Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


5. Complicated?

Zayn's P.O.V: 

I was thrilled that I spent some time with Bella. She's exactly how I thought she was, just perfect. There are just a few things she shouldn't know, and maybe it's for the best. She can't get into this shit. It's way too complicated.

After going home I texted Jake for our plan for tomorrow.

To Jake:
" Meet me at the harbor tomorrow at 9 A.M. - Zayn" 

I went back to my flat and laid back on my bed staring at the ceiling. All I could think about was her, god what is she doing to me?

The next Morning.

To Bella:
" Morning doll , sleep tight?" 

A few minutes later I recieve a text from her. 
It was pretty early, but I remembered she had school.

From Bella: 
" Good morning Zayn. Yeah the girls stayed over to keep me company " 

To Bella:
" Great . I'll come over today. " 

I was relieved that she had someone with her. Her parents obviously don't know about what happened, they barely even see her.

I wasn't gonna let that Stan get away with what he did to MY GIRL. So I drove to the harbor and waited for Jake to arrive. 

Well, 9 O'clock sharp he was there. We shook hands and started to plan what we're gonna do. It was an advantage that he knew where Stan lived, it made it easier.

 Jake had to skip school to come and meet me, so we had to hurry so he could go and keep an eye on Bella at school.

At 10 A.M we got in my car and drove to Stan's, he lived in an almost deserted neighborhood. A filthy one. 
It was obvious to me why kind of guy would live in a place like this, especially one who hits a woman. 

As soon as we were in front of his house, knocking didn't help. 
We broke the door down and went inside looking in every spot. We found him in his room cuddled up with some chick while they were asleep.  
And he wants Bella? he can fuck off. 
We stood over them by the bed and removed the sheets . Jake quickly grabbed him from his clothes and pinned him against the wall. 
The girl started screaming right away, I grabbed her hand and told her to go home. 
Stan was staring at us coldly, not caring about anything. 

" Look at me Pal, If you ever go near Isabell again, you have another thing coming. You hear that ? " I said frustrated. His lack of emotion made me angrier, he just laughed. 

" Look you little piece of shit, you hurt her enough, so unless you want her to attend your funeral, you better stay the hell away from her " Jake shouted and spit at him.

" We'll see about that " he said and laughed again. That was it, I've had it.

I removed Jake's hands and grabbed him By the neck.

" Stay the hell awayy from her. What kind of a man hits a woman anyway? you're nothing but a filthy waste of space. So you better as hell do what we say." I spat at his face. It was hard to just stand there, I hit him a couple of times in his stomach, imagining how he must have had her trapped, throwing fists at her. 
I started walking away because I knew I won't be able to control my anger if he said anything else. That's when I heard Jake punching him in the face.
I turned around to see Stan on the ground with a knife near him. He was about to stab me if it wasn't for Jake. 

" I've had to tolerate you for 2 years before your last episode, If it was up to me, she would never have gone out with you. Nobody hurts my sister and gets away with it. " he yelled at him and spit one more time.

I chuckled, impressed by his other character. 

" You're not so bad pretty boy " I told him as We were getting inside the car.
" Well, what can I say ? I guess he got the best of me " he said and laughed.

 I turned on the ignition and put my hands on the wheel. 

" Hey, thanks for what you did back there " I said and gave him a weak smile.

" It was nothing " he said and patted on my back.

I drove him to school and told him to keep an eye on Bella, because I knew that bastard won't get off that easy. 

Bella's P.O.V:

That night the girls stayed over at my place, and the four days after. We would go to school together and then go back to my house. They helped me forget about what happened. Well, partly. I've been having nightmares about Stan. I haven't told anyone yet, but I was scared ad hell.

Zayn came over to see me a few times in the last few days, and texted me a lot. I've had to shut down my feelings, but I wasn't sure it was even working.  He was being really caring, maybe too much. I felt something, everytime he spoke or touched me. 
I was going in way too deep, and I've just known him for a week. He just has this kind of .. charm. It's paralyzing. 

Today is Friday, I woke up early to go to school. My bruises were not that visible anymore, so I was more comfortable going out of the house.

 I had breakfast and was on my way. I didn't have any classes with any of my friends, just my luck.
First two periods were over really fast, even though my mind was pretty much at pain. 

Third period was chemistry, Mr.Salvadore announced a new student's arrival, his name was Mark.
I found it weird he joined in a few months before graduation but shrugged it off, it was none of my buisness.

He stood in front of the class and told us a bit about himself and then sat down next to me. He kept looking my way, and honestly? I didn't like it. It was exactly how Stan got me talking to him in the first place. Although he was a year older, we had some classes together. 

He leaned in towards my desk and said " Hey, What's your name?"

" I'm Isabel" I told him with a fake smile.

" Nice to meet you, I'm Mark " He smiled and winked innocently.

" Um, Nice to meet you Mark " I said unwillingly.

" I was wondering if .." he started talking but was cut off by the teacher saying that finals were next week. The bell rang and class was over.  I got up pretty fast, trying to hold back my tears. I walked to the bathroom and into a stall, then cracked. Tears kept falling, without any control. 
My phone vibrated the same moment. It was Zayn. 

" Hey doll, when do you finish school?" He said in his husky attractive voice.

I couldn't talk cause it'd be too obvious I was crying.

" Zayn I'll call you later I'm sorry " I said quickly and hung up. I don't want anybody talking to me, that was it. Stan once again controlled my thoughts, and the new student made it worse.
Stan was just new here and sat next to me in class. Then he asked me to show him around. Soon after, we were hanging out a lot together. Until he made the move. 
All those memories came back, and Zayn wasn't here to make me feel better. He actually was able to do that a lot these past few days.
I left school early and went home, I knew it was a bad idea to be alone, so I called him. 

" Hey, Zayn." 

" Hey doll, how are you ?" he asked, and I could tell from his tone that he was smiling.

" I don't feel so good. Um, Can you come over? I need you " I said without even thinking. 

" Why what happened? nevermind I'll be over in an hour " He said concerned and quickly ended the call. His voice indicated he was worried. 

I didn't know what was wrong with me, I just laid down at the couch and cried myself to sleep. I wish I hadn't done that though, It just made things worse.

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