Super short short-story about a surprise happening while a girl is studying at the library.


1. Tapping


It was all she heard while she tried to push through the mountain of  Biology homework she had. Now, Mandy wasn't one of those girls with a mega-short fuse, but really? Tapping? Her patience was growing thinner every time she heard the sound, and she was about to turn around and give the mysterious tapper a piece of her mind.

Slowly, she began to turn, for dramatic effect of course. Then the tapping stopped, as if the person read her mind. She turned around fully, to find her brother, who she hadn't seen in months, standing there with a smug grin.

"Miss me?" he taunted jokingly. Papers went everywhere as she leaped out of her chair to attack him with a big bear hug, just like when they were little. The homework could wait.

Her brother was here, and she couldn't be happier.

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