Bad Boi Malik

Isabella is used to going to parties with her friends.
One night at a party, she meets a certain guy who she keeps seeing around her for the rest of the evening.He is revealed to be ZAYN MALIK. A known bad boy - in other words nothing but trouble. She is warned to stay away from him. Yet What happens when something about him pulls her towards him and He just won't give up? read to find out. Maybe he isn't who she thought he was.


16. Away ?

After all that happened, the guys came and took Stan to the police station, for assult and harrasement. It's safe to say he won't be approaching her anytime soon.

An hour later, Bella was sitting next to Zayn, holding his big hand in her small one, while he rested his head on hers.

They hung out a bit with the boys, and she got along pretty well with them, considering the akwardness.

Louis, 21 ,the cheeky smiling one,wore a white stripped t-shirt with red jeans, and clearly was the funny one.

Liam, 20, the cute-almost innocent one, looked the most responsible one of all
of them. His smile was too adorable. He wore a leather jacket with a white shirt and jeans.

Harry, 19, the most obvious flirty one of them,  and Mia's love interest, had deep dimples that made him look younger. He had a dark blue shirt on with black jeans.
She felt bad because she misjudged him before She knew him, he was really nice, which she wasn't expecting.

And then there was Niall, 20, his Blue eyes were like the ocean, yet much brighter than Bella's. He wore a black shirt with regular jeans, his hair styled in a quiff a lot like Zayn's. Not to mention he's Irish, his accent was to die for.

They laughed and joked for a bit, and weirdly, she was comfortable around them, even though she met them like an hour ago.

She didn't know what, they have this kind of .. edge to them that made their company fun   and worth the while.

They talked about everything, all of them were single. Well, kinda. 

" Well, I guess it would be too late to introduce my girlfriend, ha? " Harry commented with a smirk.

" Yeah, I think that ship has sailed a long time ago " she said causing all of the to laugh. 

" By the way, how are you two doing ?" she asked Harry with a smile.

" Um, I think we're doing great. I really like her." He said and blushed a little, which was adorable for a guy to do.

She cuckled before she spoke. " She likes you a lot, too."

" Did she tell you that ?" he asked immediately, his eyes filled with hope and anxiety.

" Yeah, just take care of her, Harry." She said with a weak smile. 

He grinned and reassured her,  "Of course I will."


Some time later Zayn got up to answer a phone call and said he'd be right back, leaving her alone with his mates. 

" So, it's nice to finally be able to meet you Bella." Louis with a gentle smile.
"Nice to meet you, too. " She replied shyly.
" We were curious about you, you know." Niall added, joining Louis.

" Zayn has talked a lot about you, that's all he's been doing for 4 months " Louis told her smiling.

She blushed at all of the things they said and smiled at them, not knowing what to say.

" Yeah, not ONE girl was able to bring Zayn Malik back 'to life', you could say, so you must be special." Harry said then winked at me.

"Back to life?" she asked, raising her eyebrows. 

" Well, yeah.. he's been acting emotionless for a while. For too long actually, and then he came by my house smiling like an idiot after that party." Liam said in a serious tone.

" He really likes you, Bella " Louis said, sniling at her sweetly.

" He hadn't had someone with him like that since Taylor.." 
Niall was cut off by Louis who had his elbow in Niall's stomach. He winced in pain and hit him on the shoulder.

" Who's Taylor?" She asked raising her eyebrows, curiosity taking over.

She remembered that day at the beach where they had their first kiss, he had mentioned Taylor by accident. She became restless all of a sudden, still waiting for reply.

" Please, tell me." She begged all of them.

As Harry was about to speak, they all looked behind her and had their faces down. She turned around to see Zayn standing there, in front of the door. His brown eyes were dark again, his gaze looked like it was burning the guys alive. He clenched his fists and his jaw tensed, looking pissed off.

Finally, he looked at her. He looked like he wanted to say something but didn't. He turned around walking away from them and out of the house.

" Um, we should probably go. " Harry said standing up and gave her a smile as she nodded.

" Nice to meet you, guys " she said with a fake smile, distracted by what just happened.

