Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


4. I can't do this alone

Bella's P.O.V:

He leaned in to kiss me - something was pulling me towards him but I ignored it and turned away.
" I can't" I said in a low voice. I tried to stop crying, but I couldn't. All the hurtful memories came back again. I had loved Stan, I think I still do. But I don't trust him after what he did. And I guess I can't trust any other guy, except for Jake. 

I felt the disappointment in Zayn's voice " Don't cry doll, he's not worth it." I felt an urge to hug him for being so caring - and I did. My arms held him tight for safety, although I didn't know if that's what I felt. His arms were around me holding me close to him.
His warmth made me feel better.

" Thank you."I said crying and tightened the hug around him.

" Just so you know, I'm gonna wait " He whispered in my ear. 
I couldn't form a sentence to say. I just stood there in his arms and felt secure , safe. His hug was warm - I felt goosebumps through my body. But I had to ignore it, nothing good can come out of it. I didn't want him to wait. He'd be wasting his time. 

" Don't " I said with tears rolling down my face. 

" It's not up to you Bella. I'm not giving up, I like you. I really do. "  he told me in the most gentle voice. I looked up at his eyes - pure brown. I smiled at him and leaned my head back against his chest. 

We stood like that for a couple of minutes until the door was opened. 
I glanced up to see Mia and Darcy by the door looking at us lips parted. I pulled away from Zayn and walked towards the girls. 

" Did we...interrupt something?" Darcy asked and chuckled.

" No actually I was just leaving " Zayn said with a smile and went to the table to pick up his phone and car keys. 

" I missed you guys " I said wiping away my tears and giving each one of them a hug. 

" We missed you too. We were worried about you honey." Mia said looking at me then at Zayn. 

" What happened Bella, When did Stan come here anyway ?" Darcy asked me with blank eyes. 
Seriously, she has always hated him. Since day one. Turns out she was right. 

" I'll call you later doll " Zayn smiled at me and pecked my cheek. " Good night ladies " he said to Mia and Darcy with a smile and closed the door behind him. 

" Doll? tell me EVERYTHING " Mia said anxious. " what a gentleman !" She was always so into these romantic stories. But this wasn't one, for Mia's dismay. 
Darcy hit her at the back, then grabbed my hand and we sat in my room. 

I told them everything that happened that day all over again. If looks could kill,  Stan would have been dead by now. 

" Forget that shithead, What's with Zayn " Darcy said excited. 

" Yeah,  we obviously interrupted your warm hug, DOLL. " Mia added teasing me. 

" Shut up, he came by around noon to check up on me because A CERTAIN SOMEONE " I said out loud looking at Mia " Told him I was sick. He saw the door was open and no one answered. Next thing I know he wouldn't leave and fixed my face. He took care of me because he saw the way I looked. Then he made dinner, I didn't think he was the type that would stand in the kitchen. " I said laughing. 

" Um, did you guys meet before that party ?" Darcy asked with a weird look. 

" No, never. But I really got to know him today. We talked about our jobs,what we like and don't like, our friends, HARRY STYLES, Um what else,oh and.." I was cut off by Mia. 
I knew she's stop me haha. 
" Wait,what about Harry ?" she asked with a stupid smile that said crush all over it. 

" Nothing really, Zayn told me that he sees Harry is being serious with you and that you two are getting along." I said with a smile.

" Well and..?" she asked impatiently.
" I asked him what Harry was like, he said he'd be focused on a girl when he's with her,and..." I said teasing her.
" What!!" she screamed.

" He..told me that Harry said he really likes you " I told her with a wink.

She looked at me shyly then looked down at her hands and smiled.

" I kinda like him too Bells " She said almost whispering. " You're the best" she added. 

" I'm glad your doing well sweety " I told her and gave her a hug. 

I got up to grab my phone when it vibrated. 

From Zayn:
" Something for you downstairs doll - look at the window to say good night. Xx."

I immediately got up and stood by the window and looked down. He was leaning against his black Range Rover with a sweet smile on his face. He mouthed a good night to me and winked, I smiled and mouthed good night back then waited til he drove away to run downstairs towards the door. 

I opened the door to see two big boxes with a note suck to them. 
I sat on the ground leaning against the door and picked up the note tha said  
' To Bella:
This is just a small gift to make it up to you for that night at the harbor. Xx ' 
A smile formed on my lips as I opened the first box. 
It contained adorable black heels similar to the ones I wore at the party, only these were nicer.
I couldn't help but chuckle at his present. I opened the other box to reveal a cute pink strapeless dress that is way prettier than the one I wore at the party. I was amazed that he's remembered these stuff. 
I hugged the dress and thought about Zayn. Then I saw anothed note attached to the box.

' You fell into the water because of me,  so I thought your heels and dress won't be the same. These would look good on you doll, hope you like them.
Yours, Zayn.'

" Speaking about who likes who, Zayn like you Bella. " Darcy said with a smirk on her face. She was standing in front of me with Mia by her side.

" No he doesn't Darcy,he was just being kind " I said not mentioning the fact that he actually told me he liked me. Or the fact that he was about to kiss me earlier.

" Fine Bella, I know what you're doing. And it's just ruining things for you." 

" What's that supposed to mean?" I said in a loud voice irritated. 

" It means you're still stuck on that fucking jerk that slept with your fucking best friend, and won't let go so that someone who deserves you can make it up to you"she shouted at me, anger in her eyes. " You deserve better than what you're putting yourself through."
I looked at her,lips parted and eyes wide and blank.
Tears started rolling down my face. 

" I can't ..forget him Darcy. I need help, please help me. I don't want to love him anymore, everything you said was right. I- I can't do this alone. " I said shaking with tears making their way down my face. 

" It's alright honey, I'm sorry for yelling at you, I'm such a jerk.  I'm sorry, we're here for you, you'll forget him eventually." Darcy said pulling me towards her for a hug.

" We'll always help you Bella, you're our sister - you'll move on,it's just a matter of time."Mia said and gave me another hug.

" I love you guys " I said and wiped my tears away.

" We love you too sweety " They both said in a caring tone. I am lucky to have them by my side. 

After I calmed down I sent Zayn a text.

 To Zayn: 
" Thank you so much, I love them - you didn't have to though." 

Minutes later my phone vibrated. 

From Zayn:
" Don't worry about it doll, I wanted to. Xx" 

To Zayn:
" Thanks again you're sweet, good night" 

From Zayn:
" Sleep tight doll."

And with that, the girls stayed over at my place to comfort me.
I laid in my bed thinking about Stan again until the thought of Zayn replaced it.  In no time, I was fast asleep with a smile on my face.

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