Love Triangle

durring the summer so many secrets are shared between two friends(;

Violet and her best friend have always been real close. She tells Jacob everything especially about her crush on Peter.

Jacob loves his best friend , but he loves her more then a friend(;

who gets the girl? jealousy? fights? true love <3


1. First Day Of Summer


~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ Chapter One ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~


* * * Violet's POV * * *


It was the first day of summer and me and my best friend Jacob were hanging out at our favorite little coffe shop. I was talking with Jacob about our plans for the summer when my attention was caught by something else(;


"Jacob look!! Oh my gosh look there goes Peter!!" I screamed at Jacob. Jacob looked at me and groaned in disguist while he rolled his eyes.


I glared at him "You suck!" I playfully pushed his shoulder and then confessed to him "You know I've had . . ."


I was interrupted when Jacob stopped me to finish my sentence ". . . You've had a crush on him for 3 years. Yeah, yeah I know you've told like a billion times Violet."


I didn't know how to respond to him so I gave him 'the look'. "Shut up Jacob." I said under my breath


I went back to staring at Peter across the street. I've had a big crush on Peter for 3 years now. That's the longest time I've ever had a crush on any guy! But I don't have the nuts to ask him out. Yeah and this loser sitting next to me. His names Jacob. He's is my best friend. We do everything together. . . We'll pretty much everything. Jacob thinks I'm annoying when I talk about Peter. Well I guess he would be annoyed since pretty much all I say is "He's sooo cute", "He's hot" , "Isn't he soo cute". I think that would be weird for any guy.


I take one last glance at Peter before he disappears into the store. I put my attention back on Jacob.


"Finally you stopped drooling over him. Now can we get back to our lunch?" he asked me. I didn't respond I was still stuck fantasizing about Peter.


"Of course." my thought was broken when I heard "Violet?" he snapped his fingers in my face and told me "Violet snap out of it."




Jacob sighed and sat back in his chair and told me "I asked you something and, like always, it went through one ear and out the either."


I felt bad. I had been doing that a lot to Jacob. I looked at Jacob with a sad face "Aww. . . Jacob I'm sorry." he didn't answer me. "Jacob. . ." I paused and tried to make him look at me ". . . I'm sorry can you forgive me? Please?" I begged him and put on my puppy dog face.


He laughed at me and said "Yeah. I forgive you. You're my best friend I can't stay mad at you." A smile apeared on both our faces.


"Look we can finish our lunch and then we can go to the beach." I smiled and nudged him "Come on. . . It'll be fun."


He laughed and nods his head "Alright."


I smiled "Yay, but I got to go to my house first so I can get some clothes." He smiled and nodded while he took a bite out of his burger.


I smiled at him and we finished our lunch and got in his car and headed to my house.

~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~

As we pulled into my drive way I jumped off the car and ran to unlock the front door. I ran up stairs and went into my room and searched for a bikini. I looked through my dresser and pulled out this pink little bikini with black strips. I went to the restroom and put it on and put a white t-shirt over the bikini and then these cute little pink shorts. I take a quick glance in the mirror, then run back down stairs and get into the car. I smiled at Jacob as I hopped into the car. He smiled back and drove off.


We went to Jacob's house so he could get some clothes. It only took him five minutes to come back. Finally we're gonna be on our way to the beach. We drove for about 10 minutes before we actually reached the beach.


I looked around for a spot where we could sit. It was kinda packed, but then again we are on summer break. When we finally found a spot we sat on a towel that Jacob had brought. I took my shirt off and absorbed the sun rays.


* * * Jacob's POV * * *


I watched as Violet pulled her shirt off. She was wearing this cute little bikini top with strips. She looked really cute. I've had the biggest crush on her. She's my best friend. We have been friend for about four years now. Damn . . . what an amazing four years. She understands me, she listens to me. I remember all the bad times I had and she was always right there by my side to walk through it with me. To be honest in my eyes I think she's perfect, but it sucks that her eyes are stuck on him. . .


"Jacob look" she said so jovial while pointing at 5 dollar bill in the sand "Ha I found five dollars" she told me all cocky.


I mocked her laugh "Ha. Ha. Ha. Wow aren't you cool?"


I laid back on the towel and looked at the bright blue sky. Then I felt Violet shove and yell at me "Oh my gosh!!! Jacob!! Look there's Peter!!"


I looked and saw Peter. God. Not again. I fell back on the towel and closed my eyes and put my hands over my face.


"God" I thought to myself while rolling my eyes. Damn I swear "Peter, Peter, Peter" is all I hear. It hurts hearing about how your crush is in love with some else. I was really jealous of Peter, but only for one thing. That one thing is having that affect that made Violet go crazy when she saw him.


To make things worst about Peter is that . . . he's my older brother It sucks knowing that your crush is in love with your brother. My brother knows I have a crush on Violet, so I'm pretty sure he would never try to go out with her. At least I hoped.


