His situation isn't easy, and it's getting harder every single day. 

Opening the water tap, he splashed some cool water on his face, wincing when it hit his jaw too hard. 

Looking up in the mirror again, he saw a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes, the ones he adored, looking back at him with a weak smile on her lips. 

Instantly, his lips formed a smile back at her sight. Her skin was flawless as ever, her brown waves of hair falling perfectly, reaching the small of her back. 
Slowly she put her hands at his shoulders, then wrapped her arms around his neck, placing a small kiss on his bruised jawline. He closed his eyes, enjoying her touch, but when he opened his eyes, she was no longer there. 

An angry frown immediately replaced his smile as he cursed again for his stupidity, hitting the bathroom door shut, intending to take a shower. 

Zayn let the cool water hit every inch of him, removing the filth he felt on him. He thought of nothing at all, he was so messed up. But then his thoughts started to wander back to her. 
Oh, who is he kidding? She never left his thoughts alone. And after the heated argument they had earlier today, adding what he heard afterwards, he doubted he'll have another chance with her. 

How could he think she will just willingly walk into his room, and casually take him back. He knew she didn't believe him, whatever he said. He hated himself for growing so attached to her, for allowing his love to grow each day, until it reached a level where there isn't a possibility to go back. 

After a short shower, he put on grey sweatpants and went to lay down. 
Closing his eyes for a minute, he felt at peace. He was able to get a rest from all the things going on in his life, to think about something other than her, for a minute. However, when he opened his eyes, she was laying beside him on her side, giving him an innocent smile. Her blue eyes sparkled again, as she looked at his eyes. He almost bought it, he almost believed she was there, he was about to touch her, until he simply blinked. That was enough for her shadow to disappear. 
That sort of thing happened a lot today, even caused him a bruised jaw, and almost broken ribs. And if his mood wasn't at it's best, he'll be damned if it got better. 
He then grabbed a bottle Niall's collection of vodka, not even bothering to pour in a glass. Instead, he starts drinking, not caring what might happen. 

"What are you doing to me, Bella" he whispered, his eyes closed, hoping to get a rest, and finally fel asleep. 


Bella inhaled, then exhaled slowly, standing in front of the door he's staying in.  It took her two hours to put herself together and go talk to him. Two hours. 

Knocking once. 

Knocking twice, no answer. 

She had an internal debate on wether to go back home, since he wasn't answering, or just open the door and go in. 

She took a few seconds to calm herself down, before she slowly opened the door  and stepped inside. 

There he was, sitting on the edge of the bed, elbows resting on his knees while his head rested between his hands. She noticed his hair was wet, the blonde tips falling on his forehead, giving him the irresistible look. He looked gorgeous, breath-taking even. And as if it's not enough, he had no shirt on what so ever, revealing his toned chest, and defined muscles. 

'God, snap out of it Isabel, focus on the purpose you're here for.' She mentally scolded herself for being so weak in front of him, when she hadn't even made any contact with him yet. 

He seemed oblivious to the fact that someone stepped inside the room, or the fact that there was a knock at the door moments ago. 
He looked in some kind of trance, eyes open, but his mind wasn't there. 

At the exact moment she was about to speak, determined to make things better, he lifted his head up, his vision blurry. Running his hands over his eyes, until he saw her again. He saw her, crystal clear. She was biting her bottom lip, fidlling with her hands, a weak smile on ber face. 

"For god's sake! Leave me the fuck alone!" He yelled frustrated, she noticed he was not sober, not one bit. 

He couldn't take it any more, her shadows were making him crazy. He held his head between his two hands, closing his eyes for a few seconds, to make her go away. But this time, she was still there. Her hands now rested by her sides, frozen in her place. Her mouth was open in shock, and her eyes filled with tears about to stream down her face. 

"Fine." His eyes met her blue ones for the second time now, and he realized, she was here. She's really here. 

He stood up, walking towards the door himself. "Bella?" 
It came out more like a whisper. His eyes widened as realization hit him, that he just yelled at her. 

She started taking a few steps backwards heading to the door. That was not what she expected when he came in. His eyes when he yelled were dark from anger, he clearly didn't want her here. She felt her heart sink at the words she just heard as tears threatened to fall down her cheeks. 

He rushed forward and grabbed her by the arm as she was about to walk out of the room. "Bella, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you like that, I was just.." He sighed closing his eyes, "I didn't mean it" he said shaking his head. 

Even if she wasn't gonna take him back, she didn't deserve to be yelled at like he just did. He was drunk again, apparently he didn't learn his lesson, so his headache was unbearable. 

At his touch, she became tense. She closed her eyes, hoping to control herself. 

"Isabel, I'm sorry." He said again. Feeling that she was uncomfortable, he let go of her arm, then struggled to maintain his balance. Immediately, she missed the warmth of his hand. 
And 'Isabel'? That sounded so foreign coming from him.  

"I'm fine." She said shaking her head. She slowly opened her eyes, to see him standing in front of her, awaiting her response. She helped him stand straight, leading him to sit on the bed. 

