Anything To Keep You Safe - One Direction Fan Fiction

Jamie and Samantha are two best friends who spend their summer vacation in Venice, Italy. It just so happens that One Direction is staying at the same hotel as the girls. But the thing is, they both hate One Direction with a passion. What will happen when they meet? Will the boys be able to change their minds?


2. Plane Ride!

Today is the day!!! We are at the airport waiting for our plane to be called when we see 5 guys walking towards us, laughing amongst themselves. They take a seat next to us, Samantha looks at me with a smile, i have to admit, they look kinda cute but i just ignore them and talk to Sam.  we look at where our seats are, we are in row 22 but since the plane was pretty full when her mom got the tickets, i am sitting in row 22, middle seat one the right side and Sam is the same but on the left side of the plane.

they finally call us up to board the plane, as we sit down the 5 guys from earlier make their way to the back where we are.  2 of them come and sit on either side of me and 2 sit on either side of Sam and the last one sits in front of us.

"hello, my name is Louis. what's yours?" the guy to my left says to me.

i smile and look at him, "I'm Jamie."

the guy to my right introduces himself as Niall. Both of them are good looking but there is something really familiar about them that makes me feel weird.....

"so are you going to Venice just for a vacation?" asked Niall.

"Ya, I am going with my friend over there," I answered pointing to her.

"nice, sounds like fun." Louis added in.

"so how about you guys?"

Niall said that the 5 of them are in a band and they r going all around Italy during their break.

"what's your band's name?" I asked curiously, taking a sip from my water

"One Direction?" exclaimed Louis.

"WHAT!?" I said, spitting out my water all over the ground in front of me. They were from One Direction! the band I hate the most. these 2 guys I was actually starting to like and then they tell me they are in that band!

they looked at me puzzled, "Are you a fan?" Niall questioned.

"ummm.....sorry but no" I said felling kinda bad about my reaction.

"Oh well that's ok," he smiled at me, man he is cute! wait what am I saying, I hate this band what am I doing!

"ya, so anyways, do you wanna watch a movie?" I asked them.

"Sure, sounds great," they both replied.

We started to watch Finding Nemo ( My fav movie ever! ). I started getting really tired,  I fell asleep on Niall's shoulder, I don't know why but I really liked it, I think I may like him.....

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