Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


28. Bestfriends

Bella's P.O.V : 

" I missed you so much " Shaden said pulling me into another hug , after we chatted for a good half hour , " I missed u too ,both of you " I said trying to hold back my tears . 

" Um, Air is needed over here " I breathed out , talking to Ashalee as she giggled and pulled Shaden away , only for her to hug me again , I smiled as I hugged her back . 

These two are my crazy bestfriends from my hometown . 

Shaden, Is tall, skinny, tanned , she's the kind of girl who loves to laugh and enjoy her time , She has wavy brown hair, that goes all the way to the end of her back, and hazel eyes that brings out her innocence . 

Ashalee Has dark brown hair with natural red and blonde highlights and lowlights,  She has blue eyes , similar to my own , average height and skinny . She likes to smile all the time and have fun , just like Shaden . 

I missed them , our friendship. We used to be inseperable , but my parents always had to ruin something , just by moving whenever they had the chance , while I'm thinking about it , "Girls I'm gonna look for an apartment " 

" Okay ?" Shaden said , but it came out more like a question , both girls looked confused , " wait , what about your parents ?" Ashalee asked studying my expression , her southern accent made me smile before I focused on the subject of the conversation again . 

" They're moving again " I said , I tried to control my anger , this issue always got the best of me . " They just care about their jobs and I'm sick of it . I'm not going with them though , I've had enough problems and Graduation is near . I doubt they'll even attend " 

" It can't be that bad Bella , try talking to them " Shaden tried to change my mind about leaving with my parents , not gonna work . 

" I'm not about to beg my parents for attention Shaden , that's not how it's supposed to be " I held back tears again , I desperately wanted a normal relationship with my parents like any other teenager has or should have . 

" That's not what I said , but tell them how you feel " she replied looking worried . 

" Plus , are you sure they're gonna let you live all by yourself ? " Ashalee asked me this time . 

" Huh " I laughed mockingly , " Seriously ? I'm always living alone , only if they come home for a few days and spend them sleeping . I'm pretty much trained on taking care of myself " I said then noticed a flash from my Iphone, the caller ID showed " My prince<3  "with a picture of me and Zayn smiling at the camer ,  yeah sure , note to self - remember to change that later before any of those two got my phone . 

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath as the girls studied my movements . 

" why won't you answer ?" Ashalee asled me with a grin . Oh , here we go . 

" Let me see" Shaden yelled and jumped up to grab hold of my phone , yancking it from my hand to hers , before I had any time to react or argue , they were examining the screen ,  grinning widely as they looked at the screen then back at me .  Repeatedly , I might add . 

Too late to change that now . 
I sighed and covered my face with my hands . 

"  Hello, who is this ?  " I heard Shaden's familiar voice say , I shot up looking directly at her holding my phone to her ear . " Yeah Zayn she's right here , I'm Shaden by the way " I shot her a death glare , only it didn't stop her . 

 Oh my g..  " Shaden! let me have that ! " I screamed and took my phone from her , I mentally slapped myself as I thought about what I'm gonna say to him , I can't just end the call without a word . 

I held the phone up to my ear and opened my mouth to say something , but I felt numb , I had nothing to say .

" Bella ?" I heard Zayn on the other end of the phone calling my name , I sighed before I walked outside to talk more privately . 

Well, I'm sorry if I don't fancy having a not so happy discussion with my boyfrien..wait , I don't actually know what he is to me now , point is, not talking in front of my grinning over enthusiastic friends at the moment . 

I shut my eyes as I felt the cold breeze hit my warm cheeks , adding to my off mood . 

" Yeah I'm here . Sorry about that " I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded . 

" Um ,it's alright. " he sighed and paused for a second " are you more calm now ? " he asked me , his tone was somewhat weak as he spoke ,  " Yeah " I said , it came out cold , but that wasn't my intention. 

" C-can we talk ? " he asked hesitantly , I noticed a black Range Rover in the parking lot but didn't have a clear view of the driver , he can't be here anyway , he would have gotten out of the car . 

" Bella sweety we have somewhere to go for now , maybe we'll meet up in the evening ? have a girls' night ? " Ashalee said from behind me as both of them had wide smiles on their faces . 

" Zayn wait a sec .." I told him and looked at the girls with a confused look , " but girls.." I started but Shaden cut me off , " My dad wants me to help him with some stuff , we'll call you in a bit " she said , each one of them gave me a hug and they were on their way . 

" Zayn ?" I asked through the phone  , he wasn't there anymore , I sighed as I went inside  again to get my purse , as I was about to exit the door , his eyes got locked with mine . 




I finally updated !! how are my lovely readers ? I'm sorry for taking too long to update , but seriously I finished some finals and got them off my back , I hope u liked this chapter , maybe I'll update tomorrow morning ? 

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