I watched as Violet admired Peter while he took off his shirt. I tried to wake Violet out of her fantasy, but no use. Just like always.


I knew exactly what would snap her out of it >:D


I picked Violet up in bridal style and ran so fast and threw her into the water. Hopefully she'll forgive me for doing that, but I had to snap her out of it somehow.


* * * Violet's POV * * *


One second I was watching Peter taking off his shirt and notice how fit he was, but the next second I was in the water.

What the fuck?!

I didn't even know how I got in the water. I popped out of the water gasping for air. Then I saw Jacob dying of laughter. Only one thought came into my mind "Ima kill him".

I gave Jacob an evil look. In the corner of my eye I could see Peter and his friends laughing at me. I looked around and saw people looking at me. It felt like a million eyes were on me.

My heart sunk into my stomach. I felt like I was about to throw up. No ima throw up


* * * Jacob's POV * * *


God watching Violet all on confused and scared. I couldn't help it she looked so cute and innocent. I loved how she kept falling every time she got up. I just busted out laughing. I notice Violet turn white as a ghost.


I stopped laughing then notice my brother laughing with his friends.


I knew it hurt her.


I needed to get his attention off her. I searched on the ground and saw a ball on the ground. Before I knew it I already threw the ball and hit Peter right in the face


FUCK! His face was red . I almost thought I saw smoke come out his ears. He put his attention on me.


I took off like a jet. Next thing I knew I was about to reach my car, but I was tackled to the ground.


I tried to wiggle my way out from under neath Peter, but he's bigger & stronger.


"Why the fuck did you hit!!" He growled at me.


"I was just messing around" I tried to play it off. He had me pinned to the ground.


A crowd started to form around us. Peter didn't want to embarrass himself so he got off me and pulled me off the ground. He looked at me like I was his enemy.


Violet ran up to me still soaking wet from when I threw her. To be honest she looked so hot! She grab my arm and pulled me to my car.


"Ouch, ouch, ouch!!" I said in pain "Damn girl your nails are digging into my skin!" I shrieked.


"You're lucky! I wanna do worse to you, but you better be happy you're my best friend!" She continued to yell at me.


I couldn't help but stare at her she looked so beautiful. My heart was pound so loud I was scared she might hear it. I couldn't help but think what it would be like if she felt the same way?


Then my thoughts were broken "HELLO??!! ARE YOU HEARING ANYTHING IM SAYING??!!" She screeched in my ear.


"Now you know how I feel when you're drooling over Peter." I don't even know why I said that. I got in the car and started the car. "Get in" I demanded. She did as I said and got in.


The whole drive we didn't talk. That was a first. I dropped her off at her house. She didn't say bye. I didn't say bye. It hurt.




* * * Later That Night * * *


* * * Violet's POV * * *


Today didn't go as I planned. Now me and Jacob are fighting. Wow can today get any worse?


I couldn't help but thinking about Jacob ever since he dropped me off today. He hasn't even texted me! It's unusual for me cause HE ALWAYS TEXT ME!


Thoughts just keep going through my head "is he okay?" , "is he sad?" , "what's going on between him and Peter?"


I just wanted to make sure he was okay and everything was cool between him and his brother, so I texted him.

Me : Jacob?




Finally! Just got home from dropping Violet off.


CLICK. I unlocked the door and walked in to my house with my brother sitting on the sofa with a girl on his lap. One hand was under her shirt cupping her breast and the other in her pants.


God. This is just like Peter. Only if Violet knew this side of him.


"Hey Bro", he said like everything was normal. The girl smiled at me and asked me "You like what you see?"


I just scratched my head and went to my room and threw myself on my bed.


I couldn't stop thinking about today. I needed to get my mind off everything.


Damn I miss Violet!!


I put my hands over my face and screamed "FFUUUCCCKKK!!"


My door squeaked and I looked up to see Peter. I didn't tell him anything.


He grabbed me by my shirt and lifted me up "You know ima get you back for what you did today", he threatened me.


"Whatever" I pushed him off me.


"Don't start getting rough with me Jacob!" He yelled and continued "Just cause you're my little brother doesn't mean I won't knock your ass out."


I was already frustrated and all my brother did was make it worse. I got in his face "I'd like to see you fucking try", I said trying to challenging him.


He started to walk off.


"That's what I thought."


He swung back around and jawed me. I tumbled to the ground and knocked over my bedside table.


He got on his knees and looked over me "Don't ever try think you're better then me. Cause you're not" He walked off.


I sat there holding my face. Rubbing right at the spot he hit.


Then I heard a buzz.


I looked at my phone.


It was Violet.

Violet : Jacob?

I responded . . .

Me : Yeah?

I don't care even if I just got hit. I always have time for Violet.



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