Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


33. Awkward encounter

Bella watched painfully as Zayn kissed the girl passionately. He seemed to give in all his emotions kissing the girl, consequently forming a lump in Bella's throat.
 Niall observed in shock, his hands still held Bella's as tears began forming in her eyes. He squeezed her hands, indicating he's there for her. She almost gasped as his hands went down the girl's legs. A grin visible on his face,obviously enjoying his time. She couldn't hold it in as she gently spoke out his name, refusing to see the scene go on any further in front of her. She wanted to curl up in her bed and stay there. She wanted to cry, to let it all out. That was the last thing she expected to see at the moment. 
It seemed to her that today she was gonna make up for the days she didn't cry in, this month obviously. 

Seconds later, she noticed Zayn stop immediately as he heard her voice. His back still facing her. The girl looked nowhere near shy but dropped her hands anyway, looking at Bella in a disgusted look. 


Zayn gathered all his strength to turn around and look at the girl he least expected to see. He flashed her a weak smile as he caught her eyes, hiding his wild emotions that were let out after seeing her. His heart immediately skipped a beat. 
He looked at her, her brown hair was held up in a messy bun with a few strands on either side of her face, her eyes shone like everytime he looked at her. 

She looked as beautiful as ever. He even thought she looked better than before, if that was possible. 
He suddenly felt too concious about everything, the way he kissed Christine in front of Bella, the fact he was smiling during the kiss, what might she be thinking now? She didn't know she was the reason for that smile. 

 Her lips were half open in disbelief, eyes threatening to let out tears,but she held them back. There was no way she'll humiliate herself. 

She saw Zayn begin to approach her, even though her look was cold as ice, he could have sworn he saw a hint of hurt in her eyes, making his heart break again. His eyes traveled down to her hands, wrapped in Niall's big ones. He clenched his fists and released, as a way to calm down. He looked at Niall, who gave him a death glare, already about to tear his friend apart. What is he on about? She shouldn't have been here in the first place. 
He forgot that Christine was there and walked over to stand in front of Bella, who regained her posture and stood up straight, sending him a fake weak smile. 

She tried to hide how broken she was, to see the guy she cared about holding another girl that close was just too much. Stan and Claudia all over again, but this time it isn't cheating. Zayn had every right to be with anyone he wants. 

The 'Zap' tattoo on his right arm which she loved was shown, clear to her view. 
His shirt was half open, revealing the side of his wings tatto. Thinking about how the shirt was unbuttoned made her feel sick. The girl's arms around Zayn's neck was something she didn't wish to see . She pushed the thought away and kept her focus on him. He was wearing the black jeans and leather jacket she gave him. Well, at least he likes them. You could see his muscles through the plain shirt he had on. 
She snapped out of it when she looked at his eyes, his jaw clenched looking again at Niall's hands holding hers and she quickly took her hands away, sitting back down. Niall smiled warmly at her, giving her a look showing he understood. 

" Hey Isabel." Zayn said with a smile, and hugged her to avoid awkwardness. The second he had her body against his, he felt a rush of some sort. He knew he caught her by surprise cause she didn't respond immediately. The feelings he got when he held her waist was undeniable. But he wasn't gonna break down now after a whole month of holding everything in.
The sight of her face again, after a month was something painful and incredible. Painful because he didn't stand the fact he couldn't hold her close. He couldn't stand that she'd seen him with a girl a minute ago. And incredible because of the feelings it gave him. Her eyes, her barely visible freckles, her face, her lips. He would give anything just to kiss her again, to hold her petite figure in his arms. Yet, she didn't seem to care about the kiss she witnessed a minute ago,  and she did want him to move on right? so that's what he'll make her think. 

Bella on the other hand felt numb as he pronounced her actual name. His smile made her weak again, her knees threatened to let her down at any second.  She hid the emotions she showed a minute ago, and stared emotionless at Zayn. He seemed to be moving on, and she'll show the same. But one thing made everything worse - the guys lied to her. They were supposed to help her, not make her think he's in the same situation as her when he's clearly having 'fun'. 

The indifference his voice held pained her to no end and made her weak. But hearing his voice also made her beart beat faster. 
Her knees were about to let her down when his arms went around her waist for a hug. She froze at his touch. Fireworks, butterflies, you name it. She felt everything. After a second she put her arms around him to return the hug and closed her eyes. After all they weren't alone and she wasn't gonna ignore him. Although she doubted that's why she hugged him back. She desperately wanted to touch his face, hold his hands, exactly like she used to. His arms felt so warm around her. She never wanted to let go. But she could tell the girl was killing her in her mind. 

Zayn desperately wanted her to respond. Once he had his arms around her he closed his eyes. His feelings were uncontrolable at this moment. Then, as if on cue, " Hey Zayn." Her tone came out cold, cutting through him. As he heard her voice he felt his heart flutter in an extraordinary speed. He felt her breath against his neck as she spoke. Yet,he couldn't help but notice it was also emotionless. Did he really lose her for good? 

Not Zayn nor Bella noticed how the other reacted to their touch. The hug lasted only a few seconds. But for them it was much more, and Niall could tell. He watched as they both closed their eyes and hugged each other with hidden emotions. He knew they weren't over each other. He knew that the fact that Zayn didn't let out a single tear this whole month wan an act, that the fact he slept around meant nothing to him. His friend only wanted Bella. And Niall could see right through it. 
It hurt him to see both his friends suffering over nothing. They were both stubborn, and that irritated him. 

