Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


14. I don't

" You still love him don't you? " he said as his eyes turned dark again.

He couldn't control his anger anymore, and she was at breaking point.

Her eyes were locked with his as he spoke, but she didn't respond.

She didn't know if it was even love that she felt towards Stan or just that she loved the idea of him, but she certainly never planned on being with him again. 

Zayn had replaced him, she has feelings for Zayn now.

Zayn walked a few steps away from her, shaking his head.
" You're afraid of ME, after all we've been through, but still love this..lowlife " he yelled irritated, pointing at Stan. "After all the things he made you go through." Zayn added, his jaw clenched again.

" Zayn, I.." she started to say then she trailed off, not knowing what to say.

" I would never hurt you Bella, you should know that." He said quietly, a look of disappointment on his face,  before starting to walk away. 

She stood there, not sure of what to do, while her tears kept streaming down her face.

She looked at the man on the ground, a feeling of disgust spread all over her body. 

 The picture was now clear to her as she slowly sat down on the floor, hands covering her face, and knees put against her chest. She felt nothing but disgust and hate towards Stan. 

Zayn was the one who helped her through everything. For six months she was stuck in the prison of her own feelings, until he came along.
He filled the holes that her ex and her parents made in her heart.

" I can't see you like this " She heard a hurt voice say after a few minutes passed.

She looked up at the guy that was now in front of her again, as his eyes began to water. He looked hurt, his brown beautiful eyes showed disappointment and sadness. She wasn't scared anymore, his expression was full of concern and worry, his features were calm, nothing like he was minutes ago.

" I'm sorry for hurting you." he said in his low husky voice.

She stood up walking towards him slowly, "I don't love him " she said shaking her head, looking in his breathtaking eyes, tears streaming down her face.  " I don't."

A Smile appeared on his face as he let her words soak in, he admired her beautiful face even now. Her eyes were red but still had their ocean blue spark, he wiped away her tears, leaning his head down, closer to hers.

" Good, cause I want you all to myself " he said and smiled as he gently gave her the most innocent kiss they ever shared.

" I'm sorry " She said between tears.

He wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a hug, his warmth did the trick again, as she felt safer now, she felt at peace, his presence was all she needed right now.

Zayn felt relieved as he had her between his arms, the girl he truly cares about.

Every other girl, that saw his other side never approached him again. And he didn't blame them, or Bella for that matter if she decided to stay away from him. 
But she was nothing like them, he knew that she was different from the beggining, and there's no where he'd rather be at right now than here, holding her close to him.

She pulled away a bit to look at him, as she smiled and kissed his cheek.

" He is seriously ruining the moment laying there." She said jokingly, looking at her ex. She felt nothing. Absolutely nothing.
He laughed at her indifference towards the guy, "How about we take care of that " he said and took out his phone.
She watched curious as he dialle Harry's number. Moments later, Harry picked up.

 "Hey mate, do me a favor? Come to Bella's house, and bring the guys with you " he said with a smile then hung up. 

She smiled at him, content that he was gonna deal with this the right way. He held her close to him as she rested her head on his muscular chest, hearing his hearbeat.

She was glad he didn't give up on her, he stayed by her side when she needed him. 

And Zayn? well, he was relieved he still had a place in her life, as she was the best thing that has ever happened to him.


An update! This was short, I know, but the next one is longer, I promise! Please comment, vote and wait for the next chapter! Gonna update soon.


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