Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


10. Cute

He knocked at the door, it was locked, not a sound was heard. He had a key, but he figured he'll wait till she opens the door. 

He heard footsteps and keys messing with the lock from the inside, then the door was opened.

She stood there, sleepy and rubbing her eyes. Her hair was straight to her waist, and her clothes complimented her figure. To top it all up, he saw she was holding his jacket tight, making Him smile at the sight.

" Hey doll, been asleep?" he asked with a smirk, closing the door after he walked inside. She just nodded and leaned her head on his chest. Her head arrived just a bit below his shoulders, right where his heart is. She's more than capable of hearing his wild heartbeat.
He put his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

" That's the cutest thing ever " He whispered reffering to the way she held his jacket close, and hugged her tight.
She giggled nuzzling her head more into his chest.

He grabbed her face between his two hands, and planted a kiss on her lips which made her eyes open wide in surprise.  After she relaxed into the kiss, she kissed him back, seeming to forget she was sleepy.

 Her hands went to the back of his head, causing the jacket to fall on the ground. He smirked, still holding her by the waist and kissing her softly. The feeling he had was too much, undescribable. He felt like he owned the world. 

While she got lost in his kiss, all her worries about Stan, school, and any trust issues faded away with his touch. 
They broke the kiss and smiled at each other. He grabbed her hand and walked over to the couch, then sat her on his lap, so that she was facing him. 

Again  she put her arms around his neck for support, while his arms were around her back. 

" You looked adorable holding my jacket, sleepyhead " he said and grinned at the picture he had now memorized in his mind. 

She sighed and hid her face in the crook of his neck. " God how embarressing !" She whined, blushing like a red tomato. 

" I think it's cute " he said kissing her cheek. 

She looked up and smiled, then her hands went up to his face, stroking his cheeks. " You shaved" she said in the sweetest voice, smiling innocently.

" Yeah, I kind of did " he said chuckling at her comment. 

"Let me see if you did a good job" she said, and kissed his right cheek a few times in different areas, then looked in his brown gorgeous eyes before kissing the other too. He smirked at her soft kisses, and admired her movements.
"Don't tease me, doll " he said in his attractive voice,  smiling seductively at her. 

She continued kissing his cheeks, planting a small one on his lips every now and then. 
 " Who gave you that impression?" she asked with a grin, before kissing his lips once more. 
" Yup, great job. Smooth as can be " She added before getting up. 

" Oh no, you're not escaping that easy " he said and grabbed her wrist pulling her back onto his lap, she giggled and smiled at him innocently. 

" What now, Malik?" She asked smirking, rolling her eyes.

" You're not done " he said motioning to his lips. She sighed as if she didn't want to, then smiled at him, before kissing him again. This time it lasted longer. Her hand played with his hair while the other was on the back of his neck.

" I could stay like this all day " he said between the kisses. He felt her smile at his words, causing his grin to appear.

They paused, taking their breaths, looking hopelessly into eachother's eyes. 

His eyes were sparkling in amusement, her eyes were wide and shining. 

He stroked her cheek " What do you wanna do?" He asked in his soft voice.
" Already bored ha? you fooled me with that all day crap " she said teasing him. 

"Believe me, all night too if I could " He said smiling at her.

She shook her head in disappointment. 

"Let me prove it " he said picking her
 up in his arms and heading to her room. She admired his face features all the way until they reached their destination. 
He put her down on her bed and laid down next to her. He wrapped his arms around her, and her head was resting on his chest.

He kissed her hair and played with it for a few minutes, before she turned around. She was laying on her stomach, he arm around him and her chin rested on his chest.

" At least let me see your face " she said smiling.

" What's so special about it?" He said smirking, clearly he had the nerves to fool around. 

" It's just flawless, I like it " She said with a grin. 

He smiled kissing her hair once more, inhaling her scent. 

Her hand went up to his face, " Your eyes " she said closing his eyes with her fingertips on his eyelids. "Sometimes they go dark, a mysterious transformation I will figure out later " She said and giggled. He smirked at her words, pulling her closer.  She opened her eyes, then his.  "And sometimes they're just like this, pure chocolate brown, full of kindness  " She said playing with his large hand, while his thumb stroked the back of her tiny hand. 

" And your cheeks, a grin appears on them whenever I smile, talk, or just when you look at me, making me feel special. Which I am certainly not." She said stroking his cheeks. 

" You most certainly are " he said and kissed her hand, smiling at her modesty.

She rolled her eyes " Shhh,  I'm still talking " She said and smiled, moving two fingers up to his lips to make him shut up. 

He kissed her fingers and smiled, then nodded for her to speak.

" You're lips " she said, lifting her head up so they had even eye sights. She planted a kiss on his lips and closed her eyes. Taking time to adjust the situation she was in, she bit her lower lip. He admired her every gesture, the way she talked, smiled, the way she plays with his hands gently. 

" They're soft and gentle, perfect shape " she giggled making him smile.

"Although I'm new to them, I'll still have to do my research " she winked, making him burst in laughter.

He hugged her tight pulling her closer, his warmth made her feel safe again. 
" Then let me help you " he said and leaned forward to kiss her once more.
" You're beautiful you know that ?" He asked her looking in her eyes. 

She shook her head, and looked down, suddenly self concious. 

He lifted her head up, " You are. Never doubt that"  he said while his thumb stroked her cheek. 

"You're perfect" He whispered in her ear, before gently pressing his lips to hers, once more. 

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