The hug did last only a few seconds, and when Zayn finally pulled away, he looked at Bella hoping to read her thoughts. 
The hurt in her eyes was long gone, along with her smile, to be replaced with a cold glare. He observed her movements, ignoring the urge to crash his lips against hers right here and now. Controling his movements before he'd kiss her madly. 

Bella felt a flash of disappointment as Zayn pulled away, yet she thanked god he did before she'd do something out of place. 

"So, how've you been?" Zayn asked her. 

" I've been good" she said with a smile that made him melt,  ignoring the fact her heart told her to kiss him so she could feel his warmth again. "How about you?" 

"Great" He said. A lie, his heart told him. He wanted to start over, but that wasn't an option.

"Mate you weren't supposed to come for a few hours" Niall broke the silence looking at Zayn questionably as he rose one eyebrow. Oh, so he was interrupting something? Fine. 

" I was caught up, I saw Christine and we sort of lost track of time, my trip out of town was delayed." He said with a grin, moving back a few steps.  "Hey Chris, come over here" he signaled for the girl to come closer. In all confidence, she walked right away and stood next to him, holding his waist and messing with his hair. 
He fake smiled at her and tried to slip from her grasp unnoticed, but she just held him tighter. 

"Guys, this is Christine." He said holding her waist and motioning towards her. "Chris, meet Niall, one of my best mates, and Be..Isabel, old friend. " 
Christine smiled at Niall and ignored Bella. 

An old friend? Zayn mentally slapped himself for his idiotic behavior, as Bella's face was now pale. When she looked at him, he saw it as a look of hurt, pain, and betrayal. Why'd he say that? 

"Nice to meet you", Niall said with a weak smile. 

" You too, Blondie." She replied with a wink. 

Bella felt numb again. An old friend? she could feel her heart break in half. Literally screaming to let tears out. Yet, a sudden wave of anger run through her as she watched the girl practically throw herself at Zayn, who seems to be rather enjoying this. So help her God, she has to stay strong.

Sure, she sees now that Zayn isn't suffering without her. But really, not even a single look made her feel missed. Did she really mean that little to him? And he's the one who claimed to love her. 

While she's been feeling like crap for the last month, obviously he's been nowhere near that. 
Alright, Isabel, calm down. 

"So who'll take care of the car you were meant to fix?" Niall's voice brought Bella's focus back on reality. She was confused until she remembered that Zayn was a mechanic. 

"John will fix it, I got it covered." Zayn replied casualy. His hand still holding her waist. 

Niall awkwardly nodded as the girl began kissing Zayn's cheek traveling to his neck carelessly. Although Bella noticed he looked extremely uncomfortable, she shrugged it off. 

" Hey doll, can u get my car keys? I forgot it in the car" Zayn asked causing Bella to look up. How she missed hearing that everyday. But how was he saying that like it was the most ordinary thing to do?.

Well, as she looked up she noticed he was looking at Christina. That hurt. Seriously hurt. Did he really call everyone that? 
And here she was thinking she'd made a mistake when she called things off. 

Yet, the truth is, he began talking to Bella, forgetting things were awkward. He noticed his mistake and looked at Christine finishing the sentence. 

He never called anyone that, except for Bella. That nickname was just for her, although he couldn't use it.

Niall gave Zayn a look and took this opportunity to leave them alone. He went outside to keep the girl away for now. 

As the door closed they looked at each other awkwardly. 
"I need to talk to you". Zayn said out of the blue. Bella met his eyes and felt helpless, a few seconds later she replied. "Maybe some other time." She said and gave him a weak smile walking towards the door heading to Darcy's, avoiding his gaze. "What's going on between you and Niall?" 

His voice made her stop half way, turning to look at his emotionless face expression. 

"Niall? Nothing." She said with a confused look. 

"Don't lie to me Isabel. You know you shouldn't lie to me." His tone was cold, eyes meeting hers. 
He didn't know what came over him. A sudden wave of jealousy made him speak up. 

"Niall and I are friends, although it's none of your buisness." 

"You're lying, just like that day at the porch." He said, his eyes were dark again. She hadn't seen that look in months. The one that scared the shit out of her. 

The memory sent shivers through her body. At that time, she didn't know he'll mean so much to her, or have that big of an impact on her life. But here he was now, acting like a jerk. 

"What are you on about? I'd never date your friend. You know nothing about me do you!" Her voice was now louder. She was irritated that he thought she'll go out with his friends. That thought brought back the memory of Claudia and Stan. 

"You ought to know. I wouldn't do something I experienced and hurt you the way I was hurt." She said as a tear streamed down her face. Zayn suddenly felt guilty and wished he never opened his mouth. He knew she wouldn't do that. Then why'd he bring it up. 

She didn't care about Stan anymore, but the pain was still there. Zayn began to walk towards her with a guilt expression on his face. He reached his hand out to wipe her tears, and cupped her face with his hands. 

She looked up and met his eyes. Brown and sparkling. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that" he whispered and leaned in close to her face.  
Her breathing was heavy, she looked at his lips, her heart begging her to kiss him, then back at his eyes. She saw his eyes too were fixed on her lips. Their bodies pressed against each other, she could feel his toned chest against her, her knees became weak again. He leaned in closer, his heart aching for her touch. At the last minute, she realized what she was doing. 

"I-I can't" she said and dropped his hands. Her lips trembled as she spoke, afraid more tears will fall. 

"Doll, I..." He began to say but was interrupted when the door was opened, revealing Niall, Louis, Shaden, Ashalee, and Christine. 
Her heart was beating fast, he called her 'Doll'. What was it with him and his moods. 

Her two friends hugged her tight, talking about how they missed her. But she couldn't bring herself to respond. What was Zayn going to say? 





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