They all agreed and said goodbye, then walked out of the door. 

Once they were gone her smile faded away,  and she got up to look for Zayn.

She went outside and spotted his car, he was sitting in the driver's seat, his fists held the wheel and his eyes were burning with rage. She opened the car door and sat in the passenger's seat, quietly.

" Zayn?"  She called in a low voice.

He closed his eyes and tightened his grip around the wheel.

" Please, talk to me." She begged for him to answer. She couldn't help but wonder who that Taylor was, and why did she have that kind of effect on his mood.

" What is it? " he asked coldly.

" What's wrong?" Her voice was weak and low, as she nervously fiddled with her fingers.

" Nothing." He said carelessly.

" That wasn't nothing, you practically murdered them with your eyes." She spat angrily. In an instant, her curiosity turned into anger.

" Drop it " he said harshly, looking like he was trying to calm himself down.

" Why does this girl change your mood everytime? Tell me what's wrong, Zayn." 

" GOD DAMN IT, I SAID DROP IT BELLA!! " He yelled at her and hit the wheel with his fists, making her flinch at his coldness. The way he looked at her wasn't like everytime, it was different. In everyway possible. And it wasn't for the better.

She sat there in shock, fear was crawling back inside her. Right now, his gaze gave her the creeps.

He, on the other hand, lost it for a minute, then looked at her frightened eyes. 

He saw that she was holding back her tears. He wanted nothing more than to apologize and hold her close. He opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off.

"Just, don't." She said when a tear eventually fell down her cheeks.

" I'm sorry " he whispered, his eyes started to fill with water as he leaned in to hold her hand.

She shook her head, backing away to open the door.

"Let me explain " he pulled her hand towards his, and as his eyes met hers, his features softened.
She looked away, out the window and wiped away her tears.

" I'm sorry for yelling, I'm sorry Bella." He said and let a tear fall freely.

" I don't want to talk about her. She's gone " he added slowly, like he was in pain.

She quickly turned her head to face him, her eyes were puffy from crying, tears were still streaming down her face.

" Please I'm sorry " he took her hand in his and kissed it gently.

After a few minutes of silence, she spoke.

"Who is she?" Bella asked nervously.

" It doesn't matter." He said looking down at their intertwined hands.

" Yes, it does." She replied, wiping away her tears, again.

" Bella, don-"  

" You know what? Fine. I don't wanna know anymore" she raised her voice and freed her hand from his.
She opened the door and walked into the house holding back her tears. 

He cursed at himself over and over again, as he drove away, angry at himself, while Bella again burried her face in her pillow letting all her feelings out.

A few hours passed , and she was still in the same position.

Her phone vibrated, as she recieved a text. 

" I'm sorry." 

She sighed and ignored it, then placed  her legs closer to her body and hugged them tight. Just when she thought she could be happy, right?


Four days later, She was sitting on the couch doing nothing.  She stared at the ceiling, thinking about him, still.
 Just last month She and Zayn became a couple, and look at them now.

He didn't answer her calls, texts, nothing.

Her parents were on a buisness trip again. Mia,Darcy, and Jake were busy with school work, she didn't have. So that leaves him. But he's not here, and she didn't think she was gonna see him for a while. 

She wished she had handled the situation better, instead of just letting him leave.
 The guys called her a few times in the past days, asking if Zayn was with her. So he wasn't just ignoring her.

She couldn't help but think what if something wrong happened? Where was he?.
 All of them sounded worried, and they wouldn't make a big deal if they thought it was nothing. She spent every minute wondering where he'd be, but she wasn't gonna call, not this time. Not again.

Just then, at the exact moment, her phone started to ring. She ran to the phone and answered, breathing heavily.

" Zayn, is that you?" she asked in a shaky voice, holding back her tears. 


Sorry for not updating sooner guys ! I've been a bit busy.  Anyway,  I hope you liked this chapter, and as for Niall and Louis's girlfriends I'm gonna have to upload it a bit later, but they're gonna appear in the few upcoming chapters. I'll post the results with the next chapter. GOOD LUCK ! And don't forget to comment ! 

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