Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


1. Caring Zayn


Bella's P.O.V 
I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I thought it was my mother , but it was Zayn instead. I didn't want him to see me like this . I was a mess. Although I don't know why I care . He refused to leave and sat beside me. 
He started to apologize , althought I know I was the one who did him wrong . even though I wouldn't admit that earlier . I felt sadness in his voice , Suddenly he stopped when he saw my face. His eyes were wide in shock - He obviously didn't expect to see me like that .  
He got angry and asked me who did it . I felt my body shake at the thought of Stan. I feared what he'll do to me next . 
He didn't give up , he saw that I was scared. 
I hesitated before telling him it was my ex - but not his name. I knew he wanted to know the story about him , but I guess he felt that I was too upset to talk about it. 
He looked furious and about explode of anger when he knew it happened right after he left . He apologized again saying he would've killed him for hurting HIS GIRL . I pretended not to hear - though he probably knew I ignored it . 
It felt good to be honest . He was very affectionate and caring . I don't know why they say he's bad . 

He told me he'd come right back . 
I heard some noises , then he cane up with a bowl of warm water and a cloth . I grabbed his hand stopping him from helping me - " I want to Bella , please let me " he said almost begging . 
" It's gonna hurt a bit " he said in a calm voice - filled with guilt. 
It hurt like hell everytime the cloth touched my face . yet he was gentle and careful not to hurt me . 
I was looking at his eyes - pure kindness was shown . his eyes were now light brown . No where near dark. 
I wasn't afraid of him anymore , I felt safe with him . yet , I don't know anything about him . After he was done I gave him a smile , thanking him for his help . 
I put my hand on my jaw and regret it right away .
" Uh , It hurts " I winced in pain . 

" It'll get better . How about we get you something to eat?" he said in his attractive voice . 
That was the part of him that pulled me towards him . but maybe this is a chance to get to know him . He was right . I didn't give him a chance in the first place . 

" yeah I'd like that , but i'm not going out looking like this " I told him being honest . I didn't want people to start asking questions . 

" How about this ? Go take a shower to feel better , and I'll be back in 15 minutes . Is that alright?" he asked me getting up . He still smiled at me . His smile was - overwhelming. Brought a smile on my face too. 

He then took off leaving me to shower . 




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