"I was actually here to talk to you." She paused for a moment, biting her lip. "About what happened earlier today." 

He glanced up at her concerned figure, she was obviously worried about him. "About that, you don't have to..just- it's fine. Don't mention it again." He said suddenly irritated. What'd she think? He'll sit here and listen while she tells him she doesn't love him anymore? That she chose one of his best mates over him?

"Zayn, I think we can.."

"I don't wanna hear it, Bella." He said, holding his head between both his hands again, closing his eyes. "Ugh, my head hurts"

"Well, yeah that's what happens when you drink vodka like water." She said sarcastically. 

He looked at her, and couldn't help but admire her beauty. His eyes looking at every inch of her face. She looked flawless, like the shadow he saw in the bathroom earlier. God, he'd do anything to be able to hold her again. 

"Zayn, can we please talk?" She said getting impatient, but nontheless, she blushed madly under his gaze. 

"I can't, I'm going out." He said getting up to gather some clothes. 
He knew how to make himself forget for a while. He's been doing it all for two months. 

"You're not going anywhere until we talk" she said determined, taking the shirt he was gonna wear from him. "I have something important to tell you." 

She saw that he was drunk, more than usual. She didn't mean to do that to him. That's not the point of her sacrifise. 

She took his arm, in order for him to sit down, but he yanked his arm away, harshly. 

He just can't sit here and listen to her talking about what he overheard. Fine, eavesdropped over. He knew what she was gonna tell him, and he won't have it. He'll not listen to it. 

"Just, stop!" He said fuming
"I don't wanna hear it, Isabel." He said trying to yank the shirt from her hand. 

She took a closer look at his face, noticing his bruised jaw. She scanned him, worried that there's something else. 

"Oh my god, Zayn!" She walked closer, her face a bit pale. "What the hell happened to you!" 
She was mortified, looking at his sides. He was hit, badly, she could tell. "You're not going out when you're that drunk, and injured!" She said shaking her head. "Not if I can help it." She added, by now she was utterly upset. Why was he acting like this? She could feel the tears threatining to fall down her cheeks again. 

"Niall, could you come here for a second?" She called out, hoping Niall would knock some sense into his friend's brain. 

"You don't have a say in what I do or don't do, you made sure of that." He spat irritated. "Great, call Niall, your loverboy, cuz it makes things fucking better!" 

Her mouth fell open in shock, feeling insulted, she hit him on his jaw, hard. She didn't care if he was already hurt, right now, he was acting like a jerk. He grunted in pain, the already bruised jaw was burning enough, causing him severe pain without her adding to it. 

Bella walked fowrward and grabbed him by his arm, walking towards the bathroom. She could barely make him walk there, obviously he's stronger than her, so basically she was struggling to move him. But him being drunk, made it easier. 

"What are you doing?" He asked now more calm, confusion written all over his face. His breath reeked of alcohol again. 

She ignored him and entered the bathroom, moving the curtains aside, and pushing him into the shower. She gave him no time to register what she was doing, before she opened the cold freezing water on him, making him soaking wet.

"Ughh, What the hell was that for!" He yelled pushing his hair off of his eyes. 

She backed away a bit, looking at him in irritation. "Sober up, Zayn! You're being a jerk!" She said pushing him further away so his back was pressed against the wall. 

"A jerk? Sorry I won't sit here and listen to the happy ending I should've had with you, While you have it with another! I won't fucking listen!" He yelled, running a hand through his wet hair. 

"What are you.." 

"Just cut the act, Bella. I heard everything you told Niall." He said still under the running water, looking at anything but her. 

"Yo-you did?" She stuttered, thinking about everything she said. She practically broke down in front of Niall, not a pretty sight. 

"Yeah, I did." He said, his jaw clenched. 

It didn't make sense that he heard everything, with what he said just now. Bella ran her hands down her face, "then why are you acting like this?" She asked, her voice about to crack. 

"Do you expect me to be happy for you? Bella, I'm not a prick, I would've been happy you moved on if it wasn't with my freaking best friend."

Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant. 
"How much exactly did you hear, Zayn?" 
She asked him, trying to keep calm. Does he really think she'd do that?

"Nevermind" he said in a weak voice, about to walk past her to get out of the shower. 

"Tell me what you heard!"She said sternly, her eyes piercing his. "I heard you saying you loved him! Are you happy now?" He paused for a second before he continued. "Shit, now it feels more real after I said it out loud." He said running his hands down his face. 

He waited for her to reply, to say something. Anything. 


"I did no such thing!" She said frustrated. 


"You f*cking told him you loved him! I heard enough!" He said getting closer to her. 


"Are you crazy?!" She yelled pushing him away, looking in his eyes. "I told him I loved you, you stupid jerk!! I love YOU!!" She shouted, tears falling down her face. 


A/N: She finally told him! HA! 

 Hey you guys! How've you been? I'm really sorry, I've been bad at updating lately, but this chapter was longer, I think. Sorry you had to wait so long! But please, comment and tell me what you think! Please guys, help me out here! Don't forget to favorite and like!  Love you<3

-Maisa -Xx